Evans Nyagaka Anyona Biography

Evans Nyagaka Anyona Biography: 12 Profile Facts about Ena Coach Owner & Transline Classic Founder

Evans Anyona is a seasoned Kisii businessman with a legacy of dominating the transport sector in Kenya. Behind these successes are years of experience, deep pockets, and multimillion investments. Evans Nyagaka Anyona biography summarizes his unending quest for wealth and fame.

Rising from the status of a school dropout to the executive position is a story worth retelling. It has not only taken him hard work but also persistence. At last, he is an affirmation of the fact that education is not the only key in life.

12 profile facts in Evans Nyagaka Anyona biography

Abandoning poverty for a deep bite into cash is a daring journey that only the brave can risk.

The charismatic Anyona is no doubt the bravest. Who is Evans Anyona?

1. Kisii tycoon Evans Anyona is 55 years old

Born in 1968, Evans Nyagaka Anyona age is 56 years as of 2024.

Interesting enough, he looks younger for his quinquagenarian age.

2. Evans Anyona home is in Riabigutu, Kisii County

The ancestral home of Evans Anyona is in Riabigutu village near Masimba Market and Moi Gesusu High School.

He is of the Kisii tribe in Kisii County and, therefore, a fluent Kisii and Swahili speaker.

3. He was raised by a single mother

Anyona Evans parents were both supportive in his childhood. Unfortunately, he lost a father at standard six.

He would grow in a poverty-stricken single mother home but with enough care and protection.

Evans Anyona is not only proud of his mother but also grateful that she went the extra mile to provide basic needs.

4. Kisii tycoon Evans Anyona is a form four leaver

Transline Classic founder Evans Nyagaka Anyona is a form four leaver.

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He started schooling at Riabigutu Primary School before proceeding to Masimba Secondary School for his 0-levels.

Unfortunately, the bright Anyona lacked school fees to proceed with higher learning.

5. He received a business breakthrough in 1992

The severe drought of 1992 turned out an opportunity for Evans Anyona. He moved ahead of the rest to stock several bags of maize at a cost of Ksh. 7 for every tin.

When food shortage was at its worst, Anyona sold each tin at Ksh. 35 and bagged a fortune.

A whopping profit of 400% raised Evans Anyona from a hustler to the status of an investor.

6. Anyona was a wholesaler before the matatu business in Kisii

The 1992 hunger left Evans Anyona richer and with an appetite for more business opportunities.

Soon after, he became a chicken farmer with a ready market for his eggs and hens at Masimba market.

Anyona and his wife eventually opened a shop and speedily turned it into a busy general products wholesale outlet.

7. He is among pioneers of pyrethrum farming in Kenya

Anyona was particularly interested in farming than anything else. For this reason, he left the wholesale business under the care of his wife and returned to the farms.

Apart from rearing chicken, Anyona became a pyrethrum broker. He would buy pyrethrum from farmers and sell it to the Pyrethrum Board of Kenya at good profits.

For the record, Pyrethrum was a gold mine at the time when Evans Anyona was involved as a middleman.

8. Evans Nyagaka Anyona biography on venturing into matatu in 2002

Evans Nyagaka Anyona is a major shareholder in most Kisii Matatu Saccos because of his founding role in the local travel business.

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It all started in 2002 with one face-me Mitsubishi pickup; then a popular means of transport in the country.

Before long, Anyona owned a fleet of Explorer Matatus mainly plying the Kisii-Nairobi route.

9. He started Transline Company in 2005

The visionary Anyona joined hands with close friends in the travel business to start the luxurious Transline.

Excellent customer service enabled Transline to become a trusted travel partner within a few months.

9. Anyona incorporated Ena Investment Limited in 2008

Richard Mogire CEO ENA Coach recently confirmed that Evans Anyona started Ena Investment Limited in 2008.

Speaking on KTN Home television, Mr Mogire said that Ena Coach remained under the operations of Transline Classic between 2008 and 2018.

10. Forming Transline Classic in 2010

Founding stakeholders in Transline Classic include Kamel Park owner Haron Kamau, James Bichange, and Evans Anyona.

Transline Classic separated from its mother company, Transline, in 2010. It is in the same year that the company adopted its first 11-seater shuttle.

The newly formed Sacco attracted more able investors who collaboratively pumped Transline Classic buses and shuttles to capacity within months.

Equity Group loan worth millions was particularly useful in the branding process. Also, Stanbic Asset Finance solutions played a core role.

11. Anyona launched Ena Coach exemplary services in 2018

Evans Anyona’s Ena Investment Limited branched out from Transline Classic in 2018. Nonetheless, Anyona is still a major stakeholder in the parent company.

Ena Coach is not only critical about exemplary services but also rewarding customers with a luxurious feel.

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In essence, the vision of Ena Coach includes classy services and comfort in long-distance travel.

12. Evans Nyagaka Anyona biography on starting Ena Air

Ena Coach Director, Evans Anyona, sees Ena Coach in the flying class within a few years.

Fellow executive Richard Mogire shares the same dream in line with Vision 2030 Kenya.

The two are successful for believing in good ideas and clear business plans instead of huge starting capital.

Evans Nyagaka Anyona net worth value

Ena Coach Boss Evans Anyona net worth is at least Ksh. 100 million according to latest wealth estimations.

He has earned much of this wealth from salaries, business profits, and dividends.

Even so, Evans Anyona contacts and addresses are away from the public eye because he prefers to live a simple life.

Evans Nyagaka Anyona biography shares interesting facts about his profile and unbroken business record. He is truly an inspiration in business despite lowly beginnings.

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