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11 Best Internet Providers in Nairobi [Prices] List of Cheapest WiFi Packages Kenya & Contacts

Living online is nearly a necessity in our global village world where social media trends and work-from-home arrangements are rampant. As a result, is a constant search for the best internet providers in Nairobi among digital-minded residents.

Online workers, smart homeowners, researchers, and businesses represent the majority of internet seekers. Included in our list are the cheapest WiFi packages in Kenya for ease of comparison.

11 Best internet providers in Nairobi Kenya

Some of the factors we considered in coming up with the leading ISPs include WiFi speeds, reliability, and customer support.

The best home internet providers in Nairobi are tabulated below alongside their phone contacts.

1. Zuku Internet packages & prices

Which WiFi is best in Nairobi? Zuku internet is by far the most affordable and accessible internet provider in Nairobi City.

Launched in 2008, the Mwananchi Group-owned Zuku is already a preferred ISP in major towns across the country.

i. Home internet packages

These are internet-only plans.

10 MbpsKsh. 2,799
20 MbpsKsh. 4,199
60 MbpsKsh. 5,999
20 MbpsKsh. 4199

ii. Triple Play packages

These plans include TV channels on the internet offer.

10 MbpsKsh. 2,899
20 MbpsKsh. 4,399
60 MbpsKsh. 6,299

iii. Business packages

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These plans are dedicated to large business and commercial clients.

10 MbpsKsh. 4,499
20 MbpsKsh. 5,599
50 MbpsKsh. 9,099
80 MbpsKsh. 13,099
120 MbpsKsh. 17,799

Notice that Zuku does not ask for installation fees from new customers.

Zuku customer care contacts

Phone number020 5205205
Zuku sales Tel0205 222 222

You can also visit Zuku at its headquarters in Gateway Business Park Block E, along Mombasa Road in Nairobi City County.

2. Safaricom Home Fibre packages

Safaricom Fibre with bundled internet is empowering homes and businesses with fast internet. 

The government, Vodacom, and Vodafone-owned Telecommunication Company offers the following plans. How much is Safaricom Wi-Fi per month?

Bronze8 MbpsKsh. 2,999
Silver20 MbpsKsh. 4,100
Gold40 MbpsKsh. 6,200
Diamond100 MbpsKsh. 12,499

Safaricom Fiber packages for business

3 MbpsKsh. 4,100
5 MbpsKsh. 5,799
10 MbpsKsh. 15,699

The newly introduced Fair Usage Policies are lately making Safaricom Plans less attractive to internet resellers.

Even so, Safaricom offers the cheapest home WiFi in Kenya today.

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Safaricom Fibre contacts

Phone number400

3. JTL Faiba internet plans

Jamii Telecommunications Limited popularly called JTL Faiba is a high-speed internet broadband for homes and businesses with a constant need for online presence.

The bundle plans are also available with 5G MiFi for wireless access.

Faiba Home plans

30 MbpsKsh. 5,250
50 MbpsKsh. 10,500
75 MbpsKsh. 15,750
125 MbpsKsh. 21,000

JTL Faiba monthly bundles

225 GBKsh 6,00090 days
140 GBKsh. 4,00060 days
100 GBKsh. 3,00060 days
65 GBKsh. 2,00030 days
30 GBKsh. 1,00030 days
15 GBKsh. 50010 days
8 GBKsh. 3007 days
2.5 GBKsh. 1003 days
1 GBKsh. 501 day
225 MBKsh. 201 day
100 MBKsh. 101 day
UnlimitedKsh. 1503 hours

JTL Faiba contacts

Phone number0747585100

4. Access Kenya internet

At least 10 years of service qualifies Access Kenya as a premier internet provider in the country.

Access Kenya sells internet in major estates under the brand name surf.

Surf – Access Kenya internet packages prices

5 MbpsKsh. 999
10 MbpsKsh. 1,999
20 MbpsKsh. 3,999

Access Kenya contacts

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Phone number+254203750200

Access Kenya rebranded under Dimension Data is now a holistic ICT solution company. The ISP deals with among other services cyber security.

5. Poa Internet plans

Poa is a unique internet service provider targeting the streets as opposed to businesses in the corporate sector.

1GBKsh. 20
4 MbpsKsh. 1,500Monthly

With about 10,000 hotspots across the city, Poa Internet WiFi installation in Nairobi is Ksh. 3,500. Those connecting to the hotspot do not need to pay these charges.

A free daily internet capped at 100 Mbps is a bonus for those nearby Poa servers.

Poa Internet contacts

Phone number0730762762

6. Elink Technologies Company Limited

7 MbpsKsh. 2,500
11 MbpsKsh. 4,000
15 MbpsKsh. 6,500

Apart from internet services, Elink is a specialist in data, voice, and video networking.

Elink Networks contacts

Phone number0715 452101

7. Skynet Broadband Kenya

The ISP speeds are as high as 60Mbs and its prices are as low as Ksh. 6,800.

7 MbpsKsh. 2,500
11 MbpsKsh. 4,000
15 MbpsKsh. 6,500

Skynet relies on VSAT, fibre, HFC, & WiMAX to deliver high-speed internet to its clients.

Skynet contacts

Phone number+254716634622

Skynet connectivity is far-reaching in East and Central Africa.

8. Telkom Kenya unlimited internet

Telkom tops the list of bundled home WiFi providers.

Below are the prices and expiry limits.

500 GBKsh. 5,50030 days
400 GBKsh. 4,00030 days
100 GBKsh. 6,00090 days
50 GBKsh. 3,00030 days
30 GBKsh. 2,00030 days
12 GBKsh. 1,00030 days
5 GBKsh. 25024 hours

Notice that some Telkom internet packages have a Fair Usage Policy cap.

Telkom Kenya contacts

Phone number100

9. Hai Internet packages

Hai Internet is synonymous with Liquid Telecom which is excellent for home and business WiFi solutions.

5 MbpsKsh. 2,499
10 MbpsKsh. 3,499
25 MbpsKsh. 5,199
50 MbpsKsh. 6,839
100 MbpsKsh. 11,999

Hai Internet Contacts are as follows

Phone number+254709500500
AddressSameer Business Park

10. Tabana Wireless internet

Tabana internet is pocket friendly with plans ranging between Ksh 800 and Ksh. 4,099.

Founding executives Richard Wanekeya and Wanekeya Maloba are passionate investors in diverse technology.

Tabana wireless contacts

Phone number+254700117361
AddressSameer Business Park

You can as well visit Tabana Wireless headquarters at Urban Point Hotel, 6th Floor in Pumwani, Nairobi.

11. Mawingu WiFi Internet Packages

Founded in 2012, Mawingu is now a trusted ISP in the capital city of Kenya.

Coverage is mostly concentrated in major towns within Central and Eastern Kenya

Home PackagesPrices
5 MBPSKsh. 2,499
10 MBPSKsh. 3,999
20 MBPSKsh. 5,999

Mawingu internet contacts

Phone number+254704100400

Call Mawingu for customized business plans.

The long list of ISPs in Kenya is not complete without Zuku, Safaricom, JTL Faiba, and Access Kenya on top. These are no doubt the best Internet providers in Nairobi City County.

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