List of latest Kisii songs

List of latest Kisii songs mp3 download, albums, trending videos, Vicky Young, DJ Bunney mix

Fans are not getting enough of the latest Kisii songs on YouTube, where local hit-tracks go viral. Various singers from the land must be having a good time dropping more entertaining melodies. Even better, everyone seems to have a liking for the level of creativity and musicality behind trending Kisii songs videos.

Kisii musicians are always at the forefront of promoting cultural identity and showing some love for all. These icons are unique in their play of lyrical tunes, inspiring vocals, and timeless rhythms.

Full list of latest Kisii songs 2024

Kisii singers prefer tracks addressing real-life issues around marriage, religion, education, peace, and parties, among others.

The newer taste is more appealing, considering how fast the local Kikisii music is adapting to the latest trends.  

Kisii music videos are now on another level on the internet. Listeners are lately begging for more on YouTube and

The rising Kisii songs mp3 download is another good indicator of the later success.

1. Fenny Kerubo ft Rose Mhando live performance

Fenny Kerubo uploaded this video in February, and it is already a massive game-changer on YouTube.

Rising beyond Kisii borders to share a studio and later a stage with Rose Muhando is also a massive breakthrough in her music career.

  • Conquerer
  • Come to Me
  • Coronavirus
  • Neno ft Rose Muhando

The talented and beautiful Fenny is now unstoppable in her career, which is now at its peak. She is a celebrated figure for her latest Kisii songs, such as.

2. Ngoma ya Yesu by Samwel Ntabo

This Prophesy Production Channel video is among the most trending on YouTube from the broader Kisii region.

Moreover, the song lyrics are a catch for anyone seeking to experience God in their lives.

Besides Ngoma Ya Yesu, Samwel released a sensational wedding dance alongside Fenny Kerubo and Bro Dennis Onyamo.

He has also released other hits among them;

  • Utukufu
  • Burukania
  • Endo ya Yuda Ruma

Fans seem to like Samwel Ntabo’s unimaginable dance moves in the video.

3. Faithstan Jirani Ananimada

The beautiful Faithstan Doubles is now a celebrity in Kenya with many songs to brag.

Fans love her soft tendered voice and infectious moves. She produced the hit video with her brother Forever Young Kenya and Audio with Augusto.

Kenyans love Faithstan for her originality and new taste in the music industry. Check out what she has to offer besides your favourite Jirani Ananimada lyrics.

  • Otenyo
  • Narosire
  • Ananipenda
  • Namba Moja
  • Kitaeleweka
  • Sabuni ya Roho

Otenyo, Narosire, and Faithstan ft Timmy Tdat Jirani Ananimada cover are among her latest releases.

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4. Entururu by Mr Ongengo

The song is perhaps the most famous of all Ongengo tracks in the Entururu Album. The hit has been trending for some time now since it first went viral years back.

If you are an Entururu fan, then you will undoubtedly fall in love with more of his lyrical songs.

  • Mkokoteni
  • Stephen Magembe 
  • Omokungu vs Omosacha
  • Harusi / Enyangi Slowly My Dear

Ongengo’s display of talent in his songs is genuine. He has also produced music such as Matatizo, Corona, and Amani.

5. Ekio Nkiekio by Mcubamba Robbah

The song is rhythmic and wedding friendly, especially during the after-party.

Mcubamba Robbah songs rule the airwaves. He has produced several other hit songs now, making the airwaves in different parts of the country.

  • Naanchire
  • Egetinginye
  • Wewe ni Mkuu
  • Egesongo Imabu Rende

Mcubamba produced Eki Kiekio Kisii song with Dokta B. Gravins. Neskon of Fleek New Home Muzik are directors.

6. Esimi – Ning’o Ase Ore?

Babu Gee Omosayansi and Forever Young Ensanako never failed to add the much-deserved comic relief into this viral composition.

The famous Omosayansi from Kisii has produced several other songs and video scripts, placing him ahead of others in the industry.

  • Nore Pipo
  • Bodaboda
  • Nabo Okorosa

Esimi remains the best track in a pool of viral Kisii tunes from the recent past.

7. Obotaka Tibori Kegomi

The well-known Kirwanda Junior gave us the track, and we still sing to its lyrics decades later.

The songs address poverty in ways that no other Kisii musician has done before.

  • Mong’ina
  • Abagisangio
  • Abarimu Nabaya
  • Jirani Ninki Mogatagete

Kirwanda Junior managed to produce several other songs, most of them becoming Kisii anthems of all time.

8. Amang’ana Ngonchechiare

This song by Rodgers Mosoti translates to “change happens” in life. Indeed, no situation is permanent.

The song from the past year has attracted tens of comments and hundreds of downloads on YouTube.

More of the latest Kisii gospel songs from Rodgers Mosoti are;

  • Chintakana
  • Sweet Kanef
  • Obogima Obuya

Most songs from Rodgers Mosoti are inspirational with tokens of hope to listeners.

9. Noraita Official Video

The renowned Kisii superstar Miggy Champ brought the talented Vicky Young to the limelight with this timeless release.

The dual launched Noraita song with a shaking success that dominated a better part of 2019.

