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20 best Kisii musicians who are trending in Kenya, Embarambamba, Faithstan, Nyashinski on top

All the best Kisii musicians who are trending in Kenya; Echate, Miggy Champ, Babu Gee, Vicky Young, Embarambamba, Nyashinski, and Ringtone Apoko

Music touches the soul when played to the proper tune. Among those hitting the right spot are best Kisii musicians. These are famous for defying all the odds in their fame quest. A perfect example from our list is Embarambamba Msanii was Kisii.

The larger Gusii land is a home of heroes, legends and champions in every sector of the economy. More specifically, Gusii musicians stand out for their talents. These youthful singers are speedily crossing the borders.

20 best Kisii musicians trending in Kenya today

The list is long but the following Kisii celebrities in Kenya dominates the industry.

  1. Nyashinski – Nyamari Ongegu
  2. Ringtone – Alex Apoko
  3. Smallz Lethal – Jim Nyamwaka Nyakundi
  4. Evangelist Fenny Kerubo
  5. Faith Stan – Faith Momanyi
  6. Echate – Duke Mainga
  7. Embarambamba – Christopher Nyangwara Mosioma
  8. Vicky Young – Victor Orwachi Maina
  9. Miggy Champ – Omari Migisi 
  10. Babu Gee – Davison Nyaberi Mong’are 
  11. Erick Mwaniki
  12. Pharry K – Kepha Oyugi Bwonda
  13. Vekta Kenya
  14. Shourtie – Sarah Moraa
  15. Raj or Rajville
  16. Sammy Baraka
  17. Mr Ongengo – Dan Mosima
  18. Kamtu Flani
  19. Douglas Otiso
  20. Mcubamba Robbah

The above numbering does not in any way reflect their music performance and ranking.

All Kisii musicians

If you love the vibes in trending Kisii songs, then you will love our list of Kisii artists and their favourite hits.

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Music Kisii celebrities in Kenya

Bebi Bebi and Hayawani hitmaker real names are Nyamari Ongegu. He is one of the most respected Kisii celebrities in Kenya.

Nyashinski from Sauti Sol is still the best crop of talent that the Kisii community has produced at the national level.

Others in Nyashinski’s calibre are Ringtone Apoko and most recently Embarambamba.

The list of best Kisii musicians confirms that Gusii is rising higher in the creative industry. Indeed, talent is finally getting a place around the negotiation table.