Akothee Children Photos

Akothee Children Photos [5] Vesha Okello, Celly Rue Brown, Prudence Apundo Otieno, Ojwang & Oyoo

Lately walking tall in the corridors of marriage are the happily wedded Akothee and Swiss spouse Denis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer. The couple is unstoppable since walking down the aisle in a colourful wedding graced by celebrities and high-ranking politicians. Besides engagement is a fancy gallery of Akothee children photos.

The highly controversial ‘Yuko Moyoni’ hitmaker is somehow lucky in love, music, and business. She is indeed proud of her look-alike children.

Akothee children photos – 5 biological kids

How many boys does Akothee have? Akothee’s 5 children among them 3 beautiful daughters and 2 hunk sons are born to 3 different fathers from 3 different nationalities.

She looks way young for a 40-year-old mom who has spent the better of her life as the “President’ of single mothers.

Who are Akothee’s daughters? Akothee’s daughters are Vesha Shailan Okello, Celly Rue Brown, and Prudence Apundo. Her mixed-race sons include Ojwang and Oyoo.

1. Vesha Shailan Okello

Who is Akothee’s first born? Vesha Okello is the firstborn daughter, born when Akothee was only 14 years old.

The soft-spoken Vesha Okello now about 26 years old is presently the director at Akothee Safaris and Tours.

2. Model Celly Rue Brown

The second born Celly Rue aged about 25 years is perhaps the most notorious of all the five siblings.

She is a passionate model and now a brand ambassador of Nivea on winning the Nivea Face of East Africa pageant. 

Rue who is an ongoing student at Strathmore University was born when Akothee was 15 years old.

3. Prudence Apundo Otieno alias Fancy Makadia

The lastborn daughter Fancy Makadia is a social media influencer with a go-getter attitude similar to that of her mother.

She is a higher school student at Braeburn Mombasa where Akothee pays Ksh. 650,000 per term.

For the record, Prudence won a Ronnie Jennings award at the prestigious institution.

4. Ojwang

Akothee and her first white baby daddy from France sired Ojwang before going their separate ways.

They would soon fight over child custody never to reunite their matrimonial union.

5. Oyoo

The last born Oyoo is from Akothee’s third baby daddy from Switzerland.

Oyoo and Ojwang lived in France until 2020 when they flew back to Kenya.

Elsewhere, Akothee is now engaged to a Swiss native Denis Schweizer. Their wedding held on April 10, 2023, is still on the airwaves.

Akothee children photos are highly inspiring among fanatics and haters. They are particularly heartwarming among single mothers struggling to provide for their families.

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