10 Best WiFi Providers in Kisumu, Ambratel, Faiba, Safaricom Home Fibre internet and contacts

The demand for unlimited internet in Kisumu is rising by the day. Even so, the number of ISPs with fast and reliable connections. Most locals can finally access the World Wide Web from the comfort of their homes and businesses. Let us find out the best WiFi providers in Kisumu today.

Technology is more enjoyable with the right internet service provider. Reasonable speeds and dependable uptime are some of the factors one should not ignore. Various ISPs are why Kisumu County is leading in the dream of working from home.

Full list of internet WiFi providers in Kisumu, Migori, Homabay

Fast and affordable WiFi is spilling into the villages, thanks to various internet service providers now available in western Kenya.

1. Ambratel internet for home and business

The company is a trusted telecommunications service provider in Kisumu. Heavy internet users often turn to Ambratel for cloud based access solutions.

Ambratel internet guarantees unlimited upload and download speeds with satisfactory uptime.

Ambratel internet for home – fast Wifi in Kisumu

All you need to pay is Ksh. 1,300 for a WiFi router before you get a free installation of the following monthly packages;

  • 5 MBPS: Ksh. 2,500
  • 8 MBPS: Ksh. 3,500
  • 12 MBPS: Ksh. 5,500
  • 20 MBPS: Ksh. 10,000

Ambratel internet for business – reliable Wifi in Kisumu

Small and Medium businesses have the following options at an installation fee of Ksh. 2,000.

  • 5 MBPS: Ksh. 3,000
  • 10 MBPS: Ksh. 5,000
  • 15 MBPS: Ksh. 10,000
  • 20 MBPS: Ksh. 15,000

Ambratel phone number and contacts

The ISP offices are now accessible within Kodiero Business Centre, along Kibos Road.

  • Phone: +254716656818 (Ken)
  • Email: info@ambratel.co.ke

Contact Ambratel today for a quick connection.

2. Safaricom home fibre Kisumu City

Kisumu is one of the Safaricom home fibre coverage areas within Kenya.

Safaricom home fibre packages

Locals in specific estates within Kisumu central business district and its environs can now benefit from the following monthly packages;

  • 8 MBPS bronze package at Ksh. 2,900
  • 20 MBPS silver package at Ksh. 3,999
  • 40 MBPS gold package at Ksh. 5,999
  • 100 MBPS diamond package at Ksh. 11,999

All these four home fibre packages come with a fair usage policy (FUP) as outlined in the terms and conditions page.

FUP are a set of rules that regulate how much internet users can access with an active subscription package.

Safaricom home fibre fair user policy

The bronze package has a fair usage policy of 500 GB. Users who exceed this limit will continue to browse at a capped speed of 1 MBPS.

On the other hand, the silver, gold, and diamond packages come with a fair usage policy of 1000 GB. Subscribers who exceed the limit will remain online at capped speeds of 3 MBPS.

Safaricom PLC phone and email contacts

  • Phone: *400#
  • Email: safaricomhome@safaricom.co.ke.

How do I contact Safaricom home Fibre? Dial 400 for instant help on fiber coverage, connection, payments, and related issues.

3. JTL Faiba in Kisumu town

Jamii Telcom Limited enjoys a good coverage in Kisumu CBD, Manyatta, Nyalenda, Milimani, Airport, and Industrial Area.

Similarly, it is available at Mamboleo, Carwash, Migosi, Stadium, and Mountain View among other estates.

Monthly Faiba Home plans

Faiba is the most affordable in town. How much does Faiba WIFI cost?

  • 30 MBPS at Ksh. 5,000
  • 50 MBPS at Ksh. 10,000
  • 75 MBPS at Ksh. 15,000
  • 125 MBPS at Ksh. 20,000

You only need a router of about Ksh. 6,000 to get connected.

JTL Faiba contacts

  • Phone 1: 0747585100
  • Phone 2: 020 8405100
  • Email: csc@jtl.co.ke

Faiba Shop in Kisumu is available in Fonexpress within Mega Plaza Kisumu.

Call JTL for information on nearest Faiba Shop and more inquiries. Also, connect with JTL for instant connection.

4. Telkom Home plans at Ksh. 4,000 and 5,500

Telkom Kenya has rolled out a couple of unlimited fast internet packages.

  • Unlimited at Ksh. 4,000 (Daily 13.3 GB FUP)
  • Unlimited at Ksh. 5,500 (Daily 16.6 GB FUP)

Telkom monthly packages are a good alternative for those residing in places not covered with leading WiFi internet providers.

Connection procedure

  • Buy a Telkom compatible router and a home plan sim card.
  • Subscribe to your preferred unlimited plan to access the internet

Telkom routers are available in dealership stores and official outlets across the country.

5. Airtel binge plan at a cost of Ksh. 1,000

Thousands of medium internet users are already subscribed to the new monthly offer from Airtel.

How can I buy Airtel monthly data?

  • Download and open myAirtel app
  • Browse the available data plans
  • Choose “Best Plans” then “Monthly”
  • Subscribe to the “Binge 30 days 2.5 GB per day”

The plan offers 75 GB monthly at a cost of Ksh. 1,000.

More internet service providers in Kisumu

Enough options are available for business and home WiFi providers in Kisumu town. Even so, there is room for interested ISPs to join the ready market.

  • AheriNet Networks – 0735555660
  • Access Kenya Group
  • Bhaniks Ltd – Kondele Oginga Odinga Mega Plaza (0733709222)
  • Sunflower Communications Network – Kondele Kisumu
  • Speedcom Wifi – Kibos Rd, Kisumu (0718167262)
  • Fanaka Online – Kampala St, Kisumu (0722489374)

Most of the ISPs in this list offer limited internet to their customers.

Is Zuku Fiber/ internet in Kisumu?

Those looking for Zuku internet in Kisumu may have to wait for a little longer.

Information on Zuku Official Facebook page confirms that the company is yet to roll out its fiber and WiFi services in Kisumu.

Is Faiba in Kisumu?

Yes, Faiba 4G is now available in Kisumu town and its environs. The internet company has been serving the western parts of Kenya for more than five years now.

Look no further for the best internet service providers in Kisumu City.

Free WiFi in Kisumu County

Home and business unlimited internet in Kisumu County with prices
Photo; Unlimited internet in Kisumu . SRC: UGC

Institutions such as colleges, hotels, and the Kisumu International airport are the best in accessing free WiFi services.

Top internet WiFi providers in Kisumu installation

The cost of installing WiFi internet in Kisumu varies greatly depending on the ISP.

While some companies offer free installations, others require a reasonable fee.

WiFi providers in Kisumu – fast internet solutions

Start by determining the list of internet service providers near your home or business.

Then, find out their speeds, installation costs, and monthly charges before making the final decision.

The best home WiFi providers in Kisumu include Home Fibre, JTL Faiba, Telkom, and Ambratel. Connect your home or business for unlimited browsing.