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Photo: Churchill Comedian Jemutai biography, age, husband, and 2 children with Professor Hamo . SRC: @iamjemutai

Comedian Jemutai biography, age, CV, husband, tribe, children, Professor Hamo wife, net worth

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Jemutai is a vocal entertainer who came to the limelight following rib cracking Chibambe jokes on Churchill Show. She is a multi-talented Kenyan queen in the creative industry. Churchill Comedian Jemutai biography shares the untold in her life story.

The funny bone Jemutai has managed to win several followers for her natural humour. As a result, she is slowly finding her way into the social media influencing space. Even better, Jemutai is a sought after Emcee with a skill in business.

Comedian Jemutai profiles summary

  • Real name: Stella Bunei Koitie
  • Popularly: Jemutai
  • Nickname: Chibambe
  • Birthday: May 29, 1991
  • Place of birth: Elgeyo Marakwet
  • Comedian Jemutai age: 32 years
  • Ethnicity: Kalenjin tribe
  • County: Elgeyo Marakwet County
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Baby Daddy: Prof Hamo
  • Children: 2
  • Years active: 2015 to date
  • Religion: Christian
  • Occupation:  Comedian, influencer

Stella Bunei Koitie Jemutai is famous for her Chibambe jokes on Daniel Ndambuki’s Churchill Show of the Laugh Industry Company.

Churchill Comedian Jemutai biography with pictures 

Comedian Professor Hamo and Jemutai trending, profile facts, career, Chibambe jokes, CV
Photo: Comedian Professor Hamo and Jemutai trending, profile facts, and CV . SRC: @iamjemutai / @hamoprof

Jemutai, formerly a village girl, rose straight into the stardom status after a memorable show at the carnivore theatres.

The autobiography of Jemutai explores the depths and heights of her life and dreams.

How old is Comedian Jemutai?

Stella Bunei Koitie alias Comedian Jemutai age is 32 years as of 2023. She celebrates her birthdays on May 29th every year.

Comedian Jemutai age remains disputed because of youthful looks even as she awaits to cut her thirtieth born day cake on May 29, 2021.

Jemutai meaning and real names Stella Koitie

The Kalenjin female name Jemutai means the one born when it is nearing dawn hours.

Jemutai meaning in Kalenjin is close to that of Chelimo, Chepkoech, and Chepkorir.

Churchill Comedian Jemutai biography on childhood

Jemutai spent a better part of her childhood years in Elgeyo Marakwet. She also lived in Embakasi within Nairobi City County.

Stella Bunei Koitie Jemutai tribe and ethnicity

Comedian Jemutai home is in Elgeyo Marakwet County within the larger Rift Valley part of Kenya.

She is, therefore, of the Kalenjin ethnicity, a dominant Nilote subgroup.

Jemutai education history and qualifications

Comedian Jemutai CV shows that Stella Koitie was a bright student in her primary and high school years.

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For this reason, Jemutai qualified to join the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, JKUAT, for a Bachelors’ Degree in Information Technology.

Stella Koitie graduated and joined Kengen Olkaria as an intern IT support technician.

A lack for passion in the IT course and its application forced Jemutai to quit the profession for a dream career in comedy and theatre.

Comedian Jemutai family background

Stella Koitie is daughter of a humble background. Her uprising to the celebrity status is nothing less of hard work and persistence.

Jemutai parents and siblings

The Churchill Show comedian Jemutai parents are Mr and Mrs Koitie.  

No much info is available about her father, mother, siblings, and close relatives.

Jemutai husband photos, deadbeat father?

Who is Jemutai comedian husband? A hidden relationship with Professor Hamo, a fellow comedian and baby daddy, is no longer a secret.

The lovers came public with a stint in which Jemutai is accusing Prof Hamo, a deadbeat father of two.

Elsewhere, Herman Gakobo Kago aka Prof Hamo has a Nakuru based first wife. She is allegedly in a good talking relationship with Jemutai.

It turns out that Jemutai is second wife to Prof Hamo.  

Comedian Jemutai children, Jeremy and Kayley

Jemutai is a proud mother of two young kids, among them a 5 year old firstborn son Jeremy and beautiful 2 year old daughter, Kayley.

Stella Bunei Koitie Jemutai career profile

Jemutai sparked her comedy career in 2015. She admits joining Churchill Live with inspiration from David The Student and Teacher Wanjiku.

