Jeff Koinange biography

Jeff Koinange biography: Age, wife, family history and background, JKL, new book, cars, wealth

Jeff Koinange biography reveals to us what a respected journalist he has become over the years. The JKL Live Host is an eye candy on Citizen Television where he proudly displays his success in journalism. You will love in-depth life stories about Jeff Koinange family background and more on his wife, son, cars, salary, and net worth.

The JKL boss is an Emmy Award-winning journalist of four decades in the industry. Youthful looks and fresh energy remain his gem on the Royal Media Services owned media houses. The vigour of a well-travelled personality is evident in his stories and approach to the prime time news bulletin.

Jeff Koinange profile summary

  • Real name: Jeff Mwaura Koinange
  • Date of birth:  January 7, 1966 
  • Place of birth:  Banana, Kiambu County
  • Jeff Koinange age: 58 years
  • Ethnicity: Kikuyu
  • County: Kiambu County
  • Nationality: Kenyan (East Africa)
  • Jeff Koinange wife: Shaila Koinange
  • Jeff Koinange children: 1 son
  • Years active: 1995 to present
  • Relationship status: Married
  • Occupation:  Author, radio presenter, television anchor

Jeff Mwaura Koinange MBS is famous for hosting Kenya’s favourite show, JKL, on Citizen Television.

He is also a popular co-host of HOT 96’s breakfast show with Professor Hamo.

Jeff Koinange biography with photos

A relaxed ego and classy appearances on the JKL Show arouse curiosity in the life story and family profile of Jeff Koinange.

The journalist hails from Kiambaa Township, Banana, Kiambu County.

How many years is Jeff Koinange?

Jeff Koinange is 58 years old with an outburst of life. He celebrates his birthday on January 7 every year.

The outpouring of love from supporters makes the day a special one in his life.

Who are the parents of Jeff Koinange?

Jeff Koinange parents are Federick Mbiyu Koinange and Hilda Ngoima. His father Federick passed on in his childhood.

Jeff Koinange brothers and sisters

The charming Koinange has two sisters and one brother.

  • Freddie Koinange
  • Hilda Wanjiru
  • Phyllis Wangui

The Koinange siblings are all successful in their respective career engagements.

Jeff Koinange education

The outspoken journalist is a highly learned news personality. Koinange is the first Kenyan journalist to pocket a Masters’ degree.

Jeff Koinange biography further reveals that he has worked hard to earn his current place in the media industry.  

Where did Jeff Koinange study?

  • Hospital Hill School, Parklands (1972–1974)
  • St. Mary’s School–A levels (1975–1984)

Further studies in the United States of America

Jeff later settled in Brooklyn, New York, where he enrolled for studies at Kingsborough Community College.

The brain smart Koinange majored in Broadcast Technology and Management. He was the best student in his class with honorary qualifications.

New York University welcomed him with a scholarship. In 1991, Koinange added a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Broadcast Journalism to his merits.

Jeff Koinange career background

Koinange completed his A-Levels from St. Mary’s and proceeded to the United States for a flight attendant job at Pan AM World Airways.

Passenger applause after regular flight announcements challenged Jeff to discover his talent in communication. He would later go back to class for it.

Success on local and international television

Jeff has travelled wide and worked in the following media houses;

  • 1995: Started working as a KTN news anchor and correspondent
  • 1988: Appointed chief of the Reuters West Africa Bureau
  • Later moved to Johannesburg in South Africa.
  • 2001-2007: Started working as Senior African Correspondent for CNN in both Lagos and Johannesburg
  • 2007-2012: Worked with K24 TV on the Capital Talk Show
  • 2013: Went back to South Africa to work with ARISE Television in Johannesburg. He came back later in the year

Koinange joined KTN and later Citizen Television, where he still works as a senior journalist.

Notably, Jeff lost his job at CNN following a scandal in which Marianne Briner exposed him for indecency.

Citizen Television JKL Live host

The multitalented Koinange is a News Presenter on Citizen Television alongside Victoria Rubadili.

Apart from hosting the JKL Show (guest today), Jeff Koinange is a panel member in East Africa’s Got Talent show.

He also works with Hot 96 as a radio presenter.

Music and community work

Jeff is a country music fan. He has previously appeared alongside Sir Elvis and other renowned celebrities in the genre.

In 2017, the JKL host ran a project to restock Kibera slums libraries as part of an empowerment project.

Jeff Koinange family history

The journalist comes from a supportive background. His father, Federick Mbiyu, is a son of an influential former senior chief, Koinange Wa Mbiyu.

Jeff’s grandfather had six wives.

Who is Jeff Koinange mother?

