Johnson Sakaja Father & Mother

Johnson Sakaja Father & Mother [Photos] Parents & Family History of Nairobi City County Governor

Photos of Johnson Sakaja father & mother are still on the headlines since trouncing Polycarp Igathe in the gubernatorial race. Fanatic Kenyans are also curious about his close relatives including brothers and sisters.

His excellency governor Johnson Arthur Sakaja previously nicknamed ‘Super Senator’ is a man to watch closely. The young ambitious Sakaja of the ruling UDA Party is indeed an admiral in positions of leadership.

HE Johnson Sakaja Parents: Father & Mother

Born February 2nd, 1985, the 39 years old Johnson Sakaja is a son of a humble family with ancestry in the Great Rift Valley.

His now deceased parents were hustlers before luck uplifted them into business and civil service class.

Governor Sakaja biological father

Sakaja’s father Mzee John G. Sakaja is a former employee at Firestone Company where he worked as a marketing manager.

On top of that, he loved sports with a strong inclination to politics and governance.

Governor Johnson Sakaja mother

The tricenarian governor of Nairobi County is notorious for speaking highly of his now deceased mother Emily Ayoti Kubasu.

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Mama Emily was not only a prison services government officer but also a record-breaking sprinter. In Sakaja’s words, she is one of the best marathoners ever.

“I am very proud to have grown up in a family of athletes. My late mother, Mrs Emily Ayoti Kubasu, as she was known, was one of the last Kenyans to win medals in short distance races in this county.”

Governor Johnson Sakaja.

The fearless Sakaja attributes his bravery to his loving mom who died at the young age of 40 years.

“I am not one to be intimidated, I am the son of Emily Ayoti Kubasu, a Champion and I am ready for whatever consequence it is for the price of this country.”

Governor Johnson Sakaja.

The former super senator issued the bold statement in a senate meeting held on August 5, 2020.

The highly angered Sakaja spoke in response to a political threat levelled by Jubilee Party Vice-Chairman David Murathe against non-compliant members.

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For the record, Sakaja’s mother Emily Kubasu won Kenya a gold medal in a 100 meters race held in 1971 at the East and Central African Championships.

“I am not one to be intimidated, I am the son of Emily Ayoti Kubasu, a Champion and I am ready for whatever consequence it is for the price of this country.”

Governor Johnson Sakaja.

Sakaja’s mom was surely a no-nonsense woman as much as she was hardworking. Unfortunately, she died in the 90s at the prime of her life.

“My mum used to work in government, she died in 1994. I was nine years, but we continued staying in government quarters. But in 1997, we had to move… Oh, my mum. My mum was a champion. She died very young, she was 41. At that time, she was one of the seniormost ladies in the prison service at Langata Women’s.”

Governor Johnson Sakaja.

Apart from breaking the record in oversea marathons, Sakaja treasures her mother for clearing the path of prosperity in their family.

“She represented Kenya in many short-distance races. She was very ambitious, and maybe that is why she died at a very young age.”

Governor Johnson Sakaja.

Elsewhere, Sakaja is the only son in his family with three siblings among them two elder sisters.

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Sakaja’s meteoric rise into positions of power is a result of hard work, persistence, and bravery. Most importantly, he is an opportunist with well-calculated business and political moves. Photos of Johnson Sakaja father & mother are no doubt an emblem of success.

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