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Kamene Goro Boyfriend Photos [Husband] DJ Bonez Biography, Wedding, Marriage, Children & Profile

Kiss Radio presenter Kamene Goro boyfriend photos

Kamene Goro boyfriend photos and short videos are out bringing an end to her controversial love life with a record body count of 20. Posting on social media, the radio queen hinted at being in a romantic relationship with the renowned DJ Bonez. The couple is publicly happy and inseparable.

Years of throwing shade at dating and marriage are finally over for Kamene Goro. Her recent vacation at Diani says it all. A section of pictures on her Insta Stories flaunts jewellery among them a huge engagement ring. Is she planning a wedding?

Kamene Goro boyfriend photos: DJ Bonez biography

The new boyfriend of Kamene Goro is DJ Bonez who is reportedly an ex-husband to Eva Mkala alias Sasha. The hunky Deejay allegedly dumped his spouse with a couple of kids for an affair with Kamene Goro.

On her side, she decries being dumped at age 23 through a WhatsApp text. He would receive yet another heartbreak at the prime of her love. She would remain single until 2021 when her chemistry with DJ Bonez started.

“What I like about this relationship is I feel very secure. I have no worries with him. He’s very happy, consistent, he’s really dope guy, very serious So, I put it as one of my best relationships.”

Kamene Goro.

Sweethearts DJ Bonez and Kamene Goro are embracing the heights of love with a colourful gallery on the ready.

Sources say that DJ Bonez is a career Director at Spin Cycle Entertainment. The entertainment company is all about corporate, club, and family events. Apart from a DJ unit, it offers content for radio, social media, and television.

Kamene Goro who has been marketing the entertainment firm for some time now is still up on the posters.

Kamene Goro Husband DJ Bonez on vacation

DJ Bonez Biography & Spouse Kamene Goro
Photo: DJ Bonez Biography & Spouse Kamene Goro . SRC: UGC

Photos of the Kiss FM presenter and his newly founded boyfriend having a good time in Diani are still circulating on mainstream social media.

A section of Kenyans cannot figure out if DJ Bonez proposed to Kamene Goro or not. Far-fetched rumours allude that the two walked down the aisle in a private wedding.

As we speak, Kamene is proudly dating DJ Bonez in the hope of settling down and building a dream family with him.

Elsewhere, Kamene and former radio cohost Andrew Kibe are not on good terms.

“I don’t miss Kibe. Recently, I tried to maintain our friendship after we stopped working together but he just became really toxic of late.”

Kamene Goro.

Youtuber Kibe has on several occasions attacked Kamene Goro describing her a desperate woman.

Various captions on Kamene Goro boyfriend photos are highly suggestive of a moving love story.  DJ Bonez biography says no less about their intimacy.