Trending » Celebrities » Onsongo Comedy 100k party at Kisii courtesy of Mike Wako, Nicholas Kioko, and Gusii Youtubers

Onsongo Comedy 100k party at Kisii courtesy of Mike Wako, Nicholas Kioko, and Gusii Youtubers

Abraham Onsongo Comedy 100k party at Kisii with Mike Wako, Nicholas Kioko, and Gusii Youtubers

Top Kenyan YouTubers Nicholas Kioko, Mike Wako, and Ochonjo Dunco arrived at Kisii on Friday. In their company several content creators; eager to meet Onsongo at his ancestral home in Rigoma Village, about 25 kilometres from the sprawling Kisii town. November 5th, 2021 marked the start of a weekend-long Onsongo Comedy 100k party.

Hitting a hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube occasioned the cake cutting ceremony. It all happened a few days after storming Churchill Show with killer jokes. Onsongo is indeed a hotshot with 100k followers on one hand and a prestigious YouTube Silver Plate on another.

Onsongo Comedy 100k party at Kisii

Photo: Mike Wako Comedians at Onsongo 100k subscribers party . SRC: @mikewako

Content thirsty creatives from Nairobi zoomed the cameras after a tiring journey of 7 hours covering a meandering 320 kilometres.

Among those who graced the day is team Nicholas Kioko.

Photo: Content creators Nicholas Kioko and Comedian Onsongo at Kisii . SRC: @kisiifinest

These doubled up with Kisii Finest and Kangwana Media to tickle Onsongo into a bloom of happiness.

After an interview with Kioko came another one with Presenter Ali within days.

Photo: Director Don, Sir Enock, Charles Kangwana, and Lavie 254 with Onsongo . SRC: @kisiifinest

Other top celebrities who stepped into the chilly Rigoma Village in the remote parts of Nyamira County are;

  • Director Don
  • Kisii gospel singer Lavie 254
  • Channel 77 with Pamba Arnolda

In full glare was the pretty Pamba Arnolda amidst fellow content creators.

Photo: YouTuber Pamba Arnolda, Charles, Sir Enock, and Kangwana at the back . SRC: @kisiifinest

A close range photo with Onsongo father Mr. Nyakundi did not disappoint.

Photo: Team Onsongo at Rigoma village in Nyamira County . SRC: @kisiifinest

The highly welcoming Onsongo parents, manager Culture Six, and director Prince Davy played hosts of this memorable event.

A few minutes drive from Onsongo Comedy 100k party scenes were comedian Eric Omondi and Youtuber Mungai Eve. The dual stormed Ufanisi Hotel on Friday night and later Kamel Park Hotel even as Onsongo and his team were preparing to cut the cake on Saturday.