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10 Best Internet Providers in Nyeri: Mawingu, Airnet, Telkom, Safaricom Fibre & T-Tech Telecom

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Looking for the best internet providers in Nyeri? Here is a detailed guide to the most preferred ISPs in the Mount Kenya region. Their wireless coverage in WiFi connection is incredible.

Dominator WiFi providers in Nyeri town largely rely on the nearby Dedan Kimathi University for a ready marketplace. Also in need of fast internet are smart homeowners, businesses, and county offices.

Best internet providers in Nyeri County

It takes a reliable internet provider to sustain digital bliss in homes and workplaces. More importantly, in your handset.

Enlisted are some of the top pick ISPs for Nyeri netizens.

1. Safaricom Home Fibre 4G

Safaricom Fibre leads in the list of nationwide internet service providers.

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 Free installation adds to its seamless connection, fast internet speed, and 4G speeds.

Bronze8 MBPSKsh. 2,999
Silver20 MBPSKsh. 4,100
Gold40 MBPSKsh. 6,299
Diamond100 MBPSKsh. 12,499

Call customer care number ‘400’ or visit Safaricom Shop in Nyeri town at Kang’aru building, Ground Floor, along Kimathi Way for further inquiries.

2. AirNet Broadband internet provider

Free installation for new customers makes AirNet home Fibre another good pick for Nyeri town residents.

Here are the plans and their monthly subscription rates.

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9 MbpsKsh. 2,499
15 MbpsKsh. 3,499
20 MbpsKsh. 4, 499
40 MbpsKsh. 6,999

Corporates and other heavy internet users can get customized plans at reasonable rates.

Phone number0711859885

Visit AirNet broadband offices at Gathii House Ground Floor, Suite 3, along Kanisa Street.

3. Mawingu Networks Limited

The populous Mawingu Networks offers excellent speeds for as low as Ksh. 2,499.

The network is available in Nyeri, Meru, Embu, Karatina, and nearby towns.

Home packages

5 MbpsKsh. 2,499
10 MbpsKsh. 3,999
20 MbpsKsh. 5,999
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Business packages

5 MbpsKsh. 4,499
10 MbpsKsh. 6,499
20 MbpsKsh. 9,499

Contact the Mawingu support team on 0111-194000 for a connection.

4. T-Tech Telecommunications

T-tech offers you a fast, reliable and affordable internet service for your office or home. Located within Nyeri and its environs, the ISP offers internet from Ksh. 2,000.

Call 0716091606 or email ‘’ to place a new connection request.

5. Telkom Kenya internet provider

The ISP is convenient if you are seeking exciting home plans with 4G speeds.

Requirements include a 4G-enabled Telkom Router and SIM card. New subscribers stand a chance to benefit from FREE 10GB data valid for a month.

 Telkom WiFi plans

30 GBKsh. 2000
50 GBKsh. 3000
UnlimitedKsh. 4000

Call 0204952960 or visit Telkom Shop Nyeri located inside Naivas Supermarket.

Choose your preferred internet service provider in Nyeri for an unlimited browsing experience.  

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