Haron Kamau Biography [Photos] CEO, Kamel Park Hotel Owner Profile, Director & Founder Net Worth

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Photo: Kamel Park Hotel Owner Monda Haron Kamau biography . SRC: @haronkamau

Kisii town is home to several investors with multi-million business empires. The most outstanding is Haron Kamau with huge shares in the prestigious Kamel Park Hotel. His interest in the hospitality industry remains unquestionable. We focus on Monda Haron Kamau biography.

Before talking about an illustrious life story, it is worth noting that most Kisii tycoons in the calibre of Haron Kamau are infamous. That is perhaps because fame is not an ingredient in their careers.

3 profile facts in Monda Haron Kamau biography

Kamel Park proprietor and serial investor, Haron Kamau
Photo: Kamel Park proprietor and serial investor, Haron Kamau . SRC: @haronkamau

Located at the summit of Nyanguru Hill near Kiogoro in Kisii County is the luxurious Kamel Park Hotel belonging to Haron Kamau.

He is a man of few words but a notorious investment bigwig.

1. Haron Kamau is about 50 years old

 Kamel Park owner Haron Kamau age is 50 years as of 2022. He was allegedly born in 1971 within Gusii land.

The secretive entrepreneur is yet to disclose further info about his birthday, birthplace, and childhood.

2. Kamel Park CEO is a founding director in Transline Classic

Transline Classic shareholder Haron Kamau
Photo: Transline Classic shareholder Haron Kamau . SRC: @haronkamau

Transline Classic Limited Company mastermind Evans Nyagaka Anyona teamed up with co-founders James Bichange and Haron Kamau to launch the best travel company ever.

Starting in 2002, Anyona owned Explorer Matatus. Then came on board Bichange and Kamau with more capital.

The three eventually registered the company in 2005 with a promise of delivering luxury in the Kisii-Nairobi route.

For the record, Kamel Park proprietor Haron Kamau is still a leading shareholder in Transline Classic.

On the other hand, 53 years old Anyona is the owner of Ena Coach.

3. Kamel Park owner Haron Kamau is also a director

Businessman Haron Kamau and his architect Joshua Asati actualised the idea of starting a 5-acre Kamel Park Hotel in 2015.

The noise-free facility is an imported idea from Dubai. A broad swimming pool and a dual-capacity helipad are part of the resulting elegance.

The five-star Kamel Park Hotel recently played host to DP William Ruto. Iconic artists also flock in regularly.

Monda Haron Kamau biography spells fame and pride. One wonders how golden resort executive manages to live a simple life with all the money and success.

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