Thee Pluto Biography

Thee Pluto Biography: Age, Girlfriend Felicity Shiru, Sons, Daughter, Profile Facts & Net Worth

Thee Pluto is a sensational Kenyan Youtuber, musician, fashionista, and Nairobi based businessman. He is everything from a loyalty test celebrity to a widescreen model. Thee Pluto biography shares even more on his age, real names, and valiant life story.

Fresh energy and youthful looks are what describes Thee Pluto and his newly founded online career. Behind his back are humble beginnings dotted with layers of struggles.

11 Profile facts in Thee Pluto biography

Thee Pluto is lately an influential figure with a swarm of followers on social media.

His fame mainly stems from an inborn talent in front of cameras and microphones. Who is Thee Pluto Kenya?

1. Thee Pluto real names are Robert Ndegwa Kamau

Youtuber Thee Pluto ancestral home is in Maera, Naivasha County, about 100 kilometres to the North West of Nairobi City.

He had a great childhood but not without the challenges that often strike low-income families.

Robert Ndegwa Kamau nickname is a combination of two fancy and descriptive words.

The first is Thee, which means uniqueness, while the second is Pluto, which means death and rebirth.

According to Kamau, his former life no longer matters as much as the present.

2. He is one year older than Mungai Eve

Thee Pluto went public on being young and new in the industry a few months ago.

He used the opportunity to bash misinformation that has been accumulating around his profile.

It is now clear that Thee Pluto age is 24 years as of 2023 given that he was born on August 29, 1999.

Besides, he is a father of a two-year-old daughter whose baby mama from campus is not in the limelight.

3. He is third born in a family of 5 siblings

Thee Pluto is a third born with a couple of elder brothers and a lastborn sister. The three helped to shape his life and newly founded online career.

Notably, Kamau completed his KCSE exams in 2016. Good grades earned him a place at JKUAT for a degree in actuarial science.

Before joining college, Thee Pluto became an untrained teacher at Bishop John Waichere secondary School near Mai Mahiu.

He recalls teaching Mathematics and history amid business engagements.

At last, he reported to campus and successfully switched from Actuarial science to Economics.

4. He started singing when he was 8 years old

The fashionista discovered his singing talent at the age of 8 years. He went to release a gospel song soon after.

Among others, Thee Pluto song Dikuria Kiuria released in the wake of 2021 is trending with at least 150k views.

5. Thee Pluto is an economics student at JKUAT University

Kamau alias Thee Pluto is an ongoing Economics Bachelor’s Degree student at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

It is unimaginable how he balances between classes, modelling, fashion, business, and content creation.

Deferring for one year to concentrate in business without the knowledge of his parents shows that he is a risk-taker enough.

Thee Pluto who was living in a single room at Gachororo Estate near JKUAT left school for an academic year to hustle for a better life.

In his childhood, Kamau dreamt of becoming a bishop only to settle for economics years later. He is equally a lover of journalism.

6. Thee Pluto used to sell cabbages in Marigiti

After quitting college, Thee Pluto became a Thika based businessman. He started with ladies tops, then later shoes, and other boutique products.

Later on, he became a vegetable seller sourcing stock from Aberdare farmlands.

Then came another opportunity to work with Vskit Kenya as an ambassador for a low monthly payment of Ksh. 5,000.

Hard work saw his salary rising to Ksh. 15,000 with an additional role of an event manager. He invested much of this income in the cereal business which is running to this day.

Other profitable businesses he has tried before are Forex and Bitcoin trading.

7. Thee Pluto biography shows that he is a commercial model

Speaking to Light Art Club, Thee Pluto confessed to failing in runway modelling because of his shortness.

He confirmed being 5’4” instead of the expected minimum of 5’6”. Thee Pluto has since been working as a commercial model.

On being a brand ambassador, Thee Pluto has previously worked with Bolt and Vskit Kenya with a signature suit style.

8. He became a celebrity almost as a joke

Elder brothers including Delagata encouraged Thee Pluto to upload his artistic photos on social media. He remained consistent and in the process earned huge followership.

His breakthrough on YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok blew even faster after meeting gorgeous girlfriend Felicity Shiru.

9. He draws inspiration from the American model Luka Sabbat

Thee Pluto looks up to the 23-year-old Luka Sabbat for inspiration in content creation.

Luka Sabbat from New York is an American culture influencer who doubles up as a model.

10. He is a hunk, a dad, and an ex-lover

Thee Pluto became a dad during his campus years, a part of the reasons why he deferred.

The resulting disagreements with the baby mama fuelled much drama in his middle life years.

Years later, Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru started dating on public scenes. Theirs was an admirable love story.

Sadly, they went separate ways in September 2021 within their first year of love. For that reason, Thee Pluto is a single dad in the mingling club.

11. Thee Pluto Show is an influential Channel on YouTube

Kamau is a loyalty test king with hot stories on his channel of at least 250k subscribers.

Similarly, he is a respected brand personality on Instagram with 350k followers and Tiktok with 400k followers.

Thee Pluto contacts and addresses

Phone number0746627846

Robert Ndegwa Kamau is a Kenyan celebrity to watch closely in the entertainment scenes.

Thee Pluto biography is not only a life story but an inspiration to several upcoming stars. Indeed, humble beginnings did not stop him from becoming a millionaire at the age of 20 years.

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