Computer shops in Kisii town

Top 25 Computer shops in Kisii town where you can buy cheap laptops, desktops, and accessories

Computers have become a part of our everyday life in all forms including laptops, desktops, smartphones, and smart televisions. In addition is the internet of things now in our cars and houses. Various computer shops in Kisii town come in handy for residents seeking a fresh beat of technology.

Buying a computer for the first time or replacing a broken one is stressful enough, especially when running a tight budget. Lucky for you because we have summarised enough options on affordable laptops, desktops, and accessories.

List of top 25 computer shops in Kisii town

Leading computer dealers in Kisii town sell both new and refurbished computers from leading brands such as HP, Lenovo, Dell, and Acer.

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The following 25 desktop and laptop shops in Kisii are among the best.

  1. Oslo Computers – 0729 522511
  2. Runcom Technology Hub – 0710155625
  3. Altocom – 0725098108
  4. Kwintech Digital Solutions – 0718366012
  5. Comrades Computer Solutions – 0705912962
  6. Tripple E Electronics – 0720310183
  7. Button Technology – 0724743278
  8. Printex Computer Centre – 0713375854
  9. Muhimu Computer Systems – 0715687534
  10. Orijin Computers Kisii – 0701538642
  11. Advancing Computers – 0728588968
  12. Jukebox Technologies – 0720289227
  13. Kisii Tech Solutions – 0777775707
  14. StretchTech Computers – 0720543090
  15. Dunvipe Group (k) – 0773246497
  16. Infinitive Systems – 0727518807
  17. Skid Technologies – 0790423593
  18. Smartbiz Hotspot Technologies – 0725604835
  19. Thrones Computer Solutions – 0704578683
  20. Benom Digitech Solutions – 0714 224061
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Most of the shops selling computers in Kisii town sit within St Jude buildings, Elimu Centre, Market Plaza, and Uhuru Plaza.

The rest are dotted across town with reasonable accessibility from capital roundabout.

More Kisii town computer shops

  1. Mogra Computers
  2. Infopac Technology Solutions
  3. Cosslink Computer Solutions

The addresses and contacts provided should guide you to the door step of each enlisted shop.

The list of all top computer shops in Kisii town is crucial for making informed decisions on price and quality. It also time saving for those who are new in Bosongo and its suburbs.

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