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Photo: Msanii Music Singer Lilian Kirui Biography . SRC: @Lilykirui22

Lilian Kirui Biography [Photos] Age, Boyfriend, Wedding, Tribe, Parents, & List of Best Songs

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The highly expressive Msanii Music Group singer Lilian Kirui is a seasoned melodist with sharp vocals. Her style and determination in the gospel industry are far-reaching among fanatics. Lilian Kirui biography tells us more than just music.

A steady web of followers is evidence of the good compositions that propelled Kirui to fame. Her founding role in Msanii Music Group is particularly celebrated. On top of that, she brags about a trendy personal YouTube channel.

Msanii: Lilian Kirui profile summary

Real namesLilian Kirui
Birthday22nd October
AgeAbout 30 years
FatherPastor Kirui (deceased)
CareerMedical social worker

Lilian Kirui biography

Lilian Kirui profile and parents
Photo: Lilian Kirui profile and parents . SRC: @Lilykirui22

Who is Lilian Kirui? Initially a member of Angaza Singers, Lilian Kirui now doubles up as a singer in the populous Msanii Music Group.

She takes credit for being among the few pioneers of Msanii Choir founded on March 2020. Her soothing Soprano continues to touch hearts.

How old is Lilian Kirui? Kirui’s age is about 30 years – she celebrates her birthday on 22nd October.

A lovely social media post graced her born day in 2022.

“It is my birthday today! #October22nd

I am grateful to God for holding my hand. It has been nothing short of a miracle. I am blessed.

I am grateful for all of you and all the love and support you’ve given me thus far.

To many many more wins🙏😊❤️ #MyBirthday.”

Lilian Kirui – Facebook.

Personal life & music journey

Songstress Kirui who has been singing throughout her life admits to inheriting the talent from her parents.

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It is all evident in a stream of family worship videos featuring her Seventh-Day Adventist father, Pastor Kirui and mother Mrs Kirui.

The duo are undeniably supportive of her newly founded worship and praise ministry.

Unfortunately, she lost her dad Pastor Kirui in a tragic road accident on July 6, 2023, while music touring the United States of America.

Why daddy ? Who will be singing Bass ? Wait daddy remember we had plans! They say it will be okay !!!!

Woiiii baba yangu😭😭😭😭🕊️ am done .

Lilian Kirui, Facebook.

Solo artist Lilian says she started singing in her childhood years.

“Hi, My name is Lilian Kirui, a singer since I was a small girl. I currently sing with Angaza Singers and Msanii Music Group; Also a solo artist.

I’m on YouTube as Lilian Kirui; I have several of my songs there. Subscribing is free. ❤️😊

Thank you for supporting my ministry. I don’t take it for granted ❣️#LilianKiruiMusic.”

Lilian Kirui – Facebook.

In an interview with Joseph Njane, Lilian intimated how she teamed up with other members to incorporate the Msanii Group.

“First of all, I am among the pioneers of Msanii Music Group, sisi tulikuja pamoja kama marafiki, tulianza tukiwa wachache. Tulianza last year 2020, March, tulikuja pamoja kama tukitaka kuuuu….You understand venye Corona ilikuwa, everything was shut down. Ile boredom tuko kwa nyumba then we felt, we need to go pray and sing. That is how we came up with this group, tukakutana hapa studio, we started na kuomba, kuimba, it was nice having that.”

Lilian Kirui – YouTube.

Luckily the debut song “Peke Yangu Sitaweza” did so well courtesy of CEO Joash Nyamongo.

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The membership has since increased with a ceiling-high record of followers on YouTube.

Is Lilian Kirui married? The beautiful Kirui is not married. In an interview on Baraton TV, Lilian told Pastor Rei Kesis that God’s time is the best in finding a boyfriend and eventually husband.

“I am working out something… I will be singing I promise you I will sing. I will make a song for that guy, I don’t know him but I will make a song.”

Lilian Kirui – YouTube.

Supporters are looking forward to her wedding and hopefully colourful marriage. Apart from singing, Lilian Kirui is a career medical social worker.

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List of Lilian Kirui best songs

Lilian Kirui with Guardian Angel - List of best songs
Photo: Lilian Kirui with Guardian Angel – List of best songs . SRC: @Lilykirui22

Lilian Kirui YouTube channel with at least 30k subscribers has tens of SDA music videos.

Enlisted are the most-watched songs on her channel.

  • Amazing Grace ft Kelsy Kerubo
  • We will never say goodbye
  • Till the storm passes
  • Miguuni Pake Yesu
  • Look and live
  • Hajiri (Futa Machozi)
  • Jina la Yesu ft Daddy & Mummy
  • Bwana Uniongoze Juu
  • Faith is the victory
  • Day by Day
  • Ni Mshindi ft Oluh Saye
  • Tumshukuru
  • We U mwaminifu
  • Yeye ni Mungu
  • Be still my soul ft Chiff Elvis
  • Count your blessings
  • Sabato
  • In my heart, there rings a melody
  • Keep me in your will

She has uploaded even more songs including live performance videos.

Lilian Kirui contacts

Phone number0788708431
FacebookLilian Kirui
YouTubeLilian Kirui

Get in touch with Lilian for live concerts and related gigs.

Lilian Kirui biography spells the life story of an ambitious Msanii Singer turned solo artist at the prime of her music career.

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