Pamba Arnolda Biography

Pamba Arnolda Biography: 7 Profile Facts – Age, Tribe, YouTube Channel 77 Videos, and Contacts

The beautiful Pamba Arnolda is a fast-rising Kenyan content creator in the league of seasoned Youtubers. She is a one-woman show with 77 firing questions for her guests among them celebrities and executives. Behind the cameras is Pamba Arnolda biography with a lovable life story.

YouTube is a leading employer especially in the Kenyan market where unemployment is exploding through the roofs. Among those who have successfully embraced this multibillion video-driven platform is Pamba Arnolda. Her exceeding creativity and thousands of subscribers say no less.

7 profile facts in Pamba Arnolda biography

The inspirational journey of Pamba Arnolda as a content creator started a few years ago.

She has nonetheless managed to contain a huge following with engaging videos. Who is she?

1. Pamba Arnolda age is 27 years

How old is Pamba Arnolda? The youthful Pamba Arnolda is 27 years old as of 2024.

Her real name, Arnolda Ajiambo Pamba; she was born on July 17, 1997.

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Therefore, Pamba is of the Cancerian star sign; meaning she is both creative and sweet at heart.

2. Arnolda’s tribe is Luhya with her birthplace at Port Victoria

Pamba Arnolda tribe is Luhya with an ancestral home in Bukhayo West Constituency, Busia County.

Furthermore, Arnolda spent most of her childhood at Buriang’i Village.

3. Pamba family of 2 parents, 2 brothers, and 2 sisters

Arnolda credits her father Francis Bonventure Pamba and mother Francisca Akinyi Masinde for a happy childhood.

An inborn sense of curiosity often leaves her wanting to find out the unknown. Perhaps that is why she wanted to become a detective in the early years.

Even so, no additional details are available about her dating history and current boyfriend.

4. Arnolda Pamba is a University of Nairobi graduate

Arnolda Pamba started schooling at Esikulu Primary School in Busia County. She sat for her KCPE exams in 2010.

Thereafter, she cleared her KCSE examinations in 2014 from Rang’ala Girls High School.

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Good grades qualified Arnolda into the University of Nairobi for a bachelor’s degree in Statistics.

She eventually graduated from UoN, Chiromo Campus, in 2019.

5. Pamba Arnolda career history

A six-month internship at LVCT Centre in Hurlingham introduced Pamba Arnolda into the career market.

About the same time, she worked at Samasource Kenya Limited – an artificial intelligence and machine learning company located along Mombasa Road.

Arnolda worked in both companies for up to 9 hours in each shift.

“I would get off from LCVT, rush home, drop on my bed for two hours at most. After that, a quick workout, refreshing, and then hitting the road for another shift at Samasource.”

Pamba Arnolda, Channel 77.

While at Samasource, Arnolda acquired competence skills in technical software such as Microsoft Excel, SPSS, Stata, and Matlab.

6. Passion drove Arnolda into becoming a Youtuber

A strong passion for media played a great role in Arnolda’s resignation from Samasource to concentrate on content creation.

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She is a persistent informer with special interests in the brilliant minds of top celebrated figures.

7. Arnolda owns Pamba Channel 77 channel

Arnolda who left Samasource in December 2021 commands up to 20k YouTube subscribers on her Pamba Channel 77.

She launched the channel in February 2021 with a dream of educating, informing, and inspiring.

Pamba Arnolda contacts

Phone number0708878627.

Call, email, or DM @arnolda_pamba on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Pamba Arnolda biography introduces us to the influential Channel 77 founder and video creator. She is no doubt a digital content queen to watch closely.

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