You are currently viewing 10 Profile facts in Trinah Ondeyo biography, age, tribe, acrobatics, contortions, and contacts
Photo: Contortionist Trinah Ondeyo biography, age, tribe, CV . SRC: @trinah_ondeyo

10 Profile facts in Trinah Ondeyo biography, age, tribe, acrobatics, contortions, and contacts

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Contortionist Trinah Ondeyo is the youngest Kenyan acrobat cum singer and dancer. She is a beautiful idol with swift moves, lyrical songs, and a sharp personality. Her uprising is particularly notable in the world of gymnastics. Trinah Ondeyo biography says it all.

The number of talented kids from Gusiiland is rising steadily with most of them already hitting national headlines. Locals attribute the new trend to the recently introduced CBC curriculum and increased social media presence. Sure enough, Trinah’s life story is a result of both.

10 facts about contortionist Trinah Ondeyo biography

About three years ago cropped a 10 years old soccer commentator John Onkendi. He went straight to Radio Maisha but has since disappeared.

Then came several others including Pastor Janzo Thomas Onduso who is also a singer and comedian.

Onsongo Comedy would later take an online flight. And now, we have Trinah Ondeyo with rare skills for a little girl of her age. Who is she?

1. Trinah has performed for DP William Ruto and MP Osoro

Acrobat Trinah with DP William Ruto and MP Silvanus Osoro
Photo: Acrobat Trinah with DP William Ruto and MP Silvanus Osoro . SRC: @trinah_ondeyo

A photo of Deputy President William Ruto carrying the relaxed Trinah has been making rounds of social media for some time now.

Next to the second in command is South Mugirango MP Silvanus Osoro.

The two leaders were excited with Trinah following her entertaining performance in a political meeting held at Nyakembene High School.

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Elsewhere, a story by Ondari Ogega on the Daily Nation Newspaper is an indication that Trinah is a celebrity in the making.

2. Acrobat Trinah Ondeyo age is 8 years old as of 2024

What are her real names? Trinah Nyamisa Ondeyo was born on January 14, 2016. She is, therefore, on the eve of her eighth birthday.

On the other hand, her firstborn brother Franklin Ondeyo, born in 2012, is 11 years old.

3. The home of Trinah is in Bomonyama Village, Kisii County

The young Trinah has an ancestral home in Bomonyama Village within Nyamarambe, South Mugirango Constituency, Kisii County.

The home of Trinah is about 35 kilometres and one hour drive from Kisii town CBD via Rongo town or Ogembo town.

To be specific, it is next to the police station and Nduru Girls High School.

4. Trinah’s childhood and touching family history

Trinah’s mother Roseline says she was mistreated and abandoned by her initial partner when Trinah was barely six months old.

As a result, she remained a single mother for a few years before true love wiped her tears.

Roseline eventually married Mr Ondeyo, a caring father and the husband of her dreams.

5. Trinah Ondeyo biography on her parents Roseline and Justine Ondeyo

Trinah Ondeyo parents are Roseline Kerubo Ondeyo and Justine Ondeyo. Both are hardworking Kisii based farmers.

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In addition. Trinah’s mother Roseline is a seasoned hairdresser who previously owned a successful salon business within Nairobi City.

6. Trinah discovered her special acrobatic skills in 2019

The highly spirited Trinah discovered her priceless talent in 2019 when she was ongoing with PP2 studies.

At first, her physical agility and playful nature were a cause of concern among parents, neighbours, and teachers.

Many villagers who witnessed Trinah’s boneless moves thought she was bewitched. Others assumed she was possessed and in need of urgent spiritual intervention.

It is until a family friend, Fred, who works for KDF showed her parents samples of acrobatic videos that everyone accepted Trinah’s talent with open arms.

7. She is in grade one and a position one student

Trinah Ondeyo education records show that she is a grade one student at George Ondieki Memorial School in Kisii County.

The school which is several meters away from Trinah’s hone is only accessible by motorbikes and public service vehicles.

Most importantly, Trinah Ondeyo ranks top in examinations and co-curricular competitions.

8. Apart from acrobatics, Trinah Ondeyo wants to become a journalist

Trinah Nyamisa Ondeyo biography shows that she is determined to become a professional journalist after school.

A news anchor dream is what drives her to scoop higher marks than everyone else in her class.

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9. She is a self-taught contortionist

Trinah Ondeyo videos, songs, parents, Facebook, and contacts
Photo: Trinah Ondeyo videos, songs, parents, Facebook, and contacts . SRC: @trinah_ondeyo

Trinah practices regularly to remain fit for her acrobatics thirsty audiences.

She is only becoming better through consistent training in front of her schoolmates and curious passersby.

Home lawn with well-trimmed grass offers an excellent workout spot for Trinah. Her mum Rose agrees she is a born-contortionist.

10. Ondeyo Trinah is also a singer and dancer

Contortionist Trinah is a multi-talented star with heart skipping acrobatic skills, appeasing vocals, and dancing abilities.

She takes after her mother Roseline who was a dancer and lover of poems back in high school.

Trinah is no doubt the most promising and youngest Kenyan acrobat of our time.

YouTube song Nalia by Trinah Ondeyo

The beautiful Trinah is a songbird with several acrobatic clips on YouTube.

Trinah’s emotional song Nalia speaks about the plight of children at the hands of cruel parents and guardians.

Trinah Ondeyo contacts

  • Phone number: +254786588849
  • Email address:
  • YouTube Channel: Trinah Ondeyo

Call Trinah’s mom for booking, support, and further inquiries.

Contortionist Trinah Ondeyo biography presents a colourful life story with details on her talents. Even so, she is brave and daring when dancing, singing, and displaying acrobatic skills.

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