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Justice GBM Kariuki Biography: Martha Karua Boyfriend or Husband? Dumped Court of Appeal Judge

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Justice GBM Kariuki biography describes a firebrand leader of the Law Society of Kenya in its heydays. On top of that, it clarifies a much-publicized romantic affair with the incoming Azimio La Umoja Deputy President, Martha Wangari Karua.

Leading Kenyan papers such as “The Standard” have previously reported on Karua’s twisted relationship with Justice Kariuki. Drama from their private life leaked to the public following a series of dramatic testimonies in the court of law. At this point, a washing of the dirty linen in public was inevitable.

Martha Karua former husband Justice GBM Kariuki biography

 An article by “The Nation” describes Mt Kariuki as a former Chairman of LSK in its early days.

Martha Karua who had left the Kenya School of Law in 1981 had already been admitted to the bar when she crossed career paths with Justice Kariuki in the late 80s.

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At this time, she was called Martha Njoka after the name of her first spouse Doctor Charles Kamau Njoka.

Disagreements eventually caused Martha to divorce Mr Njoka. The sassy looking Miss Karua would eventually land on Mr Kariuki’s chest.

Martha Karua boyfriend or husband?

It is still unclear when and how the two lawyers became an item. It is equally undetermined if they were lawfully married or not.

All we know is that they divorced in 2008 amid heated confrontations in the court of law.

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“The Standard” details how Mr Kariuki was arrested commando-style after ending his relationship with Martha Karua.

In the end, Justice Kariuki who serves as the judge of the Court of Appeal won the case against fake charges polished against him.

He was not only set free but also rewarded Ksh. 5 million for damages resulting from malicious prosecution.

In his ruling, Justice Odunga implied that the police officers behind Mr Kariuki’s humiliating arrest were under pressure from the Attorney General and then Justice Minister Martha Karua.

The case ended with Martha Karua and Justice Kariuki no longer engaged.

Justice GBM Kariuki Quest to become Chief Justice

In 2016, Court of Appeal judge GBM Kariuki lost a legal battle that would have allowed him to contest for the position of Chief Justice alongside the shortlisted six including David Maraga.

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Others who appeared in the race are Smokin Wanjala, Nzamba Kitonga, Mbogholi Msagha Alnashir Visram, and Roselyne N. Nambuye.

Nonetheless, Mr. Kariuki remains steadfast on matters of law.

Justice GBM Kariuki biography spells the pleasure and agony of loving Martha Karua. It also recognizes him as a founding leader of LSK with at least 40 years of experience.

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