How to get TSC number online

How to get TSC number online: Registration requirements and Teacher Service Commission contacts

It is a Teachers Service Commission requirement for all trained instructors to have TSC numbers. For this reason, the Ministry of Education does not recognise unregistered teachers in both private and public schools. Make haste with our guide on how to get TSC number online.

The registration process is short with only a few steps to complete as provided in TSC Act 2012. After your application is a reasonable waiting period until the number is ready. Upcoming sections provide in depth details on how to apply for TSC number within a few clicks.

How to get TSC number online

Trained teachers who graduated recently can only apply for their TSC numbers online because the hard copy option is no longer available.

TSC ended manual applications years ago for smoother and faster processing.

TSC requirements for teachers

Those interested to train as teachers at the certificate level must score a minimum mean grade of C Plain in KCSE.

What are the qualifications to be a secondary school teacher? Aspiring diploma and degree teachers must score a minimum grade of C Plus.

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In addition, a minimum of a C Plus in both teaching subjects.

TSC number application requirements

Make sure you have these 5 requirements before going online to initiate your TSC number application process.

  1. KCPE, KCSE, and college academic certificates
  2. All transcripts received in college or university
  3. A clear passport size photo
  4. Non-refundable TSC registration fee of Ksh. 1,055 for first time applicants, or
  5. Non-refundable registration fee of Ksh. 2,055 for duplicate certificate applicants

Start by scanning your certificates and transcripts then take a passport photo.

Remember to visit the nearest TSC sub county offices for validation and stamping of your photocopies.

Next, deposit the required TSC registration fee at National Bank of Kenya account number 01001000905001.

Alternatively, you can use the Pay Bill Business Number 625625 to bank the registration fee.

Expatriate teachers must also attach a letter of clearance from the Ministry of Education.

5 steps on how to get TSC number online

  1. Go online and access
  2. Provide your surname, ID number or passport number to proceed
  3. Enter the required details including phone number, email address, and KRA PIN
  4. Upload all the readily scanned documents
  5. Follow the prompts to the last step and finish
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Provide accurate details about yourself to avoid attracting costly legal actions.

These include a fine of up to Ksh 100,000 and imprisonment of up to 12 months.

How long does it take to get TSC no?

It takes about one month to receive a TSC number in Kenya after a successful application process.

The Teacher Service Commission often assign a TSC number to eligible applicants within a month of submitting the request.

How can I check my TSC number online?

Use these 3 steps to check for your TSC Teacher Registration Application Status.

  1. To check your TSC the registration status, go to the Teachers Online portal
  2. Enter your TSC number, ID number, or passport number then click search
  3. The system will generate details about your TSC registration status

Wait a little longer if your TSC number is not yet ready.

Otherwise, escalate a complaint using TSC contacts provided below.

How can I get TSC number 2021/2022?

The Teacher Service Commission will mail an envelope of your TSC Certificate to the postal address provided in your profile.

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Therefore, it is advisable to make sure that you can access the postal address for easy collection of your hard copy certificate.

TSC registration contacts

  • Phone number: 020-2892000
  • Email address:

Contact TSC for further inquiries on your application status and more.

Only registered educators are liable for employment by the Teachers Service Commission. Therefore, our guide on how to get TSC number online is a life saver for fresh graduates with a fixed eye on the payroll.

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