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Salary of Governors in Kenya: List of Allowances, Grants, Retirement Benefits, & SRC Pay Scale

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Devolution continues to benefit Kenyans in each of the 47 counties created under the new Constitution of 2010. Amid changes in salaries of public servants in the country, one could ask about the Salary of Governors in Kenya.

Even with devolution, monthly payments of county bosses are regulated by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission. SRC records just shows how much county bosses benefit from taxpayers.

Gross & basic salary of governors in Kenya

How much does a governor earn in Kenya? Governors receive a gross salary of Ksh. 924,000 including a basic pay of Ksh. 554,400 and six-figure allowances. Also on their pay slips are grants and lucrative benefits.

A breakdown of how much these county presidents pocket is given below.

Basic salaryKsh. 554,400
House allowanceKsh. 200,000
Market adjustmentsKsh. 169,600
Gross salaryKsh. 924,000

On top of that, governors and deputy governors enjoy considerable car grants and a fleet of luxurious cruises.

Other benefits include an airtime allowance of Ksh. 20,000, medical benefits and other dynamic allowances which raise the governors’ salary to an excess of Ksh. 1 million.

Deputy Governor payments in Kenya

What is the basic salary of a deputy governor in Kenya? The latest review by the SRC scales the salary of deputy governors in Kenya at Ksh 621,000. These second-in-command officials equally take home voluminous perks in allowances and benefits.

The gross salary for a deputy governor is summarized below.

Basic SalaryKsh. 372,750
House allowanceKsh. 100,000
Salary market adjustmentsKsh. 148,500
TotalKsh. 621,250

Apart from being a running mate, deputy governors play key roles in the county government.

These include supervising projects and standing in when governors are away from duty.

Senators vs governors salary in Kenya

How much do senators earn in Kenya? Senators receive a salary of Ksh. 760,000, slightly below the paycheck of governors.

Below is a detailed comparison of what governors and senators earn.

Basic salaryKsh. 554,400Ksh. 510,000
AllowancesKsh. 369,000Ksh. 250,000
TotalKsh. 924,000Ksh. 760,000

While a majority of Kenyans are happy with devolution, a section is unhappy with noticeable disparities in the proceeds of government officials and their electorates

Corporate experts say that the unresolved wage bill crisis is the number one cause of economic turmoil in the country.

The salary of governors in Kenya matches their power and status in society. Their centrality in local politics has an even greater impact on national leadership.

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