Lulu Hassan Net Worth

Lulu Hassan Net Worth: Salary, Allowances, Wealth, and Monthly Paycheque at Citizen Television

Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan salaries are highly lucrative with tokens of allowances on their paycheques. It is no secret that the couple banks a great deal from the Royal Media Services. For that, we take a closer look at Lulu Hassan net worth.

RMS owned Citizen TV is a well-paying employer considering that Jeff Koinange takes home about Ksh. 2 million a month. Lulu on the other hand is a six-figure salary employee on the media network.

Lulu Hassan salary and Lulu Hassan net worth

Primetime newscaster Lulu Hassan earns a monthly salary of Ksh. 400,000 including allowances.

Also, his co-host husband Rashid Abdalla banks Ksh. 550,000 from the media house.

On top of that, Rashid and his wife Lulu stream more income from advertisement, endorsements, and multi-million investments deals.

That is to say that the couple pockets an average of Ksh. 2 million; sometimes more.

Citizen TV news anchors salary is not yet public but insiders sources allege they are far higher compared to other media houses.

Education and career background

Lulu Hassan attended Aga Khan Academy High School and then Salrene Travel Operations College.

While in college, she trained as a cabin crew hostess, ticketing officer, and human resource manager.

Thereafter, Lulu Hassan majored in communication and journalism.

Rashid Abdalla family and Lulu Hassan wealth

The family of Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan with three children is one that many Kenyans look up to.

Firstly, because of its peaceable nature and secondly because of leading an admirable lifestyle.

Think of it all from owning a dream mansion to riding in cool cars, and managing high-end properties.

Theirs is a fashionable family eating life with a bigger spoon in the full limelight

Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan net worth are cumulatively in hundreds of millions. Apart from Salaries, the main sources of income include advertisements and endorsements.

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