Douglas Otiso Biography

Douglas Otiso Biography: Age, family, wife, children, education, best songs, wealth, & contacts

Evangelist Otiso is on the spot for his trendy gospel music and electric dance moves. Supporters love his outstanding rhythm and consistency in the message. We turn to Douglas Otiso biography for a near-death conversion experience.

Humble beginnings and rocky childhood did not stop Otiso from responding to a gospel call. What started as a personal ministry is lately a source of inspiration to many young people.

Douglas Otiso profile summary

  • Real name: Douglas Otiso Ombongi
  • Date of birth: 1980s
  • Place of birth:  Nyakoiba, Bomachoge Borabu
  • Nationality: Kenyan (Kisii County)
  • Occupation:  Gospel musicians
  • Religion: Christian
  • Years active: 2001 to present
  • Relationship status: Married

Douglas Otiso is famous for his musical compositions, bone-less dance styles, and hooking beats.

Evangelist Douglas Otiso biography

Evangelist Otiso is chairman of Gusii artists and vice-chair Gusii gospel musicians.

He is truly a man who has gone through the worst of life to become a pure gospel talent.

How old is Douglas Otiso?

Born in the 1980s, Douglas Otiso age is about 40 years as of 2023.

His ancestral home is in Nyakoiba, Kenyenya, within Kisii County. However, he spent much of his childhood and middle life at Chebilat under the care of a single mother.

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Douglas Otiso family history and parents

While staying at Chebilat, Douglas Otiso’s mother remarried. Unfortunately, she died in 2004 having sired two more children in her second marriage.

The subsequent death of a stepfather left Otiso, an orphan, at only age 24. He has since struggled to attract success for himself and two younger siblings.

Otiso education background

Evangelist Otiso is a school dropout with a few academic papers but exceeding heavenly knowledge.

Even so, the singer recently attended English lessons purposely to reach non-Kisii followers.

From robbery to the gospel ministry

Otiso was not formerly a lover of gospel music. Instead, he was a staunch follower of secular artists such as Ongengo and Bikundo.

In addition, Otiso was a notorious robber during his years in Chebilat. He recalls suffering rejection from his biological mother and at one point contemplating suicide.

The last incident in which all his gang members were killed would become his turning point.

He finally met Jesus upon surviving three mob justice beatings.

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Listening to a sermon of a roadside pastor changed him from a thug to a devoted gospel singer the hard way.

Becoming Evangelist Douglas Otiso

The singing career of Douglas Otiso started in 2001 at the Chebilat based East Africa Pentecostal Church.

In 2004, Otiso led the choir to record an album. He was by then a good keyboard player with excellent drumming skills.

Otiso’s talent in entertainment often earned him invitations to various events, including celebrations and funerals.

The post-election violence of 2007 forced Otiso to relocate from Chebilat to Ogembo. It is here that he released the first album.

Debut songs Samson Nyuoma Seino and Ee Omoyo sparked his fame in the larger Kisii region.

Doulas Otiso has since released several hitmakers with thousands of views on YouTube.

Evangelist Otiso wife

The singer married during his time at Chebilat on October 20, 2007. Sadly, post-election violence ensued within a month of his wedding.

As a result, Otiso and his spouse fled to Kisii with the help of an elder brother.

Douglas Otiso songs and albums

The singer has released tens of songs throughout his music career.

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Enlisted are favourite songs by Otiso.

  • Okorire
  • Jerusalem
  • Ndindindi
  • Tekoira Geka
  • Tenga Bogeka

Other talented Kisii singers are Embarambamba, Fenny Kerubo, Mcubamba, Samwel Ntabo, and Divinah Nyamwaka.

Ombongi, Douglas Otiso contacts

Phone Number0729917396.
FacebookEvangelist Douglas Otiso

Call or DM Otiso for further inquiries.

Douglas Otiso biography has it all from childhood to the recent changes in his career. It goes without mentioning that Otiso is the best Kisii gospel artist of all time. Besides singing, Otiso is a full-time minister and preacher.

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