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Photo: Full list of internet service providers in Kenya 2021, packages, prices, and installation cost . SRC:

Full list of internet service providers in Kenya 2023, packages, prices, and installation cost

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WiFi prices in Kenya 2023 are out for heavy internet users who cannot stand low speeds, costly, and capped data bundles. Check out our full list of internet service providers in Kenya around your area.

The place of residence is the main factor when choosing an internet service provider. In general, Kenyans living in urban neighborhoods have better access to fast internet providers than those in remote areas.

Fastest internet service providers in Kenya 2023

Choosing a suitable ISP is not always easy in a market with fluctuating prices and quality of service.

Luckily, fast WiFi service providers are now accessible in most parts of the country. Check out.

1. Zuku internet packages and wifi prices

Zuku internet packages, prices, coverage areas
Photo: Zuku internet packages, prices, coverage areas . SRC:

Which is the cheapest Internet provider in Kenya? Zuku is by far the cheapest and fastest internet in Kenya.

Subscribers often report pleasant experiences with the company’s WiFi signal strength.

Zuku home fibre internet packages

i. Zuku home internet packages (triple play)

Those working from home often choose this package because of its cost friendly internet plans.

Here are options.

  • 5 Mbps at Kshs. 2,799
  • 10 Mbps at Kshs. 4,199
  • 30 Mbps at Kshs. 5,299
  • 50 Mbps at Kshs. 6,799
  • 100 Mbps at Kshs. 11,299
  • 250 Mbps at Kshs. 22,499
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Latest zuku speed test results have proven that the ISP delivers its connectivity promise to the fullest.

ii. All Zuku home internet packages (internet only)

zuku kenya wifi is now availailable for those seeking exclusive internet plans with add on television subscription services.

  • 5 Mbps at Kshs. 2,499
  • 10 Mbps at Kshs. 3,999

Less pay comes with more speeds and uncapped streaming experience.

iii. Top Zuku business internet packages

Small to medium businesses mostly find these packages affordable.

  • 20 Mbps at Kshs. 8,699
  • 50 Mbps at Kshs. 12499
  • 100 Mbps at Kshs. 16,999

Furthermore, Zuku packages, monthly prices, and unlimited internet Kenya speeds are all satisfactory.

Zuku customer care numbers are +254205205205 and +254719028200. Call now for an instant connection.

2. Safaricom home fibre internet service providers in Kenya

Safaricom home fibre packages, coverage areas, installation, charges, payments, and speed test
Photo: Safaricom home fibre packages, coverage areas, installation, charges, payments, and speed test . SRC:

The company is famous for its affordable 4G speeds and Wi-Fi connections.

Safaricom home internet service connection is now available for smartphones, computers, and smart TV users.

Best monthly Safaricom home fibre packages

These packages come with a free Safaricom WiFi router and a free connection.

  • 8 Mbps at Kshs. 2,900 (bronze)
  • 20 Mbps at Kshs. 3,999 (silver)
  • 40 Mbps at Kshs. 5,999 (gold)
  • 100 Mbps at Kshs. 11,999 (diamond)

Safaricom home fibre customer care contacts are 100 and 400. Call 100 or send the word “Fibre” to 400 for a connection.

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3. Unlimited monthly Telkom internet plans

Telkom Kenya offers a couple of competitive 4G internet plans accross the country. These are;

  • Unlimited wifi at Ksh. 4,000 –daily FUP of 13.3 GB
  • Unlimited internet at Ksh. 5,500 –daily FUP of 16.6 GB

Kenya’s Telkom internet packages come with super-fast streaming and downloading speeds.

Even better is a variety of options for users dying to connect their homes and business to the clouds.

4. JTL Faiba internet and wifi options

Jamii Telkom Limited is one of the best ISP with presence in almost every major town in Kenya.

The company most provides data based internet with only one unlimited option.

Unlimited Fisi Hour internet at Ksh. 150 –valid for 1 hour

Besides, the following JTL data plans are amazing for your daily internet needs.

Cheapest Jamii Faiba data plans

  • 1GB at Ksh. 50 (daily)
  • 8GB at Ksh. 300 (weekly)
  • 15GB at Ksh. 500 (weekly)

JTL Faiba internet monthly

  • 25GB at Ksh. 1,000
  • 40GB at Ksh. 2,000
  • 70GB at Ksh. 3,000
  • 120GB at Ksh. 4,000
  • 210GB at Ksh. 6,000

Mifi and Faiba sim card prices totals at about Ksh.6,000; it is all you need to get started with these exciting internet plans.

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Call +254747585100 or +254208405100 or email for help with JTL WIFI connections.

More internet service providers in Kenya

Some more ISPs are now cropping up in various parts of the country, these include;

  • Airtel Kenya (+254733100100)
  • Poa internet Kenya (+254730762762)
  • Elink Networks (+254799003262)
  • Tabana Wireless internet (+254700117361)
  • Skynet Broadband Kenya (+25420 4600200)
  • Hai Internet/Liquid telecom (+254205000000)

It is clear that Kenyans have access to unlimited internet regardless of location in the country.  

Which is the best and fastest Internet service provider?

Zuku and Safaricom Home Fibre are the most prevalent ahead of Telkom.

However, the choice between these three giant internet service providers largely depends on the needs of a customer.

Other facts at play include accessibility, installation, and subscription costs.

Overall, more people prefer portable internet service providers in Kenya because of accessibility and user-friendliness.

The list of internet service providers in Kenya is longer than it was a few years back. Even so, speed, reliability, portability, and cost are new selling points.

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