Full list of Douglas Otiso songs

Full list of Douglas Otiso songs mp3 download, Abanyankongo, Tenga Bogeka, all new Kisii songs

Evangelist Douglas Otiso is a sensational Kisii musician better known for lyrical gospel tunes. Locals prefer Tenga Bogeka hit maker because of his compositions and infectious dance moves. For this reason, Douglas Otiso songs occupy a special place in the hearts of many, including praise and worship centres. The singer is mainly noticeable for being a forerunner of the latest Kisii gospel music style.

The multitalented Otiso is a charming music performer with an exceptional display of skill and energy. Fans love him for his unmatched creativity and unwavering loyalty in the ministry. As a result, Douglas Otiso new songs are an inspiration to others in the gospel industry.

Trending Douglas Otiso songs in 2023

The list of Douglas Otiso latest songs and followers is becoming longer by the day. The evangelist is winning more listeners because of his focus on biblical teachings and acceptable morality.

1. Ndindindi Minto -Douglas Otiso songs

The song encourages listeners to dance to the fact that Jesus is still alive. Ndindindi aims to motivate the weary from giving up amid tribulations.

Otiso emphasizes that now is the perfect time to praise God because tomorrow is not ours. He also recalls biblical promises to those who are going through hard times in their lives. Otiso mix albums from DJ Bunney 254 are not complete without Ndindindi coming up.

Luckily, Douglas Otiso Ndindindi mp3 download is now available in leading media streaming sites.

2. Tenga Bogeka –Dance Round and Round

Otiso boldly introduces God as the most powerful, with no equal among men. He recognizes him as a source of blessings, even for those without children.

Tenga Bogeka lyrics are melodic and matches rightly with Otiso’s swift moves. Dancing round and round on the floor for Jesus is the central theme of this dramatic song.

3. Batimayo –Bartimaeus

The song draws attention to the suffering of the blinded Bartimaeus from the Hebrew Bible. He likens himself to Batimayo and pleads with the son of David to help him.

Otiso highlights death, among other challenges, that Jesus should help him overcome. Others in the series of his troubles include witchcraft, sickness, and falling businesses.

4. Okorire –He Has Done All

Jesus has finished all human problems is the phrase that inspired Otiso to release this inspiring song. It is the gesture of saving man by shedding blood on Calvary that motivates Otiso to proclaim the name of Jesus.

Furthermore, Otiso notes that change is inevitable in life. Those who were once in suffering are now experiencing the joy of God. Otiso songs downloads under the Okorire track are at their highest.

5. Obobisi Bw’ Obogima –The Secret of Life

Otiso finally decided to share his secret of life through a spoken gem. The clip mentions starting, not fearing, trying harder, shunning laziness, and persistence as the only ways of succeeding.

The hit is mostly a spoken word making it a unique production in his playlist. Above all, Otiso encourages his listeners to embrace God as the armour of success.

6. Nomobui Yeso – Jesus is Winner

The Kisii singer presents Jesus as a winner and father of all. He described how Jesus arrested Satan and attained victory on the cross.

Otiso further proclaims himself triumphant rising above sickness and death as a child of God. Nomobui Yeso is top in the list of Douglas Otiso video songs downloads.

7. Tata Onkonye –God Help Me

The singer wrestles with receiving God’s help not to miss the Kingdom of heaven. Otiso mentions poverty, among other life challenges holding him back.

He opens up about the increasing numbers of enemies. He asks God to forgive him all the wrongs, causing him to go hungry. Otiso is confident that God will remember and rescue him from the shame of his enemies.

8. Yeso Mbwate –Jesus hold me

The deeply hurt Otiso asks God to touch his heart with comfort. He has no other source of hope but Jesus.

Losing parents and siblings is an experience that has left Otiso Lonely. He is, therefore, all by himself in suffering. In the end, he finds joy by choosing to trust in Jesus.

9. Tara –Walk

The song is among the best from Otiso’s latest album. Tara speaks about the healing and victory of God’s people.

Otiso asks Jesus to walk in all directions and to shower unending blessings upon his people. He notes that only through prayers that a saved man can regain the energy of a jumping calf.

10. Natebire Mbuya –I’ve Said it is Well

The track channels Otiso’s gratitude to God for all he is doing in his personal life. He declares his saviour praiseworthy.

Otiso pleads for anyone who can to dance for God not to hold it back. Healing the sick and restoring sight to the blind are some of God’s wonders mentioned in the song.

