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UDA Party Kenya: Officials, Members, Logo, Symbol, and William Ruto Political Strategies

DP William Ruto is currently at the cross-roads of launching his party ahead of the 2022 General Elections. The depths of DP Ruto political strategies and the new UDA Party Kenya will surprise you. You must have noticed that the chief hustler and Second in Command is at the heights of his career, yet unsettled because of the political heat around him.

The deputy president is currently an orphaned political figure, having suffered an overnight divorce from the influential Jubilee Party. Sadly, his forced exit came at a point when he needed the party most. As a result, Dr. William Ruto is down to earth building a new team of supporters and party for his upcoming State House bid.

UDA Party Kenya officials

Speculations are running high that the team is seeking to endorse Johnston Muthama as the UDA Party chairman. DP William Ruto is the flag bearer of this much-publicized party.

List of UDA party officials

  • Sande Oyolo
  • Kipchumba Murkomen
  • Lang’ata MP Nixon Korir
  • Meru senator Mithika Linturi
  • South Mugirango MP Silvanus Osoro

The UDA Party membership continues to grow with more high profile personalities joining. Among these are now top officials in the party.

Margaret Wanjiru is among the earliest to put the party ticket on trial in the Nairobi Gubernatorial race.

The recent impeachment of Governor Mike Sonko has given UDA a chance to measure its influence at the ballot. Others underway in using this new party ticket are:

  • Evans Kakai – Kabuchai Constituency seat
  • Alex Lanya – Matungu parliamentary seat

The UDA party members have collaboratively expressed their confidence in building a party that will unite hustlers with the deep state. Even so, the UDA Party registration is open for all.

UDA Party Kenya logo

The Tangatanga squad has unveiled a powerful UDA party symbol. The logo comprises a wheelbarrow that speaks to millions of Kenyans.

Trending news about DP Ruto donating wheelbarrows to the less fortunate must have inspired the UDA Party logo.

UDA Party Kenya office

The hustler’s movement has its offices in Kilimani, along Makindu Road, off Riara Road in Nairobi County.

The UDA Party office is conspicuous with yellow themed labels such as “Hustler Centre” and “UDA.”

Apart from UDA, DP William Ruto is counting on the following strategies for his interest in the presidency.

10 DP Ruto political strategies for the presidential race

DP William Ruto political strategies
Photo: DP William Ruto in Church . SRC: @HustlerNation

The deputy president, however, shaken, is still confident about his newly founded strategies of inheriting the precious throne.

1. Remaining Loyal to the end

DP Ruto believes that staying loyal to the end with a clear political focus is the only way of winning the favour of Kenyans.

However, that has not stopped him from pinpointing Uhuru’s betrayal on the Kumi Kumi pledge. He hopes that such will undermine his interests when it comes to the successor.

2. DP Ruto is tactfully sidelining with the constitution

He is bold that Kenyans do not need a referendum but a trusted president to effectively implement the constitution.

Ruto is now urging Kenyans to disregard any calls for a referendum terming it a conflict of interest in power positions.

3. His UDA Party Kenya is defacing the handshake

Ruto is fearless when it comes to facing Raila on the ballot. He is, however, aware of BBI as his number one threat.

Ruto strongly believes that the Handshake ruined Raila’s reputation and that Kenyans no longer trust his latest political moves.

4. He is labelling Jubilee as being corrupt

Ruto is tactfully shooting back at Uhuru on matters concerning corruption.

It is, however, uncertain if he will survive the war against corruption. The facts that Ruto’s name is famous around scandals may work against him in the long run

5. Ruto is seeking the support of hustlers

DP Ruto is turning the tables of failed manifestos in the Jubilee government to launch his 2022 bullet. He has been cleansing himself and hoping that Uhuru will shoulder all the blames.

Furthermore, the deputy president is counting on all hustlers’ support to bring down his supposed deep state competitors.

6. Ruto will likely play tribal cards

The fact that Kenya is yet to outgrow tribal boundaries is an advantage that most politicians turn to when they have failed.

Ruto will likely take advantage of tribal interests to emerge victorious in the forthcoming general elections.

7. The early bird advantage

The UhuRuto campaign anointed Ruto as the next president of the Republic of Kenya. He is not yet over the endorsement!

For all you know, Ruto may end up painting Uhuru as a traitor for his political agenda to gain traction.

8. Winning religious goodwill

Kenya is a religious nation with tens of faith-based institutions. Appealing to these bodies may earn DP Ruto an additional credit.

Being a believer, Ruto is now playing his cards closer to religious leaders and congregations. He has always supported religious projects anyway.

9. Leaving Jubilee for UDA Party Kenya

Ruto is not planning to leave Jubilee Party silently before he has tarnished it. He is likely determined to leave it more divided and unable to challenge him.

He will not indeed sit around and watch the party he built, destroying his dreams. For this reason, he has rebranded PDR to UDA without exiting Jubilee altogether.

10. Statehouse insider advantage

The DP will likely use his position of power in government to mobilize votes in his favour. He has enjoyed the advantage long enough to challenge his number one rival, Raila Odinga.

United Democratic Alliance political party

The United Democratic Alliance, also dubbed the Wheelbarrow party is up and rolling hard. The new party adds to the long list of fully registered political parties.

Sources indicate that UDA is a rebranded version of the former Party for Development and Reforms (PDR).

The Registrar of Political Parties has already announced the changing of PDR to UDA through its boss Anne Nderitu.

Meanwhile, details about UDA Party secretary general are underway.

UDA Party Kenya latest news

Kenyans believe that the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga is why Ruto is politically homeless.

You must have observed that the self-proclaimed hustler is slowly moving away from the alleged “Deep State” and other regional kingpins. His confidence in newer strategies has left Kenyans talking.

For instance, Ruto has previously promised Kenyans a hustler nation in which there are no dynasties to overturn Kenyans’ decisions.

Supporters agree that Ruto is a man of tact, unlikely to give up until after the ballot with his newly launched UDA Party Kenya. On the other hand, DP Ruto political strategies are nothing more but a platform upon which he will launch his first presidential ambition.

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