Hassan Mugambi Wife Mwanaidy Shishi

Hassan Mugambi Wife Mwanaidy Shishi & daughter Fatma: Age, Wedding Photos, Family & Love Story

Photos of Hassan Mugambi wife Mwanaidy Shishi & daughter Fatma have sparked mixed reactions online after the couple recently got engaged at a private party. As we have it, Mwanaidy Shishi is off the market, after a colourful engagement with citizen TV’s Hassan Mugambi.

Mwanaidy is in the spotlight for winning the heart of the famous senior reporter. While little has been disclosed about the two lovebirds, we dig deep into the life and career of Mwanaidy Shishi, her business and Mugambi’s daughter Fatma.

Hassan Mugambi wife Mwanaidy Shishi & daughter Fatma

Mwanaidy Shishi is a former video vixen. Currently, an entrepreneur, and owner of a restaurant in Kilimani dubbed “Mama Nilishe”.

Mwanaidy’s prowess in cooking has seen her grow to attract top artists like Eddy Kenzo and foreign nationals come to enjoy her different delicacies.

Despite Mugambi’s charming relationship in the limelight, the father still shares unbounded love with his daughter named Fatma.

Hassan frequently posts her daughter Fatma on his social media page, especially when he drops her off and picks her up at school.

In his Instagram account, Mugambi celebrated her daughter’s birthday as follows;

“As you turn a year older may the almighty continue to bless you with intelligence, good health and continue being a source of Daddy’s genuine happiness. Happy birthday Fatma.”  

Hassan Mugambi.

Indeed, family is not an important thing, it’s everything.

Mwanaidy Shishi biography summary

Real nameMwanaidy Shishi
OccupationFounder & CEO Mama Nilishe
HusbandHassan Mugambi
FacebookMwanaidy Shishi
NicknameMiss Ghetto
BirthdayMay 7th
AgeAbout 35 years

Mwanaidy is a proud mother of two. Her Facebook account posts of the two children depict a picture of a loving and caring mother.

Hassan Mugambi and Mwanaidy Shishi engagement

As we speak, the Mugambi and Shishi are now a couple after a frenzied engagement. It is through some Tik Tok videos shared by Mwanaidy, that some of Mugambi’s admirers learnt that he was off the market.  

The two lovers went public about the relationship in April 2023. Credible sources indicate that plans for a fancy wedding are underway.      

In his Instagram post, the media presenter celebrated Mwanaidy’s birthday with a heartfelt message:

“If I took time to enumerate why this special day lands so much joy in my heart, I’d write an endless essay… like a candle in the dark you light up my heart. From that fateful meet up the connection has grown in leaps and bounds, my point of bliss, my answered prayer, my all-time treasure. Alhamdullilah for connecting us. Happy Birthday.”

Hassan Mugambi.

In response to Mugambi’s heartfelt message, Shishi expressed her love and gratitude from Dubai where she was celebrating her birthday.

“Thank you my Chani… I’m truly blessed to have you in my life, and you are my answered prayer. I love you.”

Mwanaidy Shishi.

The love story goes on.

The latest news on Hassan Mugambi wife Mwanaidy Shishi & daughter Fatma truly portrays a close-knitted family. He is a caring husband away from the no-nonsense investigative reporter on our screens.

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