Churchill Comedian Jemutai biography on auditions

Comedian Jemutai recalls auditioning at least ten times before landing her a debut stage role.

Jemutai’s supportive mother paid her fare to Carnivore and back for several months before it finally started paying off.

She remains the strongest pillar in her present day career and success in theatre.

The village girl style of comedy

Comedian Jemutai is favourite for playing a young innocent girl, trying to adjust herself to the fast paced urban lifestyle.

She is keen in describing typical and strange habits of naïve village girls in their early days within Nairobi city.

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However, Jemutai in real life is an exposed artists born in Elgeyo Marakwet and raised in Embakasi Estate, Nairobi County.

Jemutai comedian biography on career relationships

Jemutai enjoys a good chemistry with others creative minds such as Mammito Eunice and Mulamwa.

She is also closer to Prof Hamo’s Hot 96 co-presenter, Jeff Koinange, and Churchill Live boss, Daniel Ndambuki.

The love story in Churchill Comedian Jemutai biography

Jemutai comedian and Professor Hamo met in 2015 when they were both new to the Carnivore Comedy central show.

A good start up chemistry ended with Jemutai pregnant for Prof Hamo in 2016.

As a result, she was forced to relocate to a single room in Pipeline considering she was not making enough money from Churchill Show.

Full audio narration between Jemutai and Edgar Obare

A leaked audio exchange between Comedian Jemutai and the notorious blogger Edgar Obare says it all.

First born son Jeremy

Giving birth to Jeremy on November 2016 called for an emergency CS. Unfortunately, Prof Hamo did not take part in settling the huge hospital bill.

Jemutai argues that Prof Hamo resurfaced in her life years later, promising to become a responsible father. Sadly, he failed again.

Second born daughter Kayley

In October 2019, Jemutai became pregnant for Kayley. The relationship has since been sinking and resurfacing in the wavering ocean of love.

On the contrary, Professor Hamo insists being a present dad who has been providing for his kids since day one.

Prof Hamo and Churchill Comedian Jemutai biography

Hamo and Jemutai are currently struggling with parental issues relating to the wellbeing of their two children.

Jemutai is on the spot for accusing Prof Hamo of abandoning their two children.

Trending and heated social media exchanges have left a section of netizens more curious.

What started as a love crisis with Prof Hamo is now a financial dilemma.

Jemutai is officially one of the famous and broke Churchill Show comedians of our day.

Jemutai selling her Facebook Account at Ksh. 1.7 million

The desperate Jemutai has hinted on wanting to sell her Facebook account to any willing buyer.

“I am a mother of two and a comedian. Life is becoming hard every day and I have lots of arrears. I want to sell my Facebook account to anyone in business. It has over 850,000 followers. I am selling at Ksh. 2 bob per follower.”

Stella Bunei, Jemutai

Sarah Kabu, a Managing Director at Bonfire Adventures, is among concerned Kenyans now counselling Jemutai to reconsider her Facebook Account selling decision.   

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Churchill counsels comedians Jemutai and Prof Hamo

Daniel Ndambuki recently intervened on the ongoing public shaming spree, between Prof Hamo and Jemutai.

The Churchill Show boss moved in quickly to save the situation from getting out of hand. He tweeted;

“We have had a long cordial talk with Hamo and Jemutai and agreed to deal with the matter privately and find an amicable solution…in the end the kids have to win.”

Daniel Ndambuki, Churchill Show host

Jemutai DNA results

DNA test results have finally confirmed that Prof Hamo is father of Jemutai’s kids.

Jemutai broke the DNA test news on social media handles, perhaps to blast Prof Hamo as a dead bet father.

Churchill Comedian Jemutai biography on adverts

Stella Koitie has landed several multi-million deals since becoming a television comedian star.

Jemutai adverts with Safaricom are particularly notable. She is equally an Emcee and a determined e-commerce business lady.

Churchill Comedian Jemutai net worth

The wealth of Jemutai is about Ksh. 1 million, mainly dripping from her advertisement gigs, events, and stand-up comedy on Churchill Show.

No further details are available about her property listings, homes, houses, payslip, lavish cars, and wealth volume.

Stella Koitie Jemutai contacts

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The “Chibambe Show” host is highly noticeable on the charts of fame. She continues to build her reputation as a selfless mother and well-grounded career woman.  

Churchill Comedian Jemutai biography crowns the life story of a strong woman with a positive attitude towards life. She is indeed queen of many admirers.

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