Petronila Getena Biography

Petronila Getena Biography [Photos] Age, Wife, Family, & Egesa FM presenter John Ongeri Profile

Egesa FM Presenter Petronila Getena is a priceless talent within the Royal Media Services owned radio station. Apart from the role of a notorious granny, he is an ordinary family man. Petronila Getena biography spares no detail.

Getena Moka Nyamaruru, Esimba Enkungu, is a veteran Kisii comedian and radio co-host. The magical tone of a grandmother is why many are still warming to his podcasts and movie productions.

Petronila Getena Profiles summary

  • Real name: John Ongeri
  • Place of birth: Nyatieko Ward
  • Tribe: Kisii
  • Constituency: Kitutu Chache South
  • Nationality: Kenyan (Kisii County)
  • Occupation:  Radio presenter, comedian
  • Relationship status: Married

John Ongeri Getena is famous for presenting on Egesa FM as Petronila Getena and starring in Kisii movies as a grand mum.

John Ongeri Petronila Getena biography

Petronila Getena prefers the nickname Engotu ya Gusii owing to his unbelievable skills as a granny.

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Getena is a trendsetter on the fact that – what a woman can do, a man can do better. His smooth granny accent says no less.

John Ongeri family background

How old is Petronila Getena? Born in the 1980s, John Ongeri Petronila Getena age is about 45 years as of 2023.

He originates from Nyatieko Ward within Kitutu Chache South, Kisii County.

In 2017, Getena posted a photo of his ageing father on social media and captioned it “Tata Ogotire.”

In response, supporters reasoned that the elderly man was still strong.

There has since surfaced no additional info regarding Getena’s relatives including his wife and children.

John Ongeri Getena Egesa FM career

Petronila Getena is a co-host of an entertaining show on Egesa FM. At a young age, he fits perfectly in the shoes of a typical Kisii granny.

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A stream of wise sayings on radio continue to fuel heated arguments around on Getena’s real gender identity.

That said, Bokaboka na Sorobi Moturi na Omongina Getena Esimba remains the most tuned program ever on the station.

The show is memorable as a hub of information on current affairs, politics, and the latest Kisii hits.

Elsewhere, the multi-talented presenter is the founder of the outspoken Petronila Getena Football Cup.

The cup has so far benefitted several talented young people with a deep love for sports.

Aspiring Nyatieko Ward MCA

Getena is on record for expressing interest in the Member of County Assembly seat.

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The dream of serving Nyatieko Ward residents within the Kisii County Assembly remains unanswered.

Most importantly, Getena is a potential leader for the people of Nyatieko ward, where he has been actively rolling beneficial projects.

Petronila Getena contacts

Phone numberO728661104
FacebookPetronila Getena

Call Petronila Getena today for events and inquiries.

Top cream highlights from Petronila Getena biography reveal that the radio star and seasoned comedian is a middle-aged man and not an old woman as many have come to believe.

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