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Bill Gates in Kenya: 7 Reasons Why Microsoft Founder & American Billionaire Visited East Africa

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Microsoft founder Bill Gates is back in Kenya 12 years after the last visit. The American businessman landed in Kenya on Tuesday, November 15, 2022, for a series of public engagements on matters of health, innovation, and climate change. News about Bill Gates in Kenya is still making headlines.

Formerly the richest man in the world, 67 years old Bill Gates is now the sixth richest man after Elon Musk (51), Bernard Arnault (73), Gautam Adani (60), Jeff Bezos (58), and Warren Buffett (92).

Why is Bill Gates in Kenya? 7 Critical Reasons

The multi-billionaire spoke to Bernard Mwizi of the Daily Nation regarding his historic second-time visit to the horn of Africa.

From the lengthy interview, it is evident that Bill Gates will not stay in Kenya for as long as Kenyans thought. Meanwhile, these are the key reasons why serial the investor and philanthropist chose Kenya as a destination.

  1. Meeting Kenyan leaders to deliberate issues of transformational governance
  2. Promoting his commitment towards supporting progressive innovations
  3. Engaging the Kenyan government on matters of health, food security, and gender equality
  4. Empowering farmers with digital tools for proper mitigating of climate change
  5. Assessing how local healthcare workers and facilities delivered during the COVID-19 pandemic
  6. Sharing tools of innovation in a bid to enhance climate adaptation and improve livelihood
  7. Tackling critical issues relating to climate change at the University of Nairobi
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Asked about his return to Kenya after a dozen years, Bill gates was excited to witness immense progress.

“Thank you. I’m very excited to be back in Kenya. A lot has changed since I was last in the country—both here and across Africa. It is incredible to see the dramatic progress that’s been made in the last decade.”

Bill Gates – Daily Nation.

He went on to speak about the health sector and what he intends to do during his brief stay in the country.

 “I’ll be visiting with doctors and nurses in primary health clinics and maternity wards, and I’ll go to the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) to learn about some of the cutting-edge research taking place in Kenya that’s having an impact around the world.”

Bill Gates – Daily Nation.

Apart from diseases, Bill Gates demonstrated great concerns about how technology is changing agricultural practices in Kenya.

“I’ll visit smallholder farmers outside of Nairobi to better understand the challenges they’re facing. I’ll be listening to understand whether new innovations are meeting their needs, and what they’re doing to adapt and generate new sources of income.”

Bill Gates – Daily Nation.

The recently divorced billionaire also spoke about politics and education.

“I’ll also meet with government leaders and hear from students to learn about what’s happening in their communities.”

Bill Gates – Daily Nation.

In his closing remarks, Bill Gates recognized Kenya as one of the most vibrant countries in the world.

 “The foundation’s programmes and grants will continue to prioritise work in Kenya and across the continent. I always enjoy my time here and I’m grateful to be back in Kenya to see and support the people who are making their country and the world a better place.”

Bill Gates – Daily Nation.

During his visit, Bill Gates will visit Makueni County for a direct engagement with Governor Mutula Kilonzo.

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Thereafter, he will tour Makueni Mother and Child hospital which is a specialist in maternal healthcare. He will also visit Kathonzweni Health Centre for deliberations with volunteers.

Emerging stories about Bill Gates in Kenya set aside the country as a hub for big-minded personalities from across the world. Other global icons who have previously visited Kenya include Pope Francis, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and former US President Barack Obama.

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