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10 untold facts about Bana Sungusia and how the band succeeded Gusii singer John Arisi Osababu

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Sungusia Band songs are still memorable for their dance-friendly rhythm and informative lyrics. Luckily, its remnant members are back with even better live performance styles. A list of untold facts about Bana Sungusia Band reveals the painful journey of success.

Some of the founding members of Sungusia are alive today. These have agreed to share intimate details about their humble beginnings, middle-stage crisis, and recent wake-up call into music.

Top 10 untold facts about Bana Sungusia Band

The life cycle of Bana Sungusia is one with tearful stories that have long remained untold.

These 10 insights will help you appreciate this hit maker band for its progress.

1. Momanyi Kenyatta is the founder of Bana Sungusia

Bana Sungusia Band’s founder is Edwin Momanyi Kenyatta who is still active in music today.

He was initially a Christian church instrumentalist before opening into creative productions.

Being a choir member in charge of keeping musical instruments gave Kenyatta a soft start.

Momanyi Kenyatta’s mentors are Les Wanyika, Christopher Monyoncho, and Arisi O Sababu.

2. Bana Sungusia started in 1994 at Highland Bar, Nyamira

Kenyatta and Onsongo Omosongo started Sungusia in 1994 without a music platform or instrument.

They would later start attracting locals in the nearby market. Impressed businessman Chui Nyangau gave them a chance at his Highland Bar.

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What followed was an increased demand for their entertaining songs.

3. Nyamira Hotel owner Tom Sagwe sponsored Sungusia

Nyamira Hotel was the largest club in Nyamira town in 1994. Losing customers to Highland Bar displeased its owner Tom Sagwe.

In response, Sagwe offered Bana Sungusia a better deal to regain his lost customers from Highland Bar.

On top of that, Tom Sagwe sponsored Bana Sungusia through their first five albums.

4. Sungusia succeeded Arisi Osababu in 1996

The death of Arisi Osababu in 1996 gave Bana Sungusia a chance to continue his good work in music.

Stranded band boys of Arisi, such as Monga’re, Ongera, Mogusu, and Kaka gradually teamed up with the fast-rising Bana Sungusia Band.

Fresh energy lifted Bana Sungusia to greater heights in the music industry.

5. Bana Sungusia was formerly Nyamira Superstar Jazz

Kenyatta and his team were first called Nyamira Superstar Jazz before going Sungusia.

The name Sungusia means to shake vigorously, especially when dancing on the stage.

Sungusia from a random statement by middle-aged dancers clicked the minds of Nyamira Superstar Jazz singers, “Yaa enchera eye mogotosungusia.”

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This Ekegusii statement loosely translates to, “Young men you are shaking us hard.”

Before long, religious commitments called Elias Kingoina and Nyangeri back into the church.

6. The band has more than 15 albums with hundreds of recordings

Sungusia has released more than 15 albums with hundreds of songs still without videos.

The group has confirmed underway plans to release even more songs, including videos for earlier audio music.

7. Obwansu producer Kennedy fuelled Bana Sungusia conflicts

Onsongo Omosongo, formerly a guitarist of Nyangau Yegetonto, introduced Bana Sungusia to producer Kennedy of Obwansu Studios.

Thereafter, Kennedy became unhappy with Sungusia for switching to another producer in their sixth album.

Momanyi Kenyatta argues that the enraged Kennedy incited key members into starting defective bands such as Abana Sungusia Superstars and Sungusia Extra.

8. Death has taken 7 out of 15 Bana Sungusia band members

The death of Onsongo Omosongo left the Gusii music industry shaking. He is among the 7 most loved Bana Sungusia members who have died so far.

Apart from death, the band has been continually dealing with self-interest-driven members.

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Kwasa Kwasa Internationale is one of the defectives who have been fighting desperately to replace Sungusia Band founder Momanyi Kenyatta.

9. Sungusia original 25th anniversary in 2021

Bana Sungusia from 1996 has been running for the past 25 amid tensions.

A strong comeback is likely to regain the lost glory of this once notorious band.

10. Bana Sungusia is back with recruits

The new Bana Sungusia Band has at least 7 members in the categories of drummers, bassists, guitarists, and singers.

The group is already receiving special invitations to major events across Gusiiland.

Bana Sungusia Original band is back

Momanyi Kenyatta and Manager Diplo Ntabo have recollected the band to its feet after years of silence.

The list of new Bana Sungusia singers include John Biz, Ben Makanta, Sumbua Sumbua, Crisper Kanyakwa, Florence Nyandega, and Richard Onsongo.

Top facts about Bana Sungusia reveals how the band started and why it is still a promising Kisii benga group. The world cannot wait to hear the original beats of Sungusia all over again.

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