Symo on the Beat (A True Kana) is the producer behind this collabo. Other trending songs by Vicky are;

  • Chinkondi
  • Ebesa Eborete
  • Titi Nkorundi ft Miggy
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Noraita lyrics are now available to all fans on mainstream media

10. Vicky Young – Chinkondi Official Video

The song performed by Vicky Young and produced by Augusto is a massive hit within Kisii streets. Chinkondi means those who live a lie for a living.

The song significantly exposes pretentious people with a tendency of living flashy lifestyles –which they cannot afford, at the expense of others.

The outspoken Vicky Young of Vickyoung Ensanako channel has produced several other sensational hits, including the following.  

  • Noraita
  • Ebesa Eborete
  • Chimbekere Bweri
  • Titi Nkorundi ft Miggy

Chinkondi song is a masterpiece with the video done by Neskon Onfleek. It is one of the latest Kenyan Music 2020 hits from Vicky Young.

11. Miggy Champ – Ebarasa (Official Video)

The hardness that comes with life has never been any lighter, and this time for everyone.

Miggy Champ adds in the beats to show how more challenging life is becoming to the extent that he cannot afford to pay school fees for his kids.

As a result, the stranded Miggy calls for an urgent community gathering, also called Ebarasa.

The song is the work of art in which Miggy is addressing his worries to the chief. More of his songs include;

  • Sesenia
  • Ntwarwara
  • Kisii song Chimbeba

Amarwa and Nyarinda are his latest. Did you know that 6Beat is the producer in this Miggy Champ performed song?

12. Vickyoung – Ebesa Eborete

The song has been stealing highlights on social media because it addresses the country’s economic turmoil.

Other tracks in his playlist include;

  • Noraita
  • Chinkondi
  • Titi Nkorundi ft Miggy

Ebesa Eborete meaning money is scarce contrasts the financial status of a demanding girlfriend and a broke boyfriend.

New Kisii songs on YouTube

Local music is getting more competitive by the day. Only those with genuine talent will likely survive in the industry.

  • Tenga Bogeka – Kisii songs Otiso
  • Gusii Artistes – Omorembe Kenya
  • Kwangwaru Kisii Cover by Tamtam
  • Omwana Onyasae Akong’ita Obote by Embarambamba
  • Oyo Yeso – Babu Gee Omosayansi ft Antivirus Ndizi TV
  • Nyegeria – Kibandasky Man – Ipepete Kisii  
  • Tiga Eriogi- Babu Gee Omosayansi

While trends are wiping out Kisii old songs, they are yet to replace them. Explore more;

Kisii songs on

Downloading Kisii songs is now more comfortable on Mdundo and YouTube.

  • Sweet Banana (Egesukari)
  • Man Sango – Omoyuti Official
  • Pharry-K _ Totagote/Never Grow Old  
  • Karibu Omogeni – Kamtu Flani Feat Dennoh Jnr
  • Yabeire Bobe by Miggy Champ & Babu Gee  
  • Omosasiroti – Kamtu Flani ft Twigah Boi & Amida
  • Emesosino by Hon Echate X Babu Gee Omosayansi  
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Top trending Kisii singers and their songs

Kisii trending videos include the following;

  • Ali Butterfly – Mokane  
  • Engoko Pii – Vinto Neskon
  • Ababisa Bane by Victor Momanyi
  • Risase Remix Miggy Champ x J I x Mash Wonder
  • Nabo Okorosa- Echate Ft Babu Gee Omosayansi

Better and viral are these latest and relaxing tunes.

Trending Kisii songs videos and mix

Listening to Kisii gospel songs and secular tunes is not only relaxing but also arousing to the senses.

Luckily, some of these mind-blowing music is now available for Viusasa and Netflix subscribers.

Kisii song download – latest Kisii music

Fans love the following tracks more than others

  • Mimi Ni Shujaa – Gusii Pop Artistes
  • Vickyoung Ensanako – Chiconnection
  • Beka Chisogisi-Babu Gee Omosayansi 
  • Tindagotiga – Konshax X Vickyoung X Vekta 
  • Obotaka- Kisii song by Mwaniki and Babu gee
  • Forever Young Kenya x Miggy Echambioni
  • Obobesa Obokeigo – Babu Geet ft Vicky Young

It is about time you upgraded your playlist by downloading more of these latest Kisii hits.

Kisii songs mix mp3 download and video

While there are multiple songs and videos to watch in 2020, these Kisii mix 2020 hits are worth watching to the end.

  • A short Kisii teaser 2- DJ Bunney 254
  • Top 5 Kisii songs December 2019
  • DJ Scratcher Kisii Video Mixtape Vol.1
  • Best of Kisii songs mix 2020 by DJ Gabu

Forget the modern hype for a moment and reflect on how far the Kisii music has changed over the years.

Kisii traditional songs list

Furthermore, the most trending records from years ago include Kisii songs Sungusia and Kwasa Kisii songs. They both never miss in fresh Kisii song mix tapes.

These and many more traditional Kisii songs from legends, such as Monyoncho and Arisi, will surely live with us forever.

Music is medicine to the heart and the beats to the soul. Listening to the best singers from the land confirms this fact. Let us go ahead and share our love for the latest Kisii songs in the comments section below.

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