11. Goika Ebe Echenchi –Change Must Happen

Douglas assures his listeners that Satan is already defeated. For this reason, Change must indeed happen in their lives no matter the situation.

Those looking for Douglas Otiso songs mp3 downloads often turn to Goika Ebe Echenchi for endless entertainment. The song encourages all to remain content and hopeful in God.

12. Enchiri Eye –This Gospel

The word of God has been preached before, and Otiso seeks to remind the world that disobedience is sin. He challenges everyone to assess themselves before the seat of judgement.

Otiso is concerned that no one should remain when the father comes again. The song is a reminder that God is coming soon and that there is no time left for those disobeying the gospel.

13. Ekebe –Douglas Otiso songs about sin

The sin of fornication is wiping off this world faster than the rest. Otiso is critical on the ending of this world as many cry in suffering. He quotes from Isaiah, the prophet with an encouragement to restore relationships broken with sin.

The song lyrics mention that only the faithful shall escape the wrath of God towards fornicators.

14. Abarai Abaya –Good Leaders

Otiso has joined the world in asking God for good leaders. Abarai Abaya is among Douglas Otiso audio songs that are doing well in the scenes of good governance.

15. Yerusalem –Jerusalem

The song speaks about God’s heavenly dwelling in the new city of Jerusalem. He points out that it is a promised home for all who will defeat sin.

Otiso refers to the scriptures to describe Jerusalem as a home of peace and eternity.

16. Semeria -Hoping

Losing hope has become a new normal in a world that is increasing in pain. Otiso calls all those suffering to trust in God as the only source of healing.

This Obwansu Promotion produced video never disappoint those feeling low in spirit.

17. Mechi Maburu –Homes’ Unknown

The song speaks about the strange tales and conflicts that rip families apart. Otiso points out the infightings between men and women as the cause of suffering.

He exposes the rotten relationships covered under roofs in most homesteads. He concludes that only God can heal the sickness that ruins marriages. Go on and get Otiso mp3 songs download for free.

18. Teri Kobwatia -It Does Not Matter

The ending matters than the start is the central theme in this moving song. Otiso encourages his fans to watch their ending rather than the starting.

19. Ee Omoyo –Encourage Thyself

The track dropped a few years ago and has been blessing many with its encouraging lyrics. The song is the right choice for those seeking a calming down after painful experiences in life.

Most importantly, Ee Omoyo is a song that looks forward to a better tomorrow than concentrating on the present. Also, it is a reminder that Jesus is in control.

20. Tibwechaya –Despise Thyself Not

Otiso starts the song asking listeners what they have experienced in life. He immediately introduces God’s plan for man as being good no matter the pain.

Otiso recounts that many have taken away their lives for unnecessary reasons such as land inheritance conflicts and other obvious life challenges.

 He persuades everyone to understand that God has a plan of prosperity for everyone he created.

Douglas Otiso all songs

The list of Douglas Otiso Kisii songs is endless. Here are some more from Otiso volume 8 and other albums.

  • Okorara
  • Chindwari
  • Egetendawili
  • Tindi Omuya
  • Abanyankongo
  • Naomi Agachandeka

More trending songs from Evangelist Otiso include Ekina, Esabari, Ababisa, Nigo Opimeire, and Esegi.

Douglas Otiso songs all songs download

The new experience of Douglas Otiso songs mp3 download mp3 is here. These tracks will not only bless but also encourage the faint-hearted.

Douglas Otiso mp3 songs free download bring home the message with lively beats. Proceed to Mdundo.com, Viusasa, mixcloud.com, and Youtube.com to download your favourite track.

Douglas Otiso songs and top Kisii artists

Kisii gospel singers of Otiso’s calibre include Ringtone Apoko, Pharry K, Fenny Kerubo, Eric Mwaniki, and Divinah Nyamwaka.

Others are Rebecca Thomas, Lydiah Scarlet Nyairabu, Embarambamba, Denno Mpole, and Dennis Onyamo.

Evangelist Douglas Otiso contacts

  • Phone: 0729917396 (Mpesa)
  • Email: donate@douglasotiso.com (Paypal)

The Kisii gospel singer, Ev Douglas Otiso, is also available on leading media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Listening to the best of Douglas Otiso songs is satisfactory for a stressed soul. They are uplifting to the spirit with Tenga Bogeka, Ndindindi, Samson, Naomi, and Nomobui Yeso standing out.

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