Jeff Koinange Salary at Citizen TV

Jeff Koinange Salary at Citizen TV: Net worth, monthly earnings, income sources & family wealth

Celebrated journalist Jeff Koinange is one of the highest paid TV presenters in Kenya. He is notable for stirring a sense of pride, especially when casting news and hosting JKL Live Show on Citizen TV. Particularly of interest are Jeff Koinange salary and latest net worth stats.

Koinange is notorious for extending the comfort of his bedroom into Citizen TV studios. At one moment, he is parking an expensive suit on a valet and another blasting a smoking fire extinguisher. He is no doubt a typical alpha male with admirable traits and deep pockets.

Jeff Koinange salary and latest net worth value

The highest paid news anchor in Kenya is Jeff Koinange with a monthly salary of Ksh. 2.5 million.

JKL Show host earnings include a basic salary of Ksh. 1.3 million. In addition, Jeff Koinange banks a huge income from a series of perks including wardrobe allowance.

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Jeff Koinange net worth

The wealth of Jeff Koinange peaks at Ksh. 200 million in real estate and moving assets.

The figure could be higher today considering higher investments and spontaneous salary increments.

Besides, Jeff is riding on a stream of multi-million endorsement deals, dividends, and brand loyalties.

Jeff Koinange house is a stately mansion in Kitisuru. On top of that is a cool car Mercedes Benz G-class worth Ksh. 12 million.

Enlisted are other well paid Kenyan media personalities;

  • Maina Kageni
  • Daniel Ndambuki (Churchill)
  • Joseph Oyoo (Gidi Gidi)
  • Daniel Githinji Mwangi (Mbusi)
  • Jacob ‘Ghost’ Mulee
  • Linus Kai Kai
  • Felix Odiwour (Jalango)
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The renowned Koinange beats them all on the paycheque scale.

The genesis of Koinange family wealth

Being a cousin to president Uhuru Kenyatta means that Jeff Koinange is from a wealthy background.

That said, Jeff is a grandson to Senior Chief Koinange Wa Mbiyu who had six wives and an empire of properties.

The inherently rich Jeff Koinange has tripled the family wealth by working even harder than his father Federick Mbiyu Koinange and mother Hilda Ngoima.

Who is Jeff Koinange?

Jeff Koinange is an Alumnae of St Mary’s School and Kingsborough Community College.

In addition, he is a Broadcast Journalism graduate from New York University.

Before joining Royal Media Services, Koinange was a renowned media personality in leading media houses such as KTN, Hot 96, K24, and CNN South Africa.

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JKL Show host Jeff Koinange is surely living large with his wife Shaila and firstborn son Jamal Mbiyu.

Jeff Koinange salary and latest net worth value continue to spark undivided attention from curious fanatics. He deserves a salary worth Ksh. 2 million after touring the world; at first as a flight attendant and later a CNN news reporter from war-torn zones.

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