Susan Moraa Antoni biography

Susan Moraa Antoni biography, Omosayansi wife age, wiki, Facebook, marriage, and profile facts

Moraa Antoni, also called Suzzy, is a soft spoken Kisii lady now wife to the prominent Babu Gee. She came to the limelight following a fashionable wedding with the hitmaker. Susan Moraa Antoni biography focuses on her age and relationship with the urban pop star.

Curious fans among them haters have been demanding to know more about Suzzy. That is why Kisii Finest has placed her on the spot, more so, for keeping Babu Gee grounded in his admirable music career.

Top 5 facts in Susan Moraa Antoni biography

Every successful man has a special women behind the scenes.

Luckily, Babu Gee has already given us enough clues on what we should know about his angelic Susan Moraa.

1. Babu Gee spouse Susan Moraa age is 29 years

Antoni Susan Moraa age is 29 years as of 2023. Sources within her circles, indicates that she was born in 1994.

Susan Moraa Antoni celebrates her birthday on September 27th with a cake cutting ritual involving family members and close friends.

2. Susan Moraa Antoni from Kisii, is a former USA resident

Suzzy allegedly completed her secondary school and college education in the US.

Thereafter, she flew back to the country and has been living in Kenya for some time now.

3. Susan Moraa Antoni biography on relationship with producer Augusto

Suzzy has confirmed that she is sister to producer Augusto of World Wave Records.

The profile of Producer Augusto Ke verifies this fact under the family and relationship section.

4. Susan Moraa Antoni is a loving and loyal woman

Suzzy is right in her favourite quote “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Her display of affection towards husband Babu Gee proves she is wifely and caring.

5. Suzzy gives Omosayansi a thousand reasons to smile

Babu Gee and his wife Suzzy have grown together in love and are clearly inseparable.

After going to the depths, we discovered that Babu Gee had actually featured his wife Susan Moraa in the love song Mwaa.

Babu Gee Mwaa song ft wife Suzzy Moraa Antoni

The song “Mwaa/Kiss-Babu Gee × Suzzy Omosayansi” is indeed a climax of their flowery love (displayed below).

Mwaa is a Kisii word meaning to kiss, especially a romantic lover.

In the song Mwaa, Babu tells of how the vixen Suzzy uplifted him to fame. Whether this is a true story or not remains a discussion for another day.

Most importantly, the song Mwaa is a tribute to the journey of love and deep rooted affections between Babu and Suzzy.

Intimate sections of Susan Moraa Antoni biography are exciting with tales of a strong woman. That is perhaps why Babu Gee said YES I Do with an expressive confidence.

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