You are currently viewing Kamtu Flani biography, age, wiki, education, CV, Omosasiroti, latest songs download, contacts
Photo: Kamtu Flani biography facts, age, wiki, education, and CV . SRC: @kamtuflani

Kamtu Flani biography, age, wiki, education, CV, Omosasiroti, latest songs download, contacts

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Kamtu Flani is a widely admired Kisii Hip pop recording artist, song writer, and YouTuber with a legion of supporters on his side. He is everything from a creative studio content creator and a live stage performer. Kamtu Flani biography exposes his music career and out of the public eye life story.

The profile of Kamtu Flani confirms that he started humble. Nonetheless, he is now a celebrity to watch within the corridors of fame. Trending songs such as Omosasiroti and Omogeni are a living testimony of how far Kamtu Flani has come in the music industry.

Emcee Kamtu Flani profiles summary

  • Real name: Robert Maoncha Onkangi
  • Popularly: Kamtu Flani
  • Nickname: Obe Gaki
  • Date of birth: July 2, 1991
  • Place of birth: Nyamira
  • Kamtu Flani age: 30 years old
  • Ethnicity: Kisii tribe
  • County: Nyamira County
  • Genre: Music, comedy
  • Years active: 2010 to date
  • Religion: Christian
  • Occupation:  Musician, YouTuber, Emcee

Robert Maoncha Onkangi is famous for producing hitmaker songs such as Omosasiroti and Ebisiba.

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Kisii Hip Hop singer Kamtu Flani biography with pictures

Robert M Onkangi alias Kamtu Flani latest songs mp3 download and contacts
Photo: Robert M Onkangi alias Kamtu Flani latest songs mp3 download and contacts . SRC: @kamtuflani

Who is Kamtu Flani? Robert Maoncha Onkangi popularly Kamtu Flani is a multitalented Kisii artist with a legacy of producing lyrical hip hop tracks.

The music journey of Kamtu Flani is an inspiration to several young artists in the world of entertainment.  

How old is Kamtu Flani?

Robert Maoncha Onkangi alias Kamtu Flani age is 30 years as of 2021. He celebrates his birthdays on the 2nd of July.

Further records indicate that the born year of Kamtu Flani is 1991.

Tribe, ethnicity, and nationality

Kamtu Flani is of the Kisii tribe from Nyamira County, number 046. For this reason, he is a native Kisii speaker with a fluent Swahili and English accent.

A signature dreadlock hairstyle doubles up with his fearless expressions.  

Education and professional CV

Robert Onkangi attended multiple schools including Rigoma, Kerongeta mixed, Kebirichi secondary, and Riara Group of schools.

Finally, Kamtu Flani completed his KCSE examinations at Mongoni Secondary School.

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Kamtu Flani was a passionate journalism club member in his high school years.

He recalls aspiring and working towards becoming a journalist. He also had an intention of becoming an actor and comedian.

Robert Onkangi career history in music

The multi-talented Kamtu Flani launched his music career upon completing secondary school education.

Why the name Kamtu Flani?

The name Kamtu Flani means some little person and it is truly the opposite of what he is today.

Robert Maoncha Onkangi received the name Kamtu Flani during his first year in college.

It all started with a failed attempt to pronounce a single word in a live stage college rapping contest called Freestyle Battle.

Thereafter, curious college mates jokingly asked “Kuna Kamtu Flani kalipewa mike kaka-freeze.”

Robert’s identity would later break loose in campus, as a result, earning him the belittling nickname.

The informal name Kamtu Flani has since stuck with Robert’s uprising in the music industry.

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List of Kamtu Flani latest songs

Kamtu Flani has released several hit songs including the following.

  • Omosasiroti
  • Ebirentane
  • Aganto bosa
  • Silewi Leo
  • Karibu Omogeni
  • Tinyiweti Koboka
  • Ebisiba – Kamtu Flani
  • Finally by Kamtu Flani
  • Perepere – Kamtu Flani
  • Ekirimino ft Alibutterfly
  • Nyagentinge (Tiga Oboibi riddim)

Silewi Leo and Omosasiroti are some of his best seller productions.

Notably, there are even more must-watch tracks on Kamtu Flani YouTube Channel; all ready for downloading.

Robert Onkangi Kamtu Flani contacts

  • Phone number: +254713023911
  • Email:

Call or email Kamtu Flani today for a collabo, business gig, booking, or related inquiries.

Kamtu Flani biography portrays him a comedian singer preferring to view life from a positive side. Coming from low income family did not stop Kamtu Flani from living up to his celebrity dreams. 

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