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Top facts about Ufanisi Resort Kisii and Nakuru, location, photos, and contacts . SRC: @ufanisi_resorts

10 Facts About Ufanisi Resort Kisii and Nakuru: Hotel Owner Isabella Lumumba, Photos, & Contacts

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Ufanisi Resort is a hospitality paradise located only a few meters from the sprawling Kisii Town central business district. The stately hotel is a tourist trap with everything you need for a memorable holiday experience. Offered is a list of eye opening facts about Ufanisi Resort Kisii.

Those who have visited Ufanisi Hotel can agree that it is a home of pleasure. More so, this get away resort is a perfect destination for thick bites and extra comfort accommodation. In addition a relaxing ambience created by humming birds.

10 facts about Ufanisi Resort Kisii and Nakuru branch

The beauty of Ufanisi Resort is not without a touching story worth retelling.

These 10 interesting facts about Ufanisi Resort reveal how the hotel started, its owners, branches, struggles, and successes.

1. Mr Lumumba and wife Isabella are owners of Ufanisi Resort

Ufanisi Resorts owners Patrick Lumumba and wife Isabella, the Wangari Maathai of Kisii
Photo: Ufanisi Resorts owners Patrick Lumumba and wife Isabella, the Wangari Maathai of Kisii . SRC: : @ufanisi_resorts

Mr Patrick Lumumba and Mrs Isabella Lumumba are co-owners of the prestigious Ufanisi Resort in Kisii Town.

The Lumumbas are prominent for building the first of its kind modern hotel in the larger Gusii region.

Notably, Mr Lumumba was formerly the Kisii County Secretary and Head of County Public Service.

On the other hand, Mrs Isabella Lumumba is a former English Literature teacher now a full time business lady.

2. Facts about Ufanisi Resort Kisii on starting amid struggles

Ufanisi Resort is the first project that the Lumumbas started on returning to Kenya from the United States of America.

The couple and their two children had left the country in search of better opportunities in US but they were wrong.

“Life is hard in the Diaspora. Just to have a car, comfortable rental accommodation, and pay the bills is an almighty struggle. You work for eight hours at your main job for that weekly pay, but that’s not the end of your day. You then have to put in another four hours part-time for a cheque, to help ends meet.”

Isabella Lumumba, CEO at Ufanisi.

The cultural shock that the Lumumbas received while in diaspora forced them back to Kenya.

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At first, it was difficult settling in Kenya considering they had sold everything to afford their flight tickets and stay in the States.

3. Ufanisi Resort Kisii started in December 2009 on an ancestral land

The history of Ufanisi Hotel shows that the resort sits on an ancestral land on which was previously a maize plantation.

In 2009, Lumumba and wife thought of clearing the maize for a car park. Then came other ideas such as rental houses before settling on building a dream hotel.

As a result, Ufanisi Resort launched in 2009 and has been operating for about 12 years now.

4. The serene location of Ufanisi Hotel is advantageous

Ufanisi is the most accessible 4 star hotel is Kisii Town and beyond.

Where is Ufanisi Resort? Ufanisi Hotel is located in Kisii Town along Nyakongo – Masosa Road.

The spot is ideal without air and noise pollution. Even better, the hotel is accessible by foot from the town centre.

Ufanisi Manga Hills in Nyamira County is another strategic outlet of this rest-friendly resort.

5. The hotel has a branch called Ufanisi Resort Nakuru

Ufanisi Hotel in Nakuru, Section 58 neighbourhoods, is a branch of Ufanisi Resort Kisii.

Isabella Lumumba’s 2 years stay in Nakuru as a teacher must have influenced her decision to open an outlet of fun and fresh air in the region.

Booming business may soon mushroom Ufanisi Resort to other high clientele spots in Kenya.

5. Ufanisi built by workmen from Mombasa and materials from Taita

The Lumumbas were terribly exact in their idea of coming up with Ufanisi Hotel.

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Hiring experienced workers from the coastal region and using state of the art materials in coming up with the foundations of Ufanisi Hotel says it all.

Apart from hiring trusted attendants, this family business transported exotic building materials from Taita.

Later on, Isabella included breathing trees and grass to provide a kiss of nature. The wild walk ways adds to the life of the resort.

6. Ufanisi built to become a shelter of storm in Kisii Town

Isabella is on the record for confirming that she erected Ufanisi Resort to provide shelter from the storms of Kisii Town.

Most important is the safety and inner peace provided to all Ufanisi visitors.

Personalised services are why most customers choose Ufanisi Resort above the rest.

7. First class amenities for fun seekers and business clients

Those seeking to break the urban boredom retreat to Ufanisi Hotel for a distraction free stay.

The eyes cannot resist a makuti lounging centre, neat dining areas, sky height trees of different species, and deluxe rooms.

On top of that are modern conferencing facilities for corporate clients. Also, spacious outdoor fields are great for team building, videography, and photoshoot events.

8. Ufanisi Hotel largely depends on corporate clients

Isabella has revealed that accommodation which includes bed and breakfast make more money for the facility compared to food servings.

Therefore, a greater share of returns at Ufanisi Resort flows from corporate clients such as NGOs, banking institutions, and the business community.

Most of these business people visiting Kisii Kenya stay at Ufanisi for a good pay check.

9. The Eco based Ufanisi resort is customer oriented

Ensuring customer satisfaction is a profitable strategy at Ufanisi Hotel. That is a number one reason why the hotel is on the upward trend.

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 Moreover, this destination hotel embraces the outlooks with a strong a strong entry message “A good place to be.”

Ufanisi is all about better quality and value for the money a customer is willing to spend.

10. Isabella Lumumba is the proprietor at Ufanisi Resort

The beautiful mother of two cannot hold a smile every time she is talking about Ufanisi Resort.

She has not forgotten starting low and putting an extra sweat to grow the business.

A few years ago, Isabella disclosed to John Mudany on renovating her matrimonial house to become part of the initial 16 bed capacity Ufanisi Resort.

A decade later, Ufanisi is a paradise with a capacity of at least 60 executive beds.

Ufanisi Resort Kisii owner Isabella Lumumba speaks

Ufanisi co-owner Isabella has formerly spoken on feeling disadvantaged as a woman in business.

She would not have been any better without presenting her husband’s title deed as a loan security.

For this reason, she admits a lack of access to funding the main challenge frustrating many other hard working women like her.

Wangari Maathai of Kisii Isabella Lumumba

Ufanisi is all about trees, an inspiration that Isabella Lumumba picked from her role model Wangari Maathai.

She is an environmentalist at heart away from being a passionate hotelier and a professional high school educator.

Ufanisi Resort Kisii contacts

  • Phone number: 0714966250
  • Website:

Call in to witness the beauty of Ufanisi Gardens.  

Various facts about Ufanisi Resort Kisii and Nakuru are mind blowing. They are truly inspiring for all eco tourists, lovers of Kisii foods, and investors with a keen eye in the hospitality industry.  

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