List of Tales of the Crazy Kennar Actors

List of Tales of the Crazy Kennar Actors and Actresses, Comedy, Vines, Latest Videos on YouTube

Crazy Kennar crew is a combination of diverse digital media talents with a never failing chemistry on our screens. It all started with a simple comic idea fuelled by the creative Crazy Kennar. Various Crazy Kennar actors and actresses have since cropped up to claim our love for a rewarding laughter.

Thespians who make the notorious Crazy Kennar Company are young people, already ripe in their careers. These are nothing less of your favourite Nollywood, Bollywood, and Hollywood actors.

List of 6 Crazy Kennar actors and actresses

Crazy Kennar is a new sensation thanks to these six special talents on the set.

1. Crazy Kennar real name Kennedy Odhiambo

Kennedy Odhiambo is the founder and chief executive officer of the trending Crazy Kennar Company.

The Viner recalls expressing his talent in class three and remaining at the back stage for years until his college years.

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In 2017, Kennedy Odhiambo Crazy Kennar joined JKUAT University, and shortly after, started creating video clips of human interest.

Kennar is a Bachelor of Science graduate from JKUAT where he studied Actuarial Science.

2. Khisa Yvonne of Crazy Kennar

The naughty Khisa Yvonne is a Bachelor of Arts, French at Kenyatta University.

Yvonne is a primary school classmate to Kennedy Odhiambo alias Crazy Kennar.

Khisa Yvonne is by far the most famous Crazy Kennar Actress.

3. Stanley Omondi – Crazy Kennar actors and actresses

The gifted Stanley Omondi is also a student at JKUAT, where he is majoring in Analytical Chemistry.

Crazy Kennar and Stanley Omondi are long-time friends from Ringa High School. The duo were classmates at Ringa Boys and more recently comrades at JKUAT.

4. Bushra Sakshi – the light skin lady Sakshi Bushes

The beautiful Sakshi Bushra is a skilled actress with a moving voice, especially when expressing herself to Crazy Kennar.

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Bushra Sakshi is a Bachelor’s of Science in Financial Economics at Moi University, Nairobi Campus.

He good looks blends perfectly with her role in the fast growing Crazy Kennar Company.

5. Cynthia Wanjiru Shee of Crazy Kennar

Actress Shee can literally drown you with turbulent waves of smiles, part of the reasons why she is irreplaceable in the funny videos.

Wanjiru Cynthia Shiro is also a beauty with a rare show of theatrics. Watching her videos is both cheering and relaxing.

6. Useful Idioty real name Stephen Otieno Moses

Stephen Otieno appears on Tales of the Crazy Kennar as Useful Idioty. He chose the crack some stage name because of his crazy-exciting stints.

The multi-talented Otieno Stephen is an undergraduate student at JKUAT, where he is majoring in Public Health.

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Apart from routine displays of different characters, Useful Idioty is king of unimaginable facial and body expressions.

Who are Crazy Kennar actors and actresses?

Crazy Kennar stands out from the rest for his authentic acting and video editing skills in the group.

All these 6 stars are now racing higher on the limelight.

Crazy Kennar actors and actresses continue to inspire millions of Kenyans with an endless spike of comedy. We can only sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest series of Crazy Kennar jokes on YouTube.

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