Aspiring MCA Joel Nyagwoka

Aspiring MCA Joel Nyagwoka Ready to Represent Boochi Tendere Ward in the Kisii County Assembly

Boochi Tendere Ward aspiring MCA Joel Nyagwoka is destined to succeed Hon James Ondari in the Kisii County Assembly.

The Youthful Hon Joel is confident in his celebrated manifesto ahead of the August Polls. Meanwhile, he is spearheading an agenda of progress amid heated campaigns.

Aspiring MCA Joel Nyagwoka profile

Honourable Joel who is currently eyeing the position of MCA doubles up as a political strategist.

In the manifesto of MCA Joel Nyagwoka are the following priorities;

  • Improved healthcare coverage
  • Ensuring equitable award of bursaries
  • Promoting youth and women empowerment
  • Increasing accessibility to loans and grants
  • Connecting clean water, roads networks, and electricity

The incoming MCA Joel brags a legacy of helping the needy and making follow-ups on beneficial community projects.

He remains headstrong about rising above rivals in the fast-approaching August Polls.

Above all, Aspiring MCA Joel Nyagwoka is ready to represent his people in the Kisii County Assembly.

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