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Bobasi Members of Parliament: List of all top aspirant Kisii MPs ahead of the August Elections

List of aspirant Bobasi Members of Parliament

Bobasi Member of Parliament Innocent Obiri is facing a hard time ahead of the fast-approaching August Elections. That is mainly because of mounting opposition from a steady crop of influential contestants.

Most rivals are lately camping around his political weaknesses and a fairly below-expectation track record. So far, Obiri is the most preferred candidate among performance conscious voters and the least preferred among equally conscious voters.

List of 16 Bobasi Members of Parliament aspirants

Residents of Bobasi, like most parts of Kisii County, are more likely to choose a youthful leader with a clean record.

Who will be the MP Bobasi Constituency 2022? The voters will elect their favourite legislature from among the following potential leaders.

  1. Stephen Manoti
  2. Dr Geoffrey Mogire
  3. Innocent Obiri
  4. Naftal Okong’o
  5. Yobesh Oyaro
  6. Wilkin Michira
  7. Yobbys Onchiri
  8. Davins Onuso
  9. Bethwel Akuma
  10. Sam Nyakundi
  11. Benjamin Obwogi
  12. Jacob Mogoa
  13. Henry Obanyi
  14. Shem Nyangito
  15. Kefah Omori
  16. Saul Moywaywa

So far, it is difficult to predict if Hon Innocent Obiri will defend his parliamentary seat or not.

Meanwhile, he brags a legacy in socio-economic progress marked by CDF and national government projects in the region.

For instance, Sameta – Orogare tarmac road, Orogare Polytechnic, and donation of multiple school buses.

Some residents are still decrying partiality and bias in the positioning of Obiri’s projects.

Bobasi Constituency politics

Bobasi Constituency comprising Sameta Sub County and Nyamache Sub County has about 200,000 potential voters.

There are a total of 8 wards including Bassi Central, Bassi Bogetaorio, Bobasi, Bobasi/Boitange, Masige East, Masige West, Sameta/Mokwerero, and Nyacheki,

Bobasi Members of Parliament include 16 competitors. Hon Innocent Obiri’s closest rivals include Yobesh Oyaro, Stephen Manoti, Naftal Okong’o, and Geoffrey Mogire.