10 Best WiFi Internet Providers in Kakamega List: JTL Faiba, Safaricom Business, and Home Fibre

The list of fast WiFi internet providers in Kakamega is becoming longer with an increase in demand. A greater percentage of those seeking reliable ISPs are freelancers, homeowners, and businesses.

A thorough review of available internet service providers is necessary when choosing between the best. You only need to pay attention on the bandwidth allocation, pricing, and customer feedbacks before paying the installation fee.

10 Best WiFi internet providers in Kakamega County

Internet is a necessity in modern businesses and work from home arrangements.

Tech savvy residents of Kakamega have these ISP options for consideration.

1. Safaricom Home Fibre

Is Safaricom Home Fibre in Kakamega? Yes, most estates within Kakamega town are under Safaricom Home Fibre coverage.

Enlisted in the link below are home fibre packages ranging between Ksh. 2,999 and Ksh. 12,499.

  • 100MBPS at Ksh. 12,499
  • 40MBPS at Ksh. 6,299
  • 20MBPS at Ksh. 4,100
  • 8MBPS at Ksh. 2,999

Additional info provided herein.

Included are all coverage areas in western Kenya, plans, and their monthly payments.

2. JTL Faiba WiFi internet in Kakamega

Jamii Telecommunication Limited (Faiba) is the cheapest internet provider in Kakamega town.

Faiba 4G coverage extends to most estates in the area. Installation requirements include a MiFi and a Faiba SIM Card.

Is Faiba in Kakamega? Yes, Faiba is available in Kakamega through the company agent called John Lubembe.

His official customer care number is +254720543571. The prices range from as low as Ksh. 50 to as high as Ksh. 150,000. Check below for more details.

Further guidelines on Faiba internet packages and costs within Kakamega are discussed in the description link.

3. Safaricom business internet

The highly affordable Safaricom business internet packages are ideal for small businesses.

While Faiba is the cheapest, Safaricom business WiFi services in Kakamega are the most accessible.

The ISP offers three packages costing between Ksh. 4,000 and Ksh. 16,000 a month.

  • 3 MBPS at Ksh. 4,100
  • 5 MBPS at Ksh. 5,799
  • 10 MBPS at Ksh. 15,699

Additional details discussed in the link below.

Luckily, there is no installation fee for Safaricom Business internet.

Is Zuku in Kakamega?

No, the long awaited Zuku internet Kakamega may not arrive any time soon.

Meanwhile, there are Faiba, Home Fibre, and Safaricom Business for all your internet needs.

The best WiFi internet providers in Kakamega County are also available in other parts of the country. On top of that are localized small scale internet providers for lite users.