Sammy Mwangi Biography

7 Profile Facts in Sammy Mwangi Biography: Actor Tito on Becky Citizen TV, Family, & Net Worth

Sammy Mwangi biography is an interesting life story packed with great personal success. He is a typical actor you do not want to miss on your favorite cast. His appearance on Becky Telenovela on Citizen Television says it all.

Actor Tito with a laid-back personality doubles up as a voice artist, producer, Emcee, and filmmaker.

7 Profile Facts in Sammy Mwangi Biography

Tito, like most first-time dads, works harder to provide for his loved ones.

Who is actor Tito in the Becky series?

1. Tito was born in Majengo area

Actor Tito whose real name is Sammy Mwangi was born in the Majengo area. Therefore, he spent a better part of his childhood in the dusty streets of Nairobi.

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Despite the odds, Tito had everything he ever needed as a child. His fairly stable family would relocate to Mathare North and Line Saba before settling in Umoja.

2. He always had a passion for art

While ongoing with studies, Tito’s appetite for art grew by the day. In class five, he recalls playing the role of a door in school drama.

Passion motivated him to engage in creative pursuits including drama, music, and scouting activities.

3. He is a professional Pharmacist

Upon clearing primary and high school studies, Tito proceeded to university for a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy.

He majored in Pharmacy instead of Medicine, which was the wish of his father.

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 4. He launched his acting career at Fanaka Arts

On clearing studies in 2014, Tito joined Fanaka Arts Theatre along Harry Thuku Road.

Tito who is about 30 years old embraced entertainment, perfecting the skill after multiple auditions.

5.  Tito’s debut was ‘Nest Collective’

In 2015, Tito appeared on the wide screens for a supporting role in Nest Collective.

A couple of years later, he made a stunning television appearance in the show ‘Borderline.’ He later appeared in other shows among them Zora, Monica, Ngazi, and Njoro wa Uba.

6. Sammy is an outdoor funfair lover

Unlike ‘Tito’ who is grappling with a hard life, the real-life Sammy Mwangi is an extroverted individual with a decent lifestyle. He cherishes life, outdoor activities, hanging out, swimming, and traveling.

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Close source allege that he is in a serious relationship with an undisclosed girlfriend.

7. Tito earns about Ksh. 25,000 per episode on Becky

Like his colleague actors, Tito pockets about Ksh. 25,000 per episode on Citizen Television.

Sammy Mwangi biography is highly inspirational, considering how hardworking and focused he has remained over the years.

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