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Rashid Abdalla Biography Profile Summary, Age, Tribe, Family, Wives, Wedding Photos & Career . SRC: #FontsMedia

Rashid Abdalla Biography: Profile Summary, Age, Tribe, Family, Wives, Wedding Photos & Career

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Rashid Abdalla, a prominent Kenyan Swahili news anchor, is a familiar face for millions of viewers across the country. Known for his charismatic presence and impeccable reporting skills, Rashid has carved a niche for himself in the competitive world of journalism. We bring you Rashid Abdalla biography, with a deeper interest in his family and career success.

Notably, Rashid shares the screen with his wife, Lulu Hassan, making them one of Kenya’s most beloved power couples.

Rashid Abdalla biography and profile summary

NameRashid Abdalla
Age41 years
Date of birth17th April
SpouseLulu Hassan
WifeLulu Hassan

Where is Rashid Abdalla from?

Rashid Abdalla was born in the coastal region. There, he grew up in a convincing Islamic religion.

How old is Rashid Abdalla? Screenwriter Rashid Abdalla age is 41 years as of 2023.

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Career history

Rashid Abdalla’s journey into the world of media began in 2006 when he joined Radio Salaam.

It was at Radio Salaam that he crossed paths with the talented and enchanting Lulu Hassan, who would eventually become his life partner.

Following his stint at Radio Salaam, Rashid transitioned to QTV, where he was entrusted with the responsibility of becoming the face of the station.

His fortunes improved when he secured a position at NTV, where he made appearances on the popular show, “The Trend.”

Eventually, Rashid found his way to Citizen TV, where he currently co-hosts the nightly news alongside his wife, Lulu Hassan.

Together, they have become a dynamic duo, delivering news and captivating audiences with their chemistry.

Family background

While Rashid Abdalla has been a prominent figure in Kenyan media, he has managed to keep the details of his early life and childhood under wraps.

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Despite the curiosity of fans and journalists alike, Rashid chooses to maintain the privacy of his formative years.

On one occasion, he shared a poignant photo of his late father, accompanied by his two siblings, paying tribute to his family’s history and wishing his father eternal peace.

Dating and marriage with Lulu Hassan

Rashid Abdalla is happily married to Lulu Hassan, and their love story is nothing short of heartwarming.

Their journey began on Rashid’s first day at Radio Salaam when he was captivated by Lulu’s voice.

Love blossomed quickly, and just two weeks later, they were engaged.

Rashid, who earned a modest income at the time, didn’t have the resources for a traditional dowry. Instead, he offered a Quran and a mat as tokens of his love and commitment.

Who are the wives of Rashid Abdalla? As we have it, Rashid Abdalla has no second wife. Recent speculations that Rashid had married a second wife are said to be untrue.

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Rashid Abdalla salary

The salary of Rashid Abdalla is Ksh. 300,000; he and his wife Lulu Hassan have diversified their income streams through their joint venture, Jiffy Pictures.

Together, Rashid and Lulu have produced a hit series under Jiffy Pictures.

Some of the shows they have produced include “Maria,” “Sultana,” “Zora”, “Moyo” and “Aziza” on Citizen TV as well as “Huba” on Maisha Magic Bongo, “Kovu” on Showmax and “Maza” on Maisha Magic East.  

Rashid is now rising ranks as a prominent Citizen TV journalist through his insightful reporting and charismatic on-screen presence.

As he continues to excel in his career, Rashid Abdalla biography serves as a source of inspiration to other countless journalists with a similar dream of succeeding in the media space.

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