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Photo: Ediva Nancy Kwamboka Nana biography, age, education, profile facts . SRC: @nanakwambokaediva

Nancy Kwamboka Nana Biography: Age, husband, family background, education, Egesa FM presenter

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Nancy Kwamboka aka Nana Ediva is a seasoned Egesa FM boss and presenter. She is a combination of beauty and brains on media. The Royal Media Services radio queen is particularly respected for her conversation starter opinions. Deep down in Nancy Kwamboka Nana biography is a warm soul embracing the world with love.

Egesa FM presenters are all around admirable for their fluent accent in Ekegusii language. Nana is one of these irresistible radio celebrities now taking the airwaves by storm. A section of Egesa FM fans call her Nana Diva, the rest Nana Angel. A thick self-esteem is perhaps why Nancy Kwamboka prefers these fine nicknames.

Nancy Kwamboka Nana profiles summary

  • Real name: Nancy Kwamboka Omweri
  • Popularly: Nana Ediva
  • Date of birth: December 3
  • Birth sign: Sagittarius
  • Place of birth: Nyamira County
  • Nancy Kwamboka age: About 40 years
  • Tribe: Kisii
  • County: Nyamira County
  • Nationality: Kenyan (East Africa)
  • Occupation: Journalist
  • Roles: Presenter & head of Radio
  • Years active: 2007 to present
  • Religion: Christian
  • Relationship status: Married

Nancy Kwamboka Nana is famous for being Head of Radio and lead presenter at Egesa FM, Royal Media Services.

Nancy Kwamboka Nana biography with pictures 

Nancy Kwamboka aka Nana family background and age
Photo: Nancy Kwamboka aka Nana . SRC: @nanakwambokaediva

Nana Angel Kwamboka Ediva is a fun freak with an adventurous spirit.

She often uploads photos of herself experiencing nature at its best. It is no secret that she is photogenic.

How old is Nancy Kwamboka nana?

Nancy Kwamboka age is about 40 years. Ediva celebrated her birthday on December 3, 2020 with a lit pic on Instagram.

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However, the youthful Nancy Kwamboka has not opened up about her born year.

Nancy Kwamboka education profile

Kwamboka Nancy enrolled at Xaverian Secondary school where she completed her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.

Some sources, including, allege that Nana scored a C plain in her KCSE exams.

Nancy proceeded to pursue a diploma in Mass Communication/Media Studies at Multimedia University.

She later graduated from Moi University with a Bachelor of Science in Communication and Public Relations.

Nancy Kwamboka aka Nana family background

Nana is a family lady and a mother away from her role as a journalist.

Frequent mentioning of God confirms that she comes from a religious background.

Nancy Kwamboka parents, mother

Ediva celebrated the birthday of her mother on December 12, 2020 with a catchy photo on Instagram.

The post revealed that Nancy’s mother was born in 1963; making her as old as Kenya’s independence.

Fans responded with deep affections, and thereafter, Ediva crowned with long life and happiness wishes for her mom.

Who is Nana Ediva husband?

The gorgeous presenter Nana Ediva posted a photo suggesting she has already walked down the aisle.

In the pic are bride maids, her mother, and Stella Sticulate of Egesa FM.

We are yet to confirm the name of Ediva Nancy Kwamboka husband, alongside his pictures.

Nancy Kwamboka son Wayne Antony

Egesa FM presenter Embaka na Nana Ediva son Wayne Antony
Photo: Egesa FM presenter Nana Ediva and son Wayne Antony. SRC: @nanakwambokaediva

Wayne Antony junior is the first born child to Nancy Kwamboka and was born in 2009.

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The sharp looking Wayne celebrated his 12th birthday on with an outpouring of love.

Nancy Kwamboka happily celebrated her son with cheerful posts on Facebook and Instagram.

She had all the time to thank her fans for standing with Wayne, following a brain injury of about four years ago.

Nana Ediva career at Royal Media Services Limited

Nancy Kwamboka joined Egesa FM in 2007, months after its entry in local broadcasting.

She first landed the role of a radio presenter and has been rocking the opportunity for more than a decade now.

In January 2009, Nana scooped the role of a media creative. She worked until August 2013 accumulating an experience of 4 years and 8 months.

Nancy Kwamboka became Head of Radio in March 2013. She has been serving in the capacity for about eight years now.

Nancy Kwamboka professional skills

Apart from heading and presenting on radio, Nancy owns a wealth of experience in advertising, editing, public relations, media relations, and social media.

Embaka Na Nana show is another one where she initiates conversations on immediate societal issues.

The ability to communicate in multiple languages including Ekegusii, Dholuo, Kiswahili, and English is an added advantage in her shining career path.

Colleague presenters at Egesa FM

The Kisii diva worked alongside Okebiro aka Joseph Mochere Atandi and Gekara Mayaka Esimba.

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She is now a colleague and boss to famed presenters such as Sorobi Moturi Erastus, and Kaka Williams Atandi George.

Nana Ediva is also a work mate to Petronila Getena, Ombou Chochoni, Lawrence Nyakundi, Omoiberania, James Gichana, and Omwana Amaguta.

Nancy Kwamboka aka Nana vs Lilian Nganga

Keen netizens have spotted a close resemblance between Nancy Kwamboka aka Nana and Governor Mutua’s wife Lilian Nganga.

The two have been drawing undivided attention with some assuming they are blood sisters. It turns out they are not even related.

The legacy of Nancy Kwamboka Egesa FM

Nana Ediva Nancy Kwamboka Egesa FM presenter
Photo: Nana Ediva Nancy Kwamboka Egesa FM presenter . SRC: @nanakwambokaediva

Nancy Kwamboka is noticeable for her role in empowering and motivating the rising of a girl child in the society.

Nana is vocal on matters farming, entrepreneurship, reproductive health, parenting, gender violence, female genital mutilation, and nutrition.

Meanwhile, supporters are increasingly hunting for profile information about Nana Ediva because her influence is truly inspiring to all.

Nancy Kwamboka Nana Ediva contacts

  • Email:

Reach out to Nana Ediva for further inquiries and event services booking.

Nancy Kwamboka Nana biography reveals to us what a successful radio personality she is becoming. Nana is a public figure to watch and a diva indeed.

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