Business Ideas in Kisii Town

Top 10 Business Ideas in Kisii Town: Cost of Starting Business, Permit, and New Opportunities

Kisii town population 2019 stats indicate that there are 112,417 residents in Bosongo. The numbers could be higher today considering rapid rural-urban migration in Gusiiland. In addition, profitable business ideas in Kisii town are attracting investors from other parts of the county and beyond.

Booming socio economics is creating more opportunities within Kisii Town. Now is, therefore, a perfect time to roll out your dream business idea with a guarantee of good returns.

Top 10 business ideas in Kisii town Kenya

These ten small business ideas stand out from the long list of investment opportunities available.

1. Start a food store, banana peddling, or cereal business in Kisii

Food is a part of life and therefore a sustainable business idea all-round the year.

Get a warehouse or shop, stock on-demand foods such as maize and beans, then keep a close eye on profitability.

Alternatively, you can join a crew of Kisii banana peddlers who make a fortune by supplying the fruit to ready markets in Nairobi, Nakuru, and Mombasa among others.

Cereal business in Kisii Kenya is another low risk high return investment opportunity.

A list of local foods you can stock is unlimited because there is a variety within the popular Daraja Mbili Market Kisii.

Above all, starting a food store line takes in little investment with a guarantee of good income if done properly.

2. Launch a consultancy office, freelance startup, or cyber cafe in Kisii town

The numbers of cyber jobs in Kisii County are rising by the day. The trend suggests an increased demand on digital services.

Those with technical skills can take advantage of this new opportunity.

Some of the services with a ready market include photocopying, printing, scanning, typesetting, and online applications.

Android app development, digital coaching, and website design are also lucrative.

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Besides, starting an electronics repair shop to troubleshoot laptops, desktops, and phones is well paying.

Becoming a freelance online writer for a dollar paycheck on trusted sites such as and is another good idea.

3. Photography, videography, graphic design, and social media marketing

We live in a digital world where photos and videos are a part of our everyday interactions on social media.

A rising demand for quality media is opening new possibilities in the world of photography and videography.

Similarly, there is a market for professional graphic designers. These include social media influencers and brand endorsement partners.

Sure enough, money flows where the people are camping, in our time it is social media.

4. Bakery, restaurant, and bar among profitable business ideas in Kisii town

Residents of Kisii town love throwing lavish birthdays and celebrating major events in life including marriages and funerals.

A good bakery can attract most of these customers for an insatiable pinch of flavours.

Those with a weekend ritual can also flock at your bar with thick wallets in exchange for pleasure and entertainment.

Catering service providers in Kisii are already earning well from professional cooking skills.

Some of these have also ventured into the sprawling tents and chairs hiring.

5. Offer technical services in plumbing and hospitality sectors

Local colleges such as the Kenya National Polytechnic graduate thousands of skilled workers every year.

Sadly, the job market is already saturated leaving them with no option but to start offering their skills for a living.

Those in the hospitality industry including catering, plumbing and electricals easily land well-paying deals and contracts.

Those with vocational skills will always find something to do for a living in Kisii town.

6. Invest in the service industry such as a milk bar, MPesa, and car wash

Some of the ready market opportunities in the Kisii Town service sector include retail businesses such as organic food eatery and a milk bar outlet.

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Other examples include opening an MPesa shop, a car wash, or a garage. The list also include a gas refilling, shoe repair, and tailoring shops.

Take a walk around major Bosongo estates and you will be surprised at the number of untapped opportunities.

7. Mitumba and boutique among best business ideas in Kisii town

Both Mitumba and official clothing are equally marketable in Kisii town.

Daraja Mbili open air market for cheap Mitumba clothes and Prinor Boutique Kisii are good examples of this venture.

Notably, streets around Umoja Plaza, Sansora building, Uhuru Power, and Naivas Supermarket are clothing line hubs within Kisii town.

8. Join the transport sector as a motorbike rider or an insurance agent

Selling insurance policies is still a well-paying opportunity for those with excellent marketing skills.

Many students and fresh graduates living in Kisii town can try becoming insurance policy marketers.

The good thing is that there are no entry requirements, provided one meets their targets for a considerable commission.

On the other hand, a rising population has created a huge demand for instant commuting service provided by motorbike riders.

Motorbike riding is a highly promising and already a well paying full time job for several youths.

Luckily, matatu vehicles are providing motorbikes with little to no competition in transporting people within Kisii town.

9. Express your talent as a musician, DJ, producer, actor, or comedian

Abagusii people love having good times, especially over the weekends.

That is why the cultural hall and most wines and spirit shops are busy throughout the day.

Talented Kisii artists such as Miggy Champ, Echate, and Babu Gee have proven to us that Kisii people love quality entertainment.

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The theatre industry is also on the lookout for people who can act, create vines on YouTube, and star in local events.

Those with a passion for entertainment can go ahead with their dreams, undeterred.

10. Buy land in Kisii, erect rentals, offices to let, or become a real estate broker

The Kisii real estate industry is not yet saturated, when it comes to classy housing facilities with enough parking space, access to clean water, and reliable security.

Also, there are not enough buildings to accommodate various businesses, mostly those planning to open branches in Kisii Town.

Both residential and business properties are therefore in demand with a promise of high returns on investment.

Those without millions to start these dream projects can become brokers of land for sale in Kisii Kenya.

You can also become a broker of used cars and real estate properties for a six figure income without a starting capital.

Why these 10 business ideas in Kisii town?

Most Kisii residents depend on businesses because there are only a handful of employer companies in the region.

You should, therefore, consider any of these business ideas because Kisii Town is a fast growing metropolitan with voluminous capital in circulation.

Starting any of our business ideas in Kisii town will cost lesser because of affordable housing and fewer permit requirements. Go ahead and become your own boss for a sustainable income.

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