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Photo: Kisii comedian Okebiro Omose remembered by Egesa FM presenters on his death anniversary . SRC: @egesafm

Kisii Comedian Okebiro Omose Bio – Remembered By Egesa FM Presenters on His Death Anniversary

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A mixture of sweet and painful memories engulfed the third death anniversary of Kisii comedian Okebiro Omose. Among those who graced the special day on September 1, 2021 are top Egesa FM Presenters. At center stage was RMS head of radio Nancy Kwamboka Nana Ediva.  

Entertainer Okebiro Omose died on Saturday, September 1, 2018. He allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself with a rope under unclear circumstances.

Okebiro Omose third death anniversary tributes

An intimate Facebook post by Nancy Kwamboka AKA Nana DIVA brought good tidings on the eve of celebrating the late Okebiro.

“A very intelligent man but very awkward in nature.

Sunset 1/9/2018.

This day I remember you with joy, I remember all the laughter we shared over the years, the road trips, the ground activation shows, studio moments, all that I cannot mention….. was a worthwhile.

Okebiro yaaa Ebarara y’Ekegoro…..continue Resting in peace. In our hearts you live forever.”

Nancy Kwamboka, RMS Head of Radio.

The heartfelt message from Okebiro’s boss on radio sparked a huge debate for a better part of the day.

As section of netizens have since showed a renewed interest in the life history of Okebiro, especially before his tragic death.

Comedian Okebiro Omose biography

Who was Okebiro Omose? Okebiro Omose real name Joseph Mochere Atandi was a Kisii comedian and a radio host presenter at Egesa FM radio station.

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Joseph Mochere alias Okebiro is a fallen Kenyan with ancestral home in Nyamira County.

How old is Okebiro Omose?

Okebiro Omose age was 37 years at the point of his fateful death on September 1, 2018.

He was a hardworking young man at the peak of his career life; having big dreams ahead and thousands of supporters behind him.

Okebiro Omose wife Teresa Moraa

Okebiro Omose died leaving behind a lovely wife called Teresa Moraa and two young children.

Okebiro Omose funeral crashed the hearts of many including his daughter who had this to say.

“He was always a pillar of hope and made everybody understand that hard times were not the end of life.”

Okebiro’s daughter.

The emotional death threw fans and close family members into the dark of side of life with fresh wounds yet to recover.

Egesa FM presenter Joseph Mochere career

RMS spotted Joseph Mochere and employed him in 2016 for his creativity and admirable personality.

A post from Nana Ediva on Facebook confirmed that Joseph Mochere was a poverty stricken watchman before landing the prestigious role as Okebiro on Egesa FM.

Furthermore, Nana dropped rare memories on her personal relationship with the fallen Okebiro.

“I remember one day he told me “Nana kwandusetie obokendu igoro mbaka nabeire omonto, enseye gaaki”. And that’s how he quit his watchman job.”

Nancy Kwamboka, RMS Head of Radio.

Nancy Kwamboka’s post, which is partly in Ekegusii language, loosely translates to “Nana you fetched me from the cold of the night and now I am a useful person in this world.”

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How Okebiro Omose died and cause of death

Joseph Mochere Atandi died following persistent domestic violence in a troubled marriage with wife Teresa Moraa.

Sources have revealed that Okebiro had earlier intended to kill wife, two children, and brother before taking his life.

The widowed Teresa Moraa spoke on how Okebiro had turned wild days to his death.

“He was armed with a knife and had become wild as he threatened to kill anyone in the house.”

Teresa Moraa, widow.

It is after this scary incident that Teresa Moraa and two children packed for their rural home in Nyamira.

A brother who had responded to cool marriage tensions between Okebiro and wife Teresa also returned to his home, leaving Okebiro all by himself.

Okebiro Omose decried stress in the suicide note

Okebiro pointed out stress as the main reason why he chose to take his life with a rope.

 “I have been patient enough but you have been stressing me for nothing. Take those children and look for another father who is not immoral and who has never seduced any lady. Goodbye.”

Suicide note by Okebiro.

What came next is a heart-breaking message of Okebiro’s sudden death.

“I would be preparing to bury five people in my compound had it not been for the intuition of his wife and his brother, who had gone to negotiate for peace in the family.”

Atandi Rabera, Okebiro’s father.

Daniel Ombwori, a younger brother, hinted that Okebiro’s family relationship worsened after becoming a celebrity.

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Okebiro Omose often quarreled with wife over suspected involvement in extra marital affairs with strange women

Above all is a beautiful life story of comedian Okebiro Omose with a tragic ending.

The third anniversary of Kisii comedian Okebiro Omose held on September 1, 2021 ignited the warmth of his funny jokes and wise sayings on Egesa FM radio. Most importantly, Okebiro will forever remain a Kisii hero in the world of entertainment.

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