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Photo: KCB CEO Joshua Oigara biography facts and CV . SRC: @kcb

10 Profile Facts in Joshua Oigara Biography, Age, CV, Wiki, Director, and CEO KCB Bank Contacts

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Joshua Nyamweya Oigara is a Kenyan corporate executive, businessman, and professional accountant. He is notable for being the Kenya Commercial Bank Group director and CEO. Behind these badges of success are untold life story facts in Joshua Oigara biography.

The well-educated Oigara has been hitting international headlines including for his innovative leadership style. Even more so, for beating the odds to become a blue-chip company leader at a youthful age.

10 profile facts in Joshua Oigara biography

KCB Director Joshua Nyamweya Oigara profile, age, wiki, and net worth
Photo: Director Joshua Nyamweya Oigara profile, age, wiki, and net worth . SRC: @kcb

LinkedIn CV is confirmation that Joshua is a well-travelled and highly exposed career mogul.

A steady rise within managerial ranks is raising curiosity; but then, who is Joshua Oigara?

1. KCB CEO Joshua Oigara is from Nyamira County

What tribe is Joshua Oigara? Director Joshua Oigara tribe and ethnicity are Kisii given that his ancestral home is in Nyamira County to the western parts of Kenya.

Further sources indicate that he grew up at Gesima Settlement Scheme in Borabu Constituency, near Esani Market and Riakworo Primary School.

2. Joshua Nyamweya Oigara age is 49 years old

How old is Joshua Oigara? KCB boss Joshua Nyamweya is 49 years old as of 2024.

He was born on November 9, 1975, indicating that he is of the Scorpio star sign; which is common with strong ambition and determination traits.

Many call him captain, especially when celebrating his birthday on social media.

Even so, Oigara’s sharp looks can fool almost anyone into thinking he is a tricenarian.

3. Executive Joshua Oigara family is a den of intellectuals

The biography of Joshua Oigara shows that he is the lastborn in a family of 5 life-successful siblings and highly protective parents.

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To start with, his father William Oigara and mother Diana Oigara were teachers.

On the other hand, they practised large scale farming of livestock, pyrethrum, coffee, and tea at the Gesima Settlement Scheme.

That said, two of his brothers and sisters are medical doctors while the other two are professors.

4. Joshua Oigara is a husband and father of 3 children

Is Joshua Oigara married? Yes, Joshua Oigara is a family man with a lovely wife and three adult children, among them sons and daughters.

Joshua Oigara wife is a tough woman and an equally hardworking mom with a heartbeat for her lawfully wedded CEO spouse.

5. Oigara was once a high school teacher of Math

Joshua Oigara was formerly a BOM teacher at a monthly salary of Ksh. 5,000.

He mainly coached form four students on how to excel in math and national examinations at large.

6. He is an MBA graduate from Australia’s Edith Cowan University

The academic record of Joshua Oigara points that he scored good grades in both primary and secondary schools.

In 1993, he enrolled at the University of Nairobi for a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Accounting, graduating in 1997.

In 2005, Oigara completed a Management Development Program at the prestigious University of Pretoria in South Africa.

A year later, he completed another Program for Management Development course at the Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

In 2010, he obtained an MBA from Edith Cowan University.

Oigara also graduated from the London Business School in 2016 with qualifications in Senior Executive Program (SEP85).

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In 2017, he majored in Digital Business Transformation at the IMD Business School.

Above all, Joshua Oigara educational background is decorated with several short courses and first-class certificates.

7. He became KCB CEO in 2012 at the age of 37 years

The career journey of Joshua Oigara started in 1997 upon leaving UoN with accounting Skills.

He first worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), a specialist company in tax services, advisory, and auditing.

In 2002, Oigara left PwC and for Bidco Africa as a Group Business Performance Manager

He would join Bamburi Cement Ltd, at first as a controller, and later as a Business Performance Manager.

At last, Oigara left Bamburi Cement for KCB in 2011. Who is the CEO of KCB?

Oigara rose to the status of a CEO in 2012 having joined the company as a Chief Financial Officer a year earlier.

8. Oigara is an innovative and experienced administrator

The bigwig chief executive officer understands his work and has been delivering success at KCB for the past decade.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Joshua Oigara revealed that he had a dream of becoming a CEO at age 40.

Luckily, he succeeded Martin Oduor Otieno at age 37, three years ahead of his diary timeline.

Oigara had this to say in a recent interview with the Daily Nation;

“People typically work for eight hours a day. I work more. They sleep for eight hours. I sleep less. Eight hours are typically wasted. I try to reduce that. I create an hour to read. People can write a thesis on why they can’t succeed but it’s better to look for solutions.”

KCB CEO Joshua Oigara.

Top in the list of his leadership outcomes is KCB MPesa. The bank product is not only a lifesaver for customers but also a honeypot of annual profits.

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9. He is chairman of the Kenya Bankers Association, KBA

Oigara became chair of the KBA Governing Council in 2018 and is still in charge.

The Kenya Bankers Association is an oversight body for all financial institutions operating under the Central Bank of Kenya.

In essence, KBA is a catalyst for the African brand in the global economy market.

10. Joshua Oigara net worth, salary, and roles

Kenya Commercial Bank CEO Joshua Oigara salary is 22.75 million. He allegedly pocketed a whopping Ksh. 299.1 million in 2019.

On that note, Oigara’s wealth was valued at Ksh. 350 million in 2015.

He has since doubled the wealth base through monthly income, dividends, bonuses, allowances, and investments.

Apart from being the youngest, Joshua Oigara Wikipedia profile indicates that he is the second highest paid CEO in Kenya.

Joshua Nyamweya Oigara contacts

  • Twitter: @KCBGroup
  • Facebook: @Joshua_Oigara
  • Email address:

Contact KCB Group customer care desk or DM for inquiries.

Joshua Oigara biography is full of tips and financial secrets, especially for those dying to become millionaires at a young age. His uprising and influence are no doubt a source of admiration.

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