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[Video] Eric Omondi CV Drama: Delivering 3 Million CVs of Jobless Kenyan Youths to State House

Video of Eric Omondi CV Drama Delivering 3 Million CVs of Jobless Kenyan Youths to State House

The self-proclaimed president of comedy in Africa is yet again in hot waters with law enforcers. Eric Omondi CV Drama comes at a time when unemployment is becoming more rampant.

The most affected are young people, especially fresh graduates without sufficient skills in a straining economy. As a result, videos of Eric Omondi attempting to deliver millions of CVs to State House are awash on social media.

ERIC Omondi CV drama – State House match!

Omondi who attended Kondele primary school and later Kisumu Boys High School is now a mass communication and journalism graduate from Daystar University.

Recent photos of him attempting to deliver boxes of 3 million CVs to President William Ruto and DP Rigathi Gachagua are truly captivating.

”Mimi staki kuweka maisha ya watu hatarini. Mimi nilienda nicacollect CVs, ziko hapa 3 million napelekea mheshimiwa William Samoei Ruto aone watu wake wenye wameenda university na hawana kazi.”

Comedian Eric Omondi.

Unfortunately, his match en route the busy Uhuru Highway was cut short along by armed traffic officers.

Earlier on, Omondi had asked unemployed Kenyans to send him their CVs with a promise of being their advocate.

Dedicating his life to the rights of jobless Kenyan youths continues to amass an intense following.

“If my life will be the reason the voice of the voiceless was heard so be it. I am saying this because from now we are not stopping.”

Comedian Eric Omondi.

In his word, Eric Omondi is not convinced that the Head of State truly understands the hardships that the majority of Kenyans are undergoing.

Omondi has previously been arrested for among other reasons, fighting for the place of Kenyan artists in local entertainment outlets and distributing free Unga to Nairobians.

“It is God’s will that we are free from poverty and from any other form of slavery. People are suffering and if the government doesn’t act fast…we will act soon. Do the right thing.”

Comedian Eric Omondi.

The determined Omondi continues to address gross injustices, especially those suffering the voiceless in society.

Comedian Eric Omondi CV drama cut short with a violent arrest is still trending alongside various chaos witnessed during Raila’s Monday protests. Ending up in the Nairobi Central Police Station no longer scares him.