His mother, Hilda Ngoima, comes from Githiga village within Githunguri. She is a firstborn to Mwaura wa-Ngoima.

Koinange Jeff shares ancestry in Githunguri Village, where his forefathers were notorious farmers.

When did Mbiyu Koinange die?

The senior chief passed on when Jeff was barely two months old. For this reason, his mother raised the family as a single mother.

Is Jeff Koinange related to Uhuru Kenyatta?

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Jeff Koinange are cousins. Their relationship branches from Kenyatta’s third wife, Grace Wanjiku.

Grace is daughter to senior chief Koinange Wa Mbiyu. Jeff Koinange Uhuru relationship is still thriving on these grounds.

Does Jeff Koinange have a family?

Jeff is a family man with a lovely wife and charming son –we have the details about them all.

Who is Jeff Koinange wife?

The beautiful Shaila of Asian origin is the wife of Jeff. The two have been married for years now.

Koinange and Shaila met in 1986 at Safari Park during an interview. They were both applicants for the Pam Am Airline job vacancy.

The two long-time friends married in 1998 and have since lived together.

Wedding Jeff Koinange first wife Sonia

Koinange’s first marriage to Sonia ended in a divorce. The two separated in 1994, about the same time he joined KTN news.

Son Jamal Mbiyu Koinange

Shaila and Jeff are happily raising their son Jamal, after nine years of a childless marriage.

The two had given up on the idea of ever having a child until a long-time friend, Jimmy Monclus Maleketa, suggested invitro-fertilization.

Jeff Koinange son Jamal is growing fast with all the loving care of his tycoon parents.

Jeff Koinange cars, Mercedes Benz G-wagon

The man Jeff cruises expensive cars. He owns a garage of cars that most people can only wish to have.

The Mercedes Benz G-wagon worth more than Ksh. 12 million is a mysterious car on Kenyan roads.

Firstly, the car is a left-hand drive. Secondly, Jeff Koinange’s car number plate is still unknown.  

Even lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi does not comprehend how Jeff navigates through Kenyan roads in this powerful machine.

Jeff Koinange houses and posh properties

Owning a home is a big hassle, except for Jeff. The JKL host is the owner of stately properties in posh estates across the country.

A lavish Kitisuru mansion tops the list of Jeff Koinange houses.

Bank debt of Ksh. 130 million forced NCBA bank to place one of his houses worth Ksh 200m on auction.

Besides, he owns other properties, including a wine museum and a cigar museum.

Through My African Eyes new book

Through My African Eyes by JKL
Photo: Through My African Eyes by Jeff . SRC: @koinangejeff

Koinange Jeff book has received unequalled attention and is earning him a lump sum through sales.

Jeff Koinange new book and Jeff Koinange profile photos highlight the enthusiasm of the young man in him.

Stats on Jeff Koinange book pdf download is hitting record high.

Jeff Koinange net worth and salary

Working across the world has earned Jeff Koinange a fortune exceeding Ksh. 50 million. A breakdown of his wealth base is at hand.

Jeff Koinange salary 2021

Citizen Television rewards Jeff with a seven-figure salary of about Ksh. 2 million a month.

He deserves this lump sum for dealing with high profile brands and personalities.

A good paycheck is why Jeff afforded co-host Jalango an expensive watch worth Ksh. 1.3 million.

Who is the highest paid journalist in Kenya?

Jeff Koinange is the media personality who takes home more money than the rest. He is indeed an image of success in Kenyan journalism.  

Recognitions and awards

The latest of Jeff’s awards is The Moran of the Order of The Burning Spear (MBS) handed in 2008. Others include;


  • Vernon Jarrett Bronze Medal 
  • Finalist of the Diageo Awards


  • Finalist of the Diageo Awards
  • The Prix Bayeaux
  • Vernon Jarrett Bronze Medal
  • George Foster PEABODY Award


  • Television Emmy

Besides these notable awards, Jeff Koinange biography reveals that he has attracted more recognitions for his active engagements.

Koinange Jeff latest news

Thugs broke into Jeff’s mansion at 2 am and escaped with valuables in 2016.

A year earlier, Jeff faced police arrest alongside Tony Gachoka for contempt of court.

The two had legal issues with businessperson Jimmy Wanjigi and other stakeholders.

JKL Live host contacts

Social media is the best alternative since Jeff Koinange phone number is not yet available.

Koinange bio is not complete without mentioning his stately mansions, cars, and profound media influence.

Jeff Koinange biography is a book with many colourful pages. He will forever hold the legacy of living up to his integrity as a journalist. There is everything to love about Jeff Koinange family history and background.  

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