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10 Facts About Kamel Park Hotel Owner, Location, Helipad, Rooms, Rates, Photos, and Contacts

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Kamel Park Hotel is a fancy destination for your upcoming vacation or retreat in Kisii County. This imposing resort is rewarding with scenic views of the rolling Gusii highlands. A round-up of 10 facts about Kamel Park Hotel owner and services is refreshing.

A stream of fun-seekers and corporate clients flock in at Kamel park for delicious bites, spacious conference rooms, and warm beds. Even better, the hotel’s general feel, location, and menu are all exquisite, beautiful, and serene.

10 interesting facts about Kamel Park Hotel in Kisii

Kamel Park Resort helipad, rooms, menu, swimming pool rates, and contacts
Photo: Kamel Park Resort helipad, rooms, menu, swimming pool rates, and contacts . SRC:

Kamel Park was indeed designed to guarantee comfort and safety with a homely feel.

Sure enough, it has become a favourite hospitality centre with a place for everyone including stately figures.

1. Haron Kamau is the owner of Kamel Park Hotel

Who is the owner of Kamel Park Hotel? Kisii businessman Haron Kamau is the owner and proprietor of the prestigious Kamel Park Hotel.

Mr Kamau is a co-founding owner of Transline Classic company which focuses on public transportation and delivery of parcels.

Transline is notorious for plying the Kisii – Nairobi route alongside rivals such as Guardian Angel travellers and Ena Coach buses.

In addition, Haron Kamau is a vibrant farming entrepreneur in Nakuru County with more ventures in other parts of the country.

The costly Kamel Park Hotel suggests that Kamau of 50 years as of 2022 is a multimillionaire investor.

2. Kamel Park is located near Nyanguru Hill at Kiogoro in Kisii County

Hotel Kamel Park sits on a raised ground meters away from Kiogoro market within the vicinity of Kisii town.

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Kamel Park located along the busy Kisii – Kilgoris Road is ideal for those who want to experience the rippling Gusii highlands from a strategic spot.

The hotel also overlooks the densely populated Kisii Town and its rippling surrounding.

3. The hotel sprung from Kamau’s love for art & modern architecture

Kamel Park brags several competitive advantages against rivals such as Ufanisi Resort and Sameta Lodges.

That is mainly the case because its founder Kamau had a vision of coming up with a noise-free facility where people can relax, play, interact, and adventure.

It is interesting to learn that Haron Kamau is a lover of cultural heritage at its best.

For this reason, he was actively involved in supervising the inclusion of art in drawings and the construction process.

4. Kamel Park proprietor imported the hotel design from Dubai

The well-travelled Haron Kamau imported the architectural design of Kamel Park from China and Dubai.

However, he used local contractors to erect and establish structures with a keen eye on quality.

Kamau used locally available materials such as cypress logs and soapstone to replicate the good designs he had seen in the middle east.

Top in the list of cool artificial ambience elevating features at Kamel Park is caves, waterfalls, bridges, and cliffs.

5. Architect Joshua Asati designed Kamel Park Hotel in 2015

Mr Joshua Asati is the brains behind the inviting and welcoming impression of Kamel Park.

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Haron Kamau and Asati joined hands in 2015 with a dream of creating a landmark within the inner circles of Kisii town outskirts.

The profile of Asati shows that he is 34 years old as of 2024. Besides, he is a BSc Architecture graduate from the University of Nairobi.

Architect Joshua Asati is a deputy manager at Kakira Sugar Limited of Madhvani Group, formerly a managing director at Oasis Architects Limited.

6. Kamel Park helipad can accommodate two helicopters

Mr Kamau included a helipad with a landing capacity of two helicopters to attract tycoons from all over the world.

Several helicopters have landed on the facility since launching in 2018, about three years ago.

His excellence Dr William Ruto is the latest high profile client to have landed on the helipad and spent a night at Kamel Park.

7. Kamel Park hotel rooms are highly affordable

Kamel Park offers comfortable accommodation services for as low as Ksh. 5,900.

Here is a list of all rates for those wishing to spend a night at the hotel.

  1. One bedroom standard rooms at $59
  2. One bedroom superior rooms at $72
  3. Two-bedroom deluxe rooms at $98
  4. A two-bedroom executive deluxe room at $125
  5. Two-bedroom family rooms at $165
  6. Two bedroom luxury rooms at $195

Notice that the rates are in dollars and are therefore subject to real-time dollar shillings exchange rates. It is normally about Ksh. 100 for every $1.

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8. The hotel swimming pool and menu rates are attractive

Kamel Park website indicates a price range of Ksh. 300 and Ksh. 1,000 for water lovers.

There are enough swimming trainers for those wishing to become skilled water paddlers.

Elsewhere, servings are yummy with a wide selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes. For instance, a soup of the day goes at about Ksh. 450 while coffee costs about Ksh. 550.

9. Kisii singer Miggy Champ is a brand ambassador at Kamel Park

Nyarinda hitmaker Miggy Champ is a brand ambassador of the luxurious Kamel Park Hotel.

On top of that, Miggy is the face of Amtech Technologies Limited and Safaricom LLC.

10. The 5-star hotel is a leader in the hospitality industry

Comfort, elegance, and affordability offer the best description of Kamel Park Hotel.

Rising interest in Kamel Park Hotel Kisii jobs hints at the ongoing success.

Kamel Park Hotel phone contacts

  • Phone number: +254714386594
  • Website:
  • Email:

Call customer care to book and order services at Kamel Park.

All these top facts about Kamel Park Hotel summarise the splendour you have been missing. A good reputation in the hospitality space goes a long way.

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