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10 Interesting Facts about Kisii County 045, Population, Location, Jobs, News and Opportunities

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The Edenic Gusiiland is an agricultural and economic hub to the south-western parts of Kenya. Its native Abagusii people brag yellow ripen bananas and sparkling white soapstone mines. Beyond these endowments are 10 interesting facts about Kisii County.

The government of Kisii County is highly welcoming with ready opportunities for those wishing to invest in the region. Above all, it is a peaceful place to stay, work, and grow your wealth fast.

10 interesting facts about Kisii County, Kenya

The beauty of Kisii County rests on its rolling landscape with decorated patches of rooftops disappearing under the green vegetation.

The land of matoke is celebrated for several reasons including these 10 on our list.

1. Kisii County borders Nyamira, Narok, Migori, and Homabay

The location of Kisii County in the former Nyanza province is highly strategic, only meters east of Lake Victoria.

The local government borders with Nyamira County to the North East and Narok County to the South.

On the other hand, Migori and Homabay counties lie to the west of Kisii.

2. There are 9 constituencies and 45 wards in Kisii County

There are 45 wards with nominated and elected representatives in the Kisii County Assembly.

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The list of 9 constituencies in Kisii County with representatives in the national assembly includes the following.

  • Bobasi Constituency
  • Bomachoge Borabu
  • Bomachoge Chache
  • Bonchari Constituency
  • Kitutu Chache North
  • Kitutu Chache South
  • Nyaribari Chache
  • Nyaribari Masaba
  • South Mugirango

In these constituencies are several villages and clans whose people share a common ancestry.

3. The county covers 1,302 square kilometres with a population of 1,266,860

Kisii County population 2019 census indicate there are 1,266,860 residents with most of them being Abagusii.

How big is Kisii? The population is extensive on a surface area extending to 1,302 square kilometres. 

4. Nyamasibi Hills is the highest point at 2,170 meters above sea level

The county is remarkable with alternating valleys and ridges of varying depths and heights.

Towering them all is Nyamasibi which stands at 2,170 meters above sea level.

Following closely is Sameta Hills which is 1970 meters high. Others are Kiong’anyo of 1,710 meters and Kiamwasi 1,785m.

Kiombeta, Kiongongi, Sombogo, Kegochi, and Nyanchwa hills add to the list of high point places you can hike on a sunny day.

5. Kisii has huge soapstone deposits in Tabaka and Sameta

The white gold of Kisii is mainly found at Tabaka in South Mugirango Constituency. Soapstone is also mined on the slopes of Sameta Hills near Maya Holiday Point Hotel.

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Carvings and artefacts from the two mineral sites are precious and priceless in the international market.

6. The county is fertile with thriving agricultural practices

The evergreen Kisii County supports a variety of cash crops thanks to its naturally deep and fertile soil.

Apart from bananas, Abagusii are notorious tea, coffee, maize, and vegetable farmers.

7. Kisii town is a promising metropolitan city

Bosongo is a fast-growing town with several investors willing to spend more on real estate and related businesses.

Similarly, devolution is spicing up growth at all levels of the economy including infrastructure.

Many Kenyans and foreigners have already camped in Kisii town with new profit tapping ideas.

8. Greatly improved accessibility to social amenities

Kisii town roads are well carpeted to ensure a faster flow of goods and people. Security is also tightened to promote safety for all.

Installed street lights not only add to the security but also promote the dream of a 24-hour economy.

The town is also a gem with a reliable power supply from the Kenya Power and water from the Gusii Water and Sanitation Company.

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9. Fast growing economy attracting more opportunities

Top brands and businesses have opened outlets in Kisii town making it easier to find well-paying jobs.

Therefore, it is easier to find a job in Bosongo and build a stable career. Even better, you can start a successful business.

10. More than 10 percent of the population resides in Kisii town

Kisii town residents represent at least 10 percent of the entire population in Kisii County.

From the records, there are 1.27 million people in Kisii County with 112k of them residing in Kisii town.

Facts about Kisii County and its location

Where is Kisii County? The county coordinates are, latitude 00 30’ and 100 South and longitude 340 38’ and 350 East.

Kisii is highly accessible from Kisumu, Nakuru, and Nairobi counties.

Top facts about Kisii County reveal that it is a haven of prosperity for all. It is a place where investors are not scared to invest their last coin.

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