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The world of technology is changing fast and becoming better by the day. Our purpose at Kisii Finest Media is to steer these innovative changes.

Kisii Finest Media services and contacts
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You can trust us to deliver quality with decency and resilience. Explore our solutions portfolio.

Kisii Finest Media services

We are all about providing information and helping our partners stay on the charts using technology.

1. Website design solutions

Start a website for your business or personal brand. We guarantee user-friendly websites for as low as Ksh. 10,500.

A well-designed website such as can stream in an excellent passive income that can leave you thinking twice about your full-time job.

2. Marketing solutions

Highlight what your business offers on and get noticed by potential clients. You can now advertise with us for as low as Ksh. 5,000.  

3. Online writing solutions

Online writing is a proven way of earning a living on a full-time and part-time basis. Get all the skills you need to make dollars the smart way.

4. Computer solutions

Having a problem with your computer hardware or software? We are here to fix it and restore its lost functionalities.

5. Electronics solutions

Kisii Finest Media owns expertise in the world of computers. More so, websites, software development, blogging, and corporate communication.

6. Internet solutions

We have partnered with the best wifi providers in Kenya to ensure your home or office has reliable internet connectivity.

7. Surveillance solutions

Monitor your home, business, or institution with cameras for enhanced security.

Our purpose

The world is becoming a global village means a lot to us. Most importantly, we are keenly generating value by connecting people to what they care about.

Our informative blog does just that to make sure everyone is up to speed with the world around them


The world of technology is better, with Kisii Finest Media. Collaborate with us for more exciting solutions.