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Photo: Full List of Egesa FM presenters and their names, Omoiberania James Gichana @Omoiberania

List of Egesa FM presenters and their names: Sorobi, Getena, Atandi, Omoiberania and Nana on top

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Egesa FM is a leading broadcasting Gusii radio station of our day. The vernacular media house rolls and trolls on the slogan “Enguba Ya Mwanyagetinge,” meaning a Kisii community shield. The success is not without influential journalists in our list of Egesa FM presenters and their names.

Royal Media Services’ Egesa FM is home to the most talented Kisii journalists, particularly, those fluent in Ekegusii. These elite celebrities command a huge followership and are as such mentors to their listeners.

Full list of Egesa FM presenters and their names

Engaging programs are why Egesa FM is still ruling among local and diaspora Ekegusii speakers. Who are Egesa FM radio hosts?

  • Dan Ogega
  • Drusillah Obiero
  • Petronila Getena
  • Ombou Chochoni
  • Omwana Amaguta
  • Lawrence Nyakundi
  • Sorobi Moturi Erastus
  • Francis Gichana Maraburi
  • Omoiberania James Gichana
  • Kaka Williams Atandi George
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Former Egesa FM hosts

The radio fraternity has lost a few creative presenters to upcoming radio stations, with a few venturing into alternative careers.

  • Doris Donya Aburi 
  • Charles Onsakia

Sources indicate that Donya Toto left for politics while Charles Onsakia left for Seito FM.

All Egesa FM presenters who have died

Unfortunately, the following succumbed while actively working with Mwanyagetinge radio station.  

  • Gekara Mayaka Esimba
  • Okebiro aka Joseph Mochere Atandi
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Egesa FM is a hub of skilled media talents you will not meet anywhere else.

These experienced journalists continue to outsmart rival radio stations such as Getembe TV and Kisii FM.

Background history of Egesa

The RMS radio station started in 2006 with founding broadcasters such as Donya Toto and Sorobi Moturi Erastus.

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Phone number and email contact

  • Phone number: +254724 256504
  • Email:

Connect with Egesa FM producers and Head of Radio to air your advertisements or make inquiries.

A summary of Egesa FM presenters and their names is mainly useful for those seeking to familiarize with favourite radio show hosts. Also, to everyone curious to follow their personal life stories.

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