Major towns in Kisii County

11 Major towns in Kisii County, markets, locations, Google map direction, population, and photos

There are several markets, municipalities, and urban centres in Gusiiland. Most of them are high rise residential, business, and administrative midpoints. On the focus are densely populated towns in Kisii County with a long chain of investors.

Each of the 9 constituencies in Kisii County is home to at least one major market or town. In these socioeconomic hubs are at least 40 per cent of the resident population.

11 major towns in Kisii County

Kisii County map is dotted with a concentration of close-knit urban centres.

Among these are 11 landmark towns with reasonable access to social amenities.

1. Kisii town municipality

Kisii town was called Getembe and Bosongo in the pre-colonial era. The initially bushy grazing ground eventually became a barter trade centre.

According to elder Samson Obae, Kisii town started gaining shape in the early 1900s following the arrival of British soldiers.

Notably, Lake Victoria Port in Kisumu City played a key role in the uprising of Kisii town.

It is presently home to Nyaribari Chache Constituency and Kisii Central War.

2. Ogembo town municipality

Ogembo in Bomachoge Constituency is one of the two municipalities in Kisii County. It is by far the second largest and one of the oldest in the region.

Gucha’s Ogembo town from the 1950s was previously called Ritongo to mean a resting ground with vibrant communal affairs.

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A notorious elder from Boochi Tendere Ward would later change the name from Ritongo to Ogembo.

3. Suneka town

12 kilometres to the west of Kisii town is Suneka Market. It is only a few meters from Migori and Homabay counties.

Suneka sits at the heart of Bonchari Constituency presently under Hon. Pavel Oimeke.

The now-deceased MP John Oyioka is on record for demanding proper urban planning to contain the ongoing growth.

4. Kenyenya town in Kisii County

Along Mogonga-Etago Road and meters away from Nyakoiba High School is the long-lived Kenyenya market.

The town is strategic within Bomachoge Borabu Constituency. Nearby centres include Etono and Riokindo.

Kenyenya is more so an agricultural centre with smooth roads and well-cultivated farms. Above all, this is where Echate Generation calls home.

5. Nyamache town in Kisii County

A few meters from the busy Kisii-Kilgoris road is Nyamache town in Bobasi Constituency.

The town is about 25 kilometres south of Kisii town via Itumbe and Igare markets.

Within the vicinity are Gionseri Secondary School, Suguta Girls High School, and Nyamache Boys Secondary School.

6. Marani town

The urban centre within Kitutu Chache North has been in existence for several years now.

It rests along Kisii-Nyatieko Road leading to Kegogi and Miruka Market.  

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Marani is outspoken being a home town to Governor James Ongwae of Kitutu Chache North.

Memories of a recent incident in which four elderly women were lynched beyond recognition at Bomokona Village, Marani, are still fresh.

7. Nyamarambe town in Kisii County

Located to the south of Riosiri market and the southwest of Gotchaki Market is Nyamarambe town.

Also, within reach are Ichuni SDA Primary, Nduru Girls High School, Rongo University, and Tabaka soapstone mines.

On top are South Mugirango Constituency headquarters and sub-county offices.

8. Masimba town

The evergreen Masimba town is the largest centre in Nyaribari Masaba Constituency.

It is located between Moi Gesusu Secondary School and Nyamagesa DEB Secondary School along Keroka Nyangusu Road.

A few kilometres away from Masimba are Nyacheki Market and Kiamokama Market.

9. Tabaka town in Kisii County

This soapstone town in South Mugirango Constituency is about 26 kilometres from Kisii town.

The rusty Tabaka is a tourist destination in Kisii County with several skilled artisans and first-class curio shops.

10. Nyacheki town

Between Naikuru Market and Nyangusu Market is the sprawling Nyacheki with prevalence in agriculture and business.

Other nearby towns are Nyabiosi, Bendera, and Kiamokama. It is here you will a variety of crops among them tea, maize, beans, and vegetables.

Nyacheki town is within Bobasi Constituency alongside Nyangusu, Kiobegi, Emenwa, Igare, Sameta, Mosora, and Nyachogochogo among others.

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11. Keumbu town

Kisii-Nairobi travellers rely on Keumbu Market for a constant supply of sugarcanes and bananas.

The evergreen town is within Keumbu Ward and Nyaribari Chache Constituency led by MP Richard Nyagaka Tongi.

Keumbu is a junction town with crossroads leading to Kisii town, Keroka town, and Nyabisabo Market.

All major towns in Kisii County

Most of these 11 towns are headquarters to various sub-counties in Kisii.

Therefore, equal distributions of county resources to each of these administration blocs is an urgent need.

Agri-business remains a number one employer in these socio-economic hubs. Most importantly, growth is inevitable owing to the location and accessibility of major towns in Kisii